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Crystal Clear app korganizer.png Hello!

Welcome to the Ancient Chinese characters project, which plans to eventually provide a large set of high quality images of Ancient Chinese characters. This illustration set will be freely usable to make educational books, websites, and calligraphic historical explanations.

You are free to use the graphics we have made so far and we invite you to join us in our work.

The work is divided in four subcategories: (click blue links to browse)

Oracle Bronze Great Seal Small Seal traditional Kaishu simplified Kaishu
Ex: 馬-oracle.svg 馬-bronze.svg 馬-bigseal.svg 馬-seal.svg 馬-kaishu.svg 马-kaishu.svg

(the latter two examples are modern Kaishu evolutions in Han, traditional then simplified)

Icon apps query.svg Public domain images that you can use freely

Of course, you can use all them for your own website. All this work is in the public domain. Legally, you can do what you like, but the moral conditions of use are that you state:

  1. Source: Images from (or the specific image description page)
  2. Licence: Public Domain (verify that Commons may also accept specific free licences)
  3. Authors: Erin Silversmith, Micheletb (look at the contributors list in image information page)

You can help by working on the 214 Chinese radicals by uploading historical version of a characters, according to datas.

Nuvola apps kopete.png Need a new Team !

We need you !

note: after 5 hundred uploads, Chanueting, Erin, Micheletb and Yug have stop to contribute (here). You still can ask questions to yug and Michelet. Your contributions are welcome to expand this set !

Nuvola apps cache.png Objectives, current news

please see our Tutorial to create new files, and use the template {{ACClicense}} when uploading.

馬-bronze.svg Did you know ...

A big attention is given to the choice of Ancient characters from As much as possible, for each Hanzi and in each style we try to select the most interesting ancient character, using the following priority guidelines for selection :

  1. an ancient character depicting clearly what they means, such as 馬-oracle.svg,
  2. an ancient character using a clear and natural evolution style after style,
  3. an ancient character widely used in Ancient China (when it is known).
(P.S. Would you like to provide a bit of encouragement to this team and this free project?)
Pictograms uploaded on the ACC project according to
Ancient Chinese styles   Modern Chinese styles
*-oracle.svg *-bronze.svg *-bigseal.svg *-seal.svg *-clerical.svg *-kaishu.svg *-kaishu.svg *-songti.svg *-songti.svg
馬-oracle.svg 馬-bronze.svg 馬-bigseal.svg 馬-seal.svg 馬-clerical.svg 馬-kaishu.svg 马-kaishu.svg 馬-songti.svg 马-songti.svg
Kǎishū (t)
Kǎishū (s)
Sòngtǐ (t)
Sòngtǐ (s)
Priority is to work on the 214 radicals (progression page)
Oracle script
Bronze script
Great seal script
Seal script
no need (font available)

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