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Welcome to the project page for Flickypedia!

Here you will find information about who is working on it, what we’re building, when we plan to launch, how you can get involved, and most importantly, why we’re doing it.

Or, you might just like to try it!

This project is a partnership between the 501(c)(3) Flickr Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation, with the support of its Culture and Heritage team. We have agreed to be joint copyright holders of the software, and plan to release it under a Dual-Apache and MIT license.

Why are we doing this?

The Flickr Foundation has a long-term vision: to keep Flickr pictures visible for 100 years. Along the way, technologies will surely change and decay and even die. But! We had the idea to gather the Flickr-related tools together at the Flickr Foundation so we could take responsibility for looking after them in the longer term. We know that Flickr2Commons is a popular tool. We also know its creator, Magnus Manske, is very prolific and busy. Therefore, we wanted to see if we could help by taking this particular tool off his plate.

A tribute to Flickr2Commons

When we began to design the partnership, we had hoped to “adopt” Flickr2Commons and extend it. In June, we took a good look at the source code in consultation with Magnus Manske and figured out it probably wouldn’t stand up to being extended as it is without significant time invested to stabilise it. The preparation we did for this in June—trying and failing to run the source code locally, for example—indicates that it may be more robust to create a fresh version on the shoulders of Flickr2Commons.

We’re also on the lookout for other Wikiverse tools that are connected to Flickr like this which may benefit from having a new caretaker to pull the weeds and rake leaves every once in a while, so please let us know if you have one in mind.