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My images on commons[edit]

See Category:Files by Tommy Gildseth for a list of all my uploads to commons or usage of all files



  • File move reasons:
    • [[Commons:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #1]]: At the original uploader’s request.
    • [[Commons:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #2]]: To change from a meaningless or ambiguous name to a name that describes what the image particularly displays.
    • [[Commons:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #3]]: To correct obvious errors in file names, including misspelled proper nouns, incorrect dates, and misidentified objects or organisms.
    • [[Commons:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #4]]: To harmonize the file names of a set of images: so that only one part of all names differs.
    • [[Commons:FR#reasons|File renaming criterion #6]]: Non-controversial maintenance and bug fixes, including fixing double extensions, invalid or incorrect extensions, character handling problems, and other similar technical issues.
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  • Flickr2commons

Bilder fra Bundesarchiv[edit]


  • 1443 / 488