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OgreBot (talk · contribs)

Operator: Magog the Ogre (talk · contributions · Number of edits · recent activity · block log · User rights log · uploads · Global account information)

Bot's tasks for which permission is being sought: The bot will display a gallery of uploads by new users. The rationale: the vast majority of copyright violations are uploaded by new users, while the vast majority of all files uploaded are not by new users. Special:NewFiles doesn't provide the ability to filter by number of edits. Commons is quite short on manpower right now, so new upload patrollers can use any tool that they can get.

The bot is currently operating outputting galleries at User:OgreBot/Uploads by new users as a demonstration of how the galleries will appear. Depending on discussion below or at a community noticeboard, we may want to put the gallery in a centralized location (e.g., Commons:New uploads).

The appearance of the galleries can be easily tweaked; if this request is approved, I plan to create a template {{new upload|filename|username}} which will provide links to Tineye, Google Images, Special:Block, etc. as the application is doing right now without the template.

Also, if I ever quit procrastinating, I may create a page for reuploads. Right now, the page only lists new uploads. Magog the Ogre (talk) (contribs) 16:47, 23 November 2013 (UTC)

Automatic or manually assisted: Automatic

Edit type (e.g. Continuous, daily, one time run): 4 times, daily

Maximum edit rate (e.g. edits per minute): N/A - makes only two edits per run

Programming language(s): PHP

Magog the Ogre (talk) (contribs) 16:47, 23 November 2013 (UTC)


  • Looks OK for me. Will be good idea to add size and camera information (like in VisualFileChange). --EugeneZelenko (talk) 01:33, 24 November 2013 (UTC)
    I plan on it, yes. Magog the Ogre (talk) (contribs) 03:51, 25 November 2013 (UTC)
  • I think will be useful if bot will refresh pages periodically. For example, remove deleted images. --EugeneZelenko (talk) 15:42, 30 November 2013 (UTC)
    I agree. I have the following on my list: 1) add a button for page refreshes (it will call a script which signals the bot on WMF Labs) 2) Mark in a separate color users who have a warning on their talk page for copyvio, no source, etc. 3) If I'm feeling particularly ambitious: add in a JQuery function to mark PD-textlogo images, because so many are improperly marked under a different license. Magog the Ogre (talk) (contribs) 17:26, 30 November 2013 (UTC)
  • It'll be good idea to highlight files which were edited/patrolled by administrators and license reviewers. --EugeneZelenko (talk) 15:34, 2 December 2013 (UTC)
    Pardon my ignorance, Eugene: how would I do such a thing programmatically? Magog the Ogre (talk) (contribs) 22:52, 28 December 2013 (UTC)
    I think it's implementable if page history and user rights information is available through MediaWiki API. --EugeneZelenko (talk) 15:12, 29 December 2013 (UTC)
    It would only work if a trusted user had actually edited the page. Magog the Ogre (talk) (contribs) 00:27, 10 January 2014 (UTC)
    This is exactly my point - to find out if trusted user(s) edited page after uploader. --EugeneZelenko (talk) 15:44, 10 January 2014 (UTC)
    There might also be a way of getting the API to say whether the page has been "patrolled". In any case, this and further improvements would be welcome, but there's nothing big enough to stop us approving this task. --99of9 (talk) 02:59, 5 February 2014 (UTC)

I suggest we approve this and send any further comments and ideas directly to Magog the Ogre. --99of9 (talk) 02:59, 5 February 2014 (UTC)

The OgreBot account is already flagged, and I agree with 99of9. Task ✓ approved. odder (talk) 15:20, 10 February 2014 (UTC)