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Flickr ( allows users to upload images and mark them with any of four Creative Commons licenses. Normally images published under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) and Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) licenses are suitable for upload to Wikimedia Commons. However Flickr does not verify that users have the rights to the images they upload, and we can't accept images that aren't licensed by the image owner. This page lists Flickr users and images that have been questioned in the past, and links to the discussion.

When you upload a Creative Commons licensed Flickr image, check this page to see if the image or user has been questioned before. When a Creative Commons licensed Flickr image has been decided to be probably improperly licensed, list it here, so the question doesn't come up again later.

Evaluating Flickr image permissions[edit]

A Flickr image that has been scanned out of a magazine, or a television or movie screenshot, is almost certainly not the Flickr user's to release.

If the image seems to have been posed for in a photographic studio, it is unlikely to be the Flickr user's, unless the user is a professional photographer. Those that are professional photographers generally state as much on their user profile, and give their professional details.

Take a look at the other images uploaded at approximately the same time by the Flickr user. Were they all taken in the same geographical location? Do they all use the same kind of camera, if a camera is specified? If not, it is not likely they were all taken by the same person.

Take a look at the user's entire photo stream. If it contains a number of obvious copyright violations, such as magazine scans, or television or movie screenshots, it is likely the user does not follow copyright.

Another rule of thumb is image size: a very large image is likely to have come from a flickr user's digital camera, whereas a low-resolution image may have been downloaded from a website.

The best candidates to be genuinely a Flickr user's photos to upload are personal photos, pictures of landscapes, buildings, monuments, and other tourist type photos, and pictures of celebrities at public appearances, such as conventions, ceremonies, and book signings.

Flickr users[edit]

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Note that this is not a legal decision as to whether the Flickr user has the rights to license their images; we are not a court. This is merely a list of discussions about users who freely license images that we have decided are too questionable for our purposes, to upload here to Wikimedia Commons.

Also note that this list is to be used with judgement; it is possible that a Flickr user could have uploaded some images they took that they did have rights to, and some images from another source that they did not. Please also update User:FlickreviewR/bad-authors with numeric IDs. Where numeric ID is not shown - use to evaluate it from the photostream URL.


Screen name Alphabetic ID Numeric ID Link search Comments
(-: Make Me Smile :-) make--me--smile 75634852@N08 search Derivative works of adult photos presented as original photos
_IHemanI_ 75838064@N05 search Flickrwashing by Heman25 (talk · contribs), Cavalomen (talk · contribs), Doodo (talk · contribs)
(VRAEM) Reporteros 143495428@N07 search File:Terroristas de Sendero Luminoso.png
*Noura* nonaloveskaulitz 36548298@N04 search License laundering
-murdoc (Maybe trading) jjw3k 57580782@N07 search Flickrwashing
/asdrubale2009/ 142541536@N02 search bad-author
1637543182 194160166@N04 search Flickrwashing
1954.GL 190090706@N02 search Flickrwashing
2009184 192641107@N03 search Flickrwashing
423218205 191957963@N05 search Flickrwashing
7frieden 190756037@N07 search flickrwashing
@mikeownby 40926212@N05 search Movie screen captures under invalid CC-BY
@whiteoutgotu 93259690@N04 search license laundering of photos of dead celebrities
♪_Lisa_♪ angells60640 21394661@N08 search Images about german military from random sources
19794013 99710694@N05 search flickrwashing
21Wo 50698769@N05 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Jam15 from 21Wo flickraccount
4th Hum Awards 142338634@N03 search Flickr Washing (examples:1, 2, & 3
9/11 photos 911pics 85394478@N06 search appears to be a collection of 9/11 photos from various sources with varying EXIF data etc: Commons:Deletion requests/File:WTC Attack (9-11).jpeg 196466052@N02 search Flickrwashing
Aayush Sangal 17072005 145464859@N03 search flickrwashing
abaqus216 Kabyle_Djurdjura 98903833@N03 search Flickrwashing by Nikonovak (talk · contribs)
abdiaziizali144 199839499@N07 search Flickrwashing
Abel Djamaan 38898880@N06 search Flickrwashing by Bluesatellite (talk · contribs)
AbertLousvine 77214580@N05 search Flickrwashing by Luca Cosa
abhilashathinuwan870 193340729@N02 search Flickrwashing
accidentalpaparazzi accidentalpaparazzi 79551616@N06 search Flickrwashing of Getty Images photos (diff=81148398&oldid=80561747)
actfoundation 194562405@N04 search Flickrwashing
Active Silver activesilver 144796374@N08 search LTA sockmaster
adela_lami 199207194@N03 search Flickrwashing
adgr8 adgr8 39739367@N06 search Flickrwashing by Appu007 (talk · contribs), attributed to Adgr8 (talk · contribs). Mohanlal.
Adifansnet adifans 35301442@N07 search Unfree images related to Adidas, not official account or related to the company.
Adriana Spaca drispaca 14497815@N00 search Flickrwashing by Rarico sockpuppets.
AdrienneBailonFan 46891995@N02 search Flickrwashing by AdrienneFan1
aeroman3 my_public_domain_photos 47430793@N08 search flickrwashing
Aeterna Christi Munera 74645507@N06 search Flickrwashing
Aff1737 ryans_page 23509541@N00 search  
afnanfozail 197878449@N05 search Flickrwashing
afreen.lashari 191058205@N02 search Flickrwashing
agnes360 185624996@N02 search Flickrwashing
agustinhm375 196988458@N02 search Flickrwashing
agustinhm376 197632966@N05 search Flickrwashing
Agência Musk. 197707644@N02 search Flickrwashing
ahmedfarwan 142213585@N04 search Flickrwashing of Getty Images
ahmet.elias90 189317342@N04 search Flickr washing
Ahmetcan2013 92519775@N06 search  
ahmetmax90 189330177@N04 search Flickrwashing
AhsanSaeed1 64980516@N08 search Ehsonsaeed (talk · contribs) flickrwashing
aidan_lane 30373707@N06 search Music related photos from various sources, Keri Hilson was File:Kerihilson.jpg.
ajaypatilphotography aashkapatelphotographyy 194338158@N04 search Flickrwashing
Ajex Anderson ajex-anderson 34627298@N04 search Photos and computer-generated renderings of the tallest buildings of the world.
AjvG9 157648811@N07 search Blatent Flickrwash, flickr account created just for one image File:JaapvanGinnekenSrSepia.jpg
akash.ka01 194722658@N02 search Flickrwashing
Alan Farrow 116071498@N08 search Unfree images from other websites.
alan_sv 35917859@N03 search ABBA, Commons:Deletion requests/File:PDVD 041.JPG, Flickrwashing by AlanABBA14 (talk · contribs) and AlanABBA15 (talk · contribs)
alaskasveryown 150001584@N06 search Flickrwashing by sockpuppets
alatelefr 130163120@N03 search Screenshots of TV, license washing
Albanian1 48615201@N06 search Albanian politicians, video grabs and other.
aldenjewell autohistorian 31411679@N08 search Flickrwashing print ads
AleAnonMallo 126271380@N04 search  
AleeDear 71125567@N07 search Commons talk:Questionable Flickr images
Alexander Volok alexander_volok 152784923@N05 search Copyright violation - no authors' permissions
alexander.koh 198186256@N07 search Flickrwashing
alexanderchristopher686 191260097@N05 search flickrwashing
alexanderdigitalstudio 198904497@N04 search Flickrwashing
alexbiyer 155019048@N03 search low resolution images lacking any camera data all appear to be web copies
alialsuleimanaboomar 194221042@N02 search flickrwashing/ OoS
alibsamar123 194060445@N04 search unfree disc cover licenced as public domain
alicebcr20 189017286@N04 search flickrwashing
AliciaStewart39 62858347@N02 search Flickrwashing by Neestr (talk · contribs): File:RachelHurdWood.jpg and the other flickr image [1] grabbed from some other flickr user.
alienwow224 188362151@N05 search Flickrwashing
alihosseinzadeh 144775826@N07 search Flickr washing
alilucky5 50553013@N05 search Flickrwashing by Alilucky5 from en.wp
alirezatas 165237113@N06 search License laundering
Alisé Kim 191257163@N07 search Flickrwashing
alitel33 134584525@N03 search Flickrwashing by Alitel3377
aliza7842 196545015@N04 search Flickrwashing
AllardJanssen 69374731@N06 search Flickrwashing by BadMuroZ (talk · contribs) sockpuppet for fi:Michael Jackson
Almighty Glo 129785022@N06 search flickrwashing
altiusarchitecture altiusarchitecture 76836803@N05 search copyright fraud
alvindomondon02 136729835@N07 search Flickrwashing
alvindomondon939 127113170@N04 search Images taken from they internet, com:LL.
alyanna_pandi 26933207@N02 search Looks like a load of copyvios.
AM & ZM 141894390@N08 search com:LL by LTA
Amable Arias 189121016@N07 search flickrwashing
amar 6 191975567@N04 search Flickrwashing
Amir Raza Khan 143355431@N05 search Flickrwashing account for celebrity photos found on the web
AmirDBD 189191431@N07 search
Amiterson 45540664@N08 search Flickrwashing by Esperants (talk · contribs) and other Sofia-co (talk · contribs) sockpuppets. related to es:Sebastián Ortega
Amy Martindale 62255727@N08 search Paulinho15 Flickrwashing account
amylynhatch 189940794@N06 search Flickrwashing
ana_bianca erivcross 190132897@N04 search Flickrwashing
ananislam138 187362514@N02 search spamming
Anarreshevek 186409286@N03 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Saagar Enjeti.png
anastasyflex 193655212@N05 search Flickrwashing
Anderson Smith2010 53381861@N06 search license laundering
AndieMolina andiemolina 68389676@N03 search Attempt of flickrwashing by BridMendlerFan (talk · contribs), related to en:Bridgit Mendler
andikanedwin 195611729@N02 search Flickrwashing
andreaacuña10 142314069@N04 search Abusive Flickrwashing by Andrea Acuña
andres61719 195485643@N02 search Flickrwashing
andresab12 38986935@N03 search Flickrwashing by Andresbetancourt (talk · contribs)
andresbernal316 115135803@N02 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Gaste097 (Rosemartinez7764)
Andrew Williams Yeah 76157502@N07 search Flickrwashing by Heywilliams (talk · contribs)
andrewdinesh 145166800@N08 search flickrwashing
andrey121 colorfullbubble 57203343@N06 search Flickrwashing
andriyko22 160309252@N02 search license laundering by User:Катала
andrukkh.andrey 159123009@N02 search License laundering
Angie Pérez 61323017@N06 search Flickrwashing by Juandy004 (talk · contribs), File:Meus-premios-nick.jpg
AnikaAfrinOfficial anikaafrinofficial 199779773@N08 search Flickrwashing
animaster bakaotaku 19043905@N06 search Republishing SEGA video game images and characters
ankush2441255 135463730@N05 search flickrwashing
Ann Lauren 194682604@N04 search Flickrwashing
anna thetical anna_thetical 44124317144@N01 search Flickrwashing
annenaim1981 189040896@N03 search Flickr washing
anniebuckley 156133138@N03 search License laundering
anonymouschinchompa 188414854@N08 search Flickrwashing
Anthro Photo 196760291@N04 search flickrwashing
AntMan3001 antdude3001 92461652@N07 search Flickrwashing
Antonangelo De Martini dema 27302029@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Alima2.jpg
antony395 193510298@N05 search Flickrwashing
AOLMEX 192238662@N04 search flickrwashing
apfelauge apfelauge 35866663@N06 search Flickrwashing
aqgqezok86 190842235@N02 search Flickr washing
arabian history 78238625@N04 search Flickrwashing by Fahad-alahmady (talk · contribs)
Archives- Souleiman Berrada 163220047@N08 search Flickrwashing
ardi.azizi 198071655@N03 search Flickrwashing
ardjou66 190574946@N07 search flickr washing
Ariana Karima 159152072@N02 search flickrwash using sock account
Arin Paul arinpaul 48715817@N05 search Flickrwashing by Moicinemaniac (talk · contribs)
Aris Rezvani 194726868@N06 search Flickrwashing
Arjunsharma837 193244043@N07 search Flickrwashing
armdisr armflick 58407685@N05 search Flickrwashing by Armflick (talk · contribs)
Armin Zojaji 191206066@N08 search Publishes a copyvio picture (published previously) and then upload it on Commons.
ArsAgraphy 64495314@N07 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by A.Ashba
Arthur Penna arthurpenna 24016875@N07 search See Commons:Requests for checkuser/Case/Baddin and Commons:Deletion requests/File:Badin55.gif: Uberlândia...
Arvindh2010 52377935@N04 search flickrwashing by Adrmed (talk · contribs)
aryashah2 151068627@N08 search vanity LTA Arya Shah
Ash90291 39325317@N07 search Non-free photos from WireImage with Flickrwashed licenses
ashdeepx 185757748@N07 search Flickrwashing
ashkbombo200 195750054@N05 search Flickrwashing
AshleyCooper classicchanelhandbags 36512942@N07 search lots of unfree celeb/promotional images
Ashurrikah 98079244@N05 search Image collector, even images taken from Commons claimed as his own work
Asitimes 94141246@N05 search flickrwashing
assessoriabmv influenciadora-brunamoreirav 196643743@N05 search Flickrwashing
assistnovlan 193937910@N03 search Flickrwashing
associatedpress1 150048844@N07 search Flickrwashing account
astro1991 34431207@N02 search Flickrwashing by Davitu35 (talk · contribs), persistent uploader of copyvios related to Paraguay. See first uploads of Ycuá Bolaños and this file for evidence.
asukatpc 34759967@N08 search Flickrwashing by Coekon
atanu_das2007 11222389@N08 search publishes images from various source (Maxim, Dailomo, etc.)
atikurrahmanmahi armahi 196642695@N07 search Flickrwashing/vanity SPA
atomtetsuwan2002 19801756@N00 search flickrwashing
ATOTHEJ4444 54472371@N02 search Flickrwashing by User:MegaPackerboy
atrider_a 190410029@N02 search Flickrwashing
atynatatoz 198453475@N08 search flickrwashing
AUFOficial 47325328@N05 search Flickrwashing
aungthurahein2012 76220675@N03 search Flickrwashing Aungthurahein (talk · contribs)
austereraj austereraj 10462660@N02 search flickrwashing
Austin Adventures, Inc. austinlehman 21066078@N02 search Flickrwashing
authorvs authorvs 112217048@N06 search flickr washing acct of blocked sockmaster
autogeneratetopic 193200010@N02 search Flickrwashing
automobileitalia automobileitalia 123760891@N03 search Flickrwashing
availabilitytohelp government_of_koshi_province 199773923@N05 search Flickrwashing
avas.entertainment 164819572@N02 search COM:LL
avi399 186179557@N03 search flickrwashing
aviatrix20141 136374834@N03 search Flickr washing, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Aviatrix8704
avin_ason 64196725@N03 search Flickrwashing by Pravinraj (talk · contribs)
Avinash Kunnath avinashkunnath 14393327@N08 search per File:Justin Forsett.jpg which is from his photostream
avrilllllla 57474870@N03 search Flickrwashing by Category:Sockpuppets of Xraykan
axymak 188906562@N03 search advertising
ayamostafaelmelegy 195472755@N07 search Flickrwashing
aygunkazimova 191921437@N03 search Flickrwashing
Ayl Yor 193619267@N07 search Flickrwashing
Aylin20024 47113147@N02 search Flickrwashing by Aylin20024 (talk · contribs), related to es:Laura Pausini
ayoubhoubban 101592111@N08 search Flickrwashing by User:Ayoub Houbban
AzinmParsEmad 200553128@N06 search flickrwashing
AZION#1 49597303@N04 search Flickrwashing by Azion01 (talk · contribs), en:Paulini Curuenavuli
Azion2010 49375010@N06 search Flickrwashing by Azion01 (talk · contribs)/Ozurbanmusic (talk · contribs), en:Paulini Curuenavuli
aznviolaguy 45141877@N00 search not a single image seems to be own work
b1423kunwargaba 197347785@N04 search flickrwashing
Backbone Campaign backbone_campaign 33000102@N03 search Mostly other peoples work without attribution.
backupofsayeef19 190344028@N07 search Flickrwashing
badgreeb pictures badgreeb 38495915@N07 search blatant copyright violations and false license claims
BadMexicanBoy 29202761@N08 search Flickrwashing by Salsaman (talk · contribs)
bagariapratyush 195730258@N06 search Flickrwashing
BagoGames bagogames 94641385@N08 search game screenshots with improper license
balmores2003 192818930@N06 search Flickrwashing
BANAMINE banamine 40074119@N00 search many scanned images of unknown source
Barbara Brannon barbarabrannon 76343652@N04 search Flickr-washing
Barbara Kanam Mutund barbara_kanam_mutund 193146522@N05 search Flickrwashing
bbourdon 193346271@N03 search Flickrwashing
BCM485 65486880@N08 search Flickr washing (Youtube and Getty as sources) photos of Marcellus Long
BedfordAl bedfordal 68139823@N06 search uploded her as File:Dennis Max 6 (16284933246).jpg, and there are lots of copyvios on the site
beegees27 160271286@N03 search Deliberate Flickrwash on File:Hair Peace Salon on the stage (19 June, 2010, TV show “Star Ring”).jpg. Flickr name same as upoloader
beezlebubba 9677916@N03 search flickrwashing
Believers Church believerschurch 155294298@N03 search uploaded to flickr post commons deletion to re-upload
bella8213 42366639@N05 search promo images from Walmart website not available at Walmart Flickr stream
Belles Muses belles_muses 197348820@N05 search Flickrwashing
bemfnd 189559128@N05 search Category:Sockpuppets of Ananislam
BenjaminBlanck benjaminblanck 119082998@N08 search flickrwashing
Bennet, Dennis 63140878@N05 search Flickrwashing by HorrorFan121 (talk · contribs): File:The Late Princess Diana of Wales.jpg
bennyaha2 187393650@N04 search Flickrwashing
bIackcanary 149326172@N04 search License laundering by BIackcanary (DR)
BiafraRepublic 199132945@N06 search Flickrwashing 199094209@N02 search Flickrwashing
Bianca Melo melobianca94 56876918@N02 search Flickrwashing by Paulinho sockpuppets.
bigataagat 57497366@N08 search Flickrwashing by NeelCommons (talk · contribs), related to Nepal.
bijzview bijzview 200350271@N08 search copyrighted actress photos
billhoynes79 willthebill1com 157805698@N06 search Flickrwashing
Billie Jean2008 43132448@N05 search Flickrwashing by Dollymaniaco09 (talk · contribs)/Sockpuppets
billionairessuccess 184851290@N06 search Collection of images grabbed from all over the web
bjprayalaseema 115640775@N05 search flickrwashing
bkeisgreat 11121189@N04 search All copyright violations from various WAM sites. -mattbuck (Talk) 20:30, 20 August 2009 (UTC)[reply]
blac_2007 195303240@N08 search Flickrwashing
bladebreaker20047 195632742@N06 search Flickrwashing
blaineiii 165679325@N07 search Impersonation account used for license laundering by TransmitterIII
bledisema 137341761@N08 search Magazine covers
bleedinaura 199135018@N02 search Flickrwashing
Blog do Mílton Jung cbnsp 22155587@N02 search Many images sent-in from volunteers without explicit license release, Related DR
bludttg 197760090@N02 search Flickrwashing
Bobby Mcdobbin 81239542@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Berlinare Flickr photos by Howie Berlin
bobong23b 30803858@N02 search User:Bobong23b not fully understanding copyright, became confused with their images being deleted. So, they set up their own Flickr account and started Flickrwashing.
Bohamanam bohamfledivich 50811112@N03 search Photostream contains only copyvios from Julian Lloyd Webber's official web site.
bold.boy97 140738917@N07 search License laundering
BoriquenChicago 46149211@N06 search Flickrwashing by by Gh7mysterio (talk · contribs)/sockpuppets
Bosland Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. 145362038@N02 search Flickrwashing
botswanainsight 188595966@N05 search Flickrwashing
boxing101 127913663@N07 search Flickrwashing
bpratt230 62805891@N05 search Flickrwashing
BR4M__ 65084322@N08 search Prepared flickrwashing by Brompy (talk · contribs), content is private at the moment. See File:37814 med mehdi terki.jpg
bradycloud2005 183318886@N04 search Flickr washing 156571593@N04 search Flickrwashing by paid editing sock farms
brava_67 32633488@N02 search Flickrwashing of numerous images
brazilinmaps 197122256@N08 search Flickrwashing
BrazilWomenBeach brazilwomenbeach 64746305@N05 search third party images under cc-by-2.0
breackerman01 147029863@N08 search Flickr washing by spammers
Brian Drew im2fat2bninja 86998052@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Janet Jackson in January 2006.jpg
brianalex14 159165638@N06 search Album covers, Dragon Ball promo images, etc. listed as BY-SA
brianz20050803 137433670@N07 search Flickrwashing
brightonbeech 49861136@N03 search Flickrwashing
British One Direction hindeben 68942044@N03 search Flickrwashing by Hinde64 (talk · contribs)
BRQ Network brqnetwork 59972116@N05 search Non-free photos from commercial news agencies and stock photo agencies including AFP, AP, Getty Images and Reuters brucedetorres 133923101@N05 search License laundering
brunosilva151097 193632591@N08 search flickrwashing
Bryan Tsai 189781073@N05 search Flickrwashing - Commons:Deletion requests/File:吳春城.jpg
bryan340 65618483@N05 search Lucas Cosa flickrwashing Cyndi Lauper photos
bryanmella7111 135801402@N04 search Flickrwashing
bryanph0t0 196122540@N03 search Flickrwashing
buungau 198957419@N03 search LTA Category:Sockpuppets of ออกแบบดีไซน์
C Ling Fan clf 37102254@N00 search Screenshots, derivative works and PR images (e.g. this one from Adidas, File:David Beckham AC Milan.jpg - David Beckham AC Milan)
C05T1N c05t1n 43544914@N00 search  
caboindex caboindex 97328886@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Nelson evora - campe o triplo salto.jpg
CAFé Simone simonepedacos 45535223@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Simone 1973 simone (712017813).jpg
camilaehaniel 151061754@N04 search ccount created in 2017 and posting very law images and no EXIF data from 2015
canburak canburak 89191738@N00 search not their own images per statement on user page
canibunter 196877546@N08 search Flickrwashing
carittaruborizadda 35696094@N05 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Britney onyx toxic.jpg, Flickrwashing by Carittaruborizzada (talk · contribs)
carlarodrigueznicaragua 194995524@N07 search flickr washing
Carmela Nava carmelanava 25169634@N05 search Some self-created photos, but also a fan of "2ne1" with various web images
carnavalboquense 33500260@N06 search See Commons talk:Questionable Flickr images: pretty much all Getty Images photos.
carolinerifkind1 192995236@N08 search Flickrwashing
Carrie G. Reed 60834073@N04 search Flickrwashing
cartridgesaveimages cartridgesave 186820283@N05 search SPAM/flickr washing
CassieChampagne 46086306@N05 search Flickrwashing by Gh7mysterio (talk · contribs)/sockpuppets
cbregman 40454501@N03 search See DR and User talk:Cbregman
CCLND 66311855@N04 search Flickrwashing by Wiki Oh Land (talk · contribs)
Cea. centralasian 33255628@N00 search
ceciliarodriguez624 111033145@N04 search flickr washing acct
ceinwen21 11940633@N07 search Appears to be a collection of various images scraped off of the Internet, but tagged as CC-BY
Celebjunkie 95042074@N07 search Flickrwashing -mattbuck (Talk) 11:09, 24 April 2013 (UTC)[reply]
CelebPhotosB 132247210@N07 search Flickr washing
celebrityabc celebrityabc 136572517@N06 search com:LL
Central ryan vasquez ryanvasquez 193635773@N04 search flickrwashing
Central Time (US & Canada) 8612652@N05 search Derivative works in Flickr stream
CentralPlaza Ladprao 44657206@N00 search License laundering by Jarcje and Khemkhaeng
cesar.mrio 129149843@N03 search Flickrwashing account
Ceylon-UK 31228264@N03 search Flickrwashing images from facebook
cgomez843 115138134@N02 search Flickr washing by Sockpuppets of Gaste097 (Diegotreviño)
changehali 53371280@N04 search flickrwashing
chapmansimon389 196018487@N03 search Flickrwashing
charlesbush710 199738794@N05 search Flickrwashing
charlieanders2 14721802@N06 search CC-License for movie-set photos and © DC Comics. in description, [2]
Charlotte.Summers charlotte_summers 193304458@N03 search Flickrwashing
charlycresspo52 186101434@N08 search flickrwashing
Charming Sabeel sabeel43 67339613@N07 search License laundering by Yamaaan and sockpuppets
chaya760 aka Kristian Sagia 78498223@N06 search Copyrighted plane images
chazd85 60864695@N05 search Movie posters and screenshots licensed under Public Domain
ChemGioAk 82971167@N04 search Many/most images not self made
cheney7 54484229@N05 search Flickrwashing by Difi416 (talk · contribs), ko:남녀공학 (음악 그룹)/en:Co-Ed School
Chepe Limon 50846966@N08 search Flickrwashing by Jamen Somasu (talk · contribs)
cherscarlett 193973865@N02 search Flickrwashing
Chesi pimkie_fotos 19132040@N04 search hundreds of unfree images
ChibiChiii chibichiii_merlin 87504239@N08 search Flickrwashing by Anarchistdy (talk · contribs), uploaded a photo of the press agency Sipa Press/Rex Features and other uploads of this Flickr stream are also likely copyvio, and AlekseiKomarov (talk · contribs), uploaded a photo of Getty Images
chimezieibewuike26 193315383@N03 search flickrwashing
Chinazzz 190577161@N05 search Flickrwashing
chinnian chinnian 77034082@N00 search flickrwashing
Choky1995 144140958@N05 search File:Kyfofura.png - only copyvios on site
chooseninja 194197527@N05 search published under a free licence a picture of which a larger version was published earlier on Facebook
Chris TDL Organizations christdl 189569141@N04 search Flickrwashing
ChrisL_AK fncll 42769910@N00 search Many copyright violations
chrissalamoneofficial 150477985@N07 search flickrwashing
Christina Richards1 94512654@N02 search Screencaps + images from all over the web
chubiprince 64980516@N08 search See Commons:Deletion requests/File:Debrah-Lee Resized.jpg.
chuckoutrearseats 48625620@N00 search see File:Cadillac Cien.jpg.
Ciclismo Italia 124345295@N03 search Lots of screencaps
Ciko7 41599103@N05 search Flickrwashing
Cinema Forever 94728022@N08 search Account of a small movie theater that uploads movie posters under cc that aren't theirs
cirexlab1 94852607@N02 search License laundering
cirodelia47 127688217@N06 search Pure washing account
cirrotilk 199332867@N03 search copyvio/vandal LTA
ck 8624 45936399@N05 search Flickrwashing by Yearshair (talk · contribs) related to ja:渡辺直美 (Naomi Watanabe)
cla.antolini 190969052@N05 search flickrwashing
classic film scans slightlyterrific 56182632@N08 search unsourced scans
ClauAppl2a 157242856@N07 search COM:LL - See Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with Clauappl2a
ClécioGabriel 93419418@N06 search Flickrwashing by ClécioGabriel (talk · contribs)
cliff1066™ nostri-imago 28567825@N03 search Flickrwashing
Cloyne & District Historical Society cdhs 104959762@N04 search Not valid for commercial use
club luxury 193606565@N06 search flickrwashing
cmonville 4x4paper 13146595@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files from Flickr user cmonville
Codleex 185560952@N05 search Flickr washing
cohærence * altman 61034561@N00 search com:LL
colinkeyphotography 193038040@N03 search Flickrwashing
CollegeDegrees360 83633410@N07 search Uploading stock images under free licenses
Consumerist Dot Com consumerist 21241181@N00 search collector of copyvios, see for example
conversekid conversekid 44745733@N04 search Flickrwashing by Darknewmoon (talk · contribs) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
cool_guy_che17 94595008@N00 search Very unlikely the maps are his original work. Possible flickrwashing by Bharathmeister (talk · contribs)
coolawik 193829583@N08 search flickrwashing
Copper Lynfield 76174328@N05 search CPGirlAJ (talk · contribs) flickrwashing press agency files (e.g. File:Katy Perry 2005.jpg.jpg with 5 minutes difference)
Cornerstone eCommerce 145291235@N05 search flickrwashing
Cosmic Cine cosmiccine 93500720@N06 search movie promotional material under (accidental?) free license
Cosmo V 31243524@N06 search Flickrwashing by Cosmo V (talk · contribs)
Courtbean courtbean 27963141@N00 search License laundering from reposted Instagram images
crazeband 47771567@N04 search flickrwashing
Crazy_Ahlawi 71198744@N08 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Mromarfootballfan1
crazy_foolish4u 7802918@N03 search Flickr washing of celebrities. -mattbuck (Talk) 20:32, 3 March 2009 (UTC)[reply]
crazycelebritystyle 190286199@N02 search Flickrwashing
crazylenny2 92915470@N03 search Flickwashing of Getty Images
Creative Ads and Designs creativeadsdesigns 72632597@N06 search License laundering wallpaper dump, see File:Swift Fox (7162218864).jpg
Creative commons hunter 44506671@N02 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:44506671@N02 (temp)
cristian berrios 14292732@N05 search Flickrwashing by Marcelo Ríos (talk · contribs)
cristian17vigo 41614374@N07 search Flickrwashing by Cristian17vigo (talk · contribs) and Sockpuppets, related to w:es:Papa Roach/w:es:Deathstars
CrowBrasil 73358185@N05 search Flickrwashing by Dsrodrigues (talk · contribs)
crpgbook crpgbook 127172812@N03 search Uploads are unlicensed screenshots but listed as public domain
crystal lifi crystallifi 76614080@N04 search Collection of various fashion photos by some fangirl. Some deleted, see deletion log
csani10 197960781@N04 search Flickrwashing by MrSplashman77
CSI PRODUTIONS 59956092@N03 search Flickrwashing by Paulinho15 sockpuppet Csilasvegas
Cucur Bitacée 195010419@N04 search Flickrwashing
culturasmesoamericanas80 195857892@N08 search Flickrwashing
curiouslee curiouslee 48600098314@N01 search Flickrwashing - see Commons:Deletion requests/File:Negroponte quote from TED 2014.jpg
cuxclipper  cuxclipper1 36288065@N04 search Licences are CC-BY but descriptions state all rights reserved.
cxo360 194285972@N02 search Flickrwashing (Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by SX3001)
Cyndi Lauper Now 58624782@N02 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Lucas Cosa, pt.wp Cyndi Lauper copyvios.
cyrus35334 62835492@N02 search Flickrwashing by Cyrus35334 (talk · contribs)
Célio Martins celiomartins 189776632@N07 search flickrwashing
d9168273 198708718@N02 search Flickrwashing
d:ploy dploy 40118930@N02 search flickrwashing
D_V_C_22 167108797@N08 search Flickrwashing
dada gomes 59365099@N07 search Fluminense Football Club Flickrwashing by sockpuppets of Jc tyf
daijavipboi 162861758@N08 search Flickrwashing
daily sunny 53558245@N02 search Commons:Deletion requests/Flickr washing 001‎
dakhlaouihafedh20 189207007@N07 search flickrwashing
damian_0929 boxer14 36312448@N04 search Flickrwashing by Boxer14 (talk · contribs)
daneworksonline danealegana 119748903@N04 search flickrwashing
DanGPhotos1 187789660@N02 search Flickrwashing
DANIEL1990PL daniel1990pl 75837375@N04 search Flickrwashing by DANIEL1990PL (talk · contribs)
danielagarca18 115144536@N06 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Gaste097 (User:Marcos76655)
DanielC743 155508014@N03 search hoaxer ("Hadfield Rocket Factory" hoax)
danielle_frank77 38026879@N08 search Constructed flickr account for one Whitney Houston file, Flickrwashing by Emptyhanded (talk · contribs). See File:WhitneyliveatWangCenter1999.jpg.
Danny__H 124448708@N02 search Images from GettyImages / AFP , no RXIF data on files
dannyb dannybollinger 37996616805@N01 search Getty Images under bogus license
danrd2011 79048212@N05 search Flickrwashing movie posters.
danteaguiar danteaguiar 150216842@N02 search Flickrwashing copyrighted Bing Wallpapers
davi.silva.costa 192787685@N07 search Flickrwashing
David Paire dpcom 59295596@N00 search Lots of non-free covers
David and Paulina davidandpaulina 73904611@N03 search images showing the subjects but attributed to multiple external sources
DavidCastain 149679189@N08 search Flickrwashing by sockpuppets
davidjones473 192871770@N02 search Flickrwashing
davidmorenocv 189710243@N07 search Flickrwashing account
Dawn Fitzpatrick 140554972@N04 search flickrwashing
dawn.daily 125050288@N04 search Flickrwashing
dayblakelydonaldson thespeakernews 125259566@N02 search copyvios taken from other sources in stream
dazman501 36036336@N05 search Flickrwashing
Dbzmaster2 133185375@N07 search Flickrwashing
ddt2016106042 188666787@N04 search Flickrwashing
Deadpool46 78213071@N08 search Unfree images with free license, possible Flickr washing by Toospicy4u (talk · contribs)
Deep Elements Media 151270310@N05 search Flickr washing by paid sock farm
Delhi Defence Review delhidefencereview 156704742@N05 search Flickrwashing
Della Cella edellacellahollic 46332437@N02 search Flickrwashing by 123Hollic (talk · contribs)
Demix1 46079032@N03 search Flickrwashing by Gh7mysterio (talk · contribs)/sockpuppets
demlihaayuka 189573036@N03 search flickrwashing
deneuvefr 194940834@N04 search flickrwashing
Depols 10095955@N06 search COM:LL
derekwilliamsmusic 154745016@N06 search Flickrwashing
deshwalsudhir007 127241256@N07 search Flickrwashing
deshwalsudhir07 126351016@N03 search Flickrwashing by Picsart1 (talk · contribs)
dez&john3313 25349554@N03 search Flickrwashing
DHeditorDH 167213494@N07 search Flickrwashing
diagbas87 193711313@N05 search Flickrwashing
Diako2011 60248804@N06 search Flickrwashing by Diako1971
dianachora82 192815545@N02 search Flickrwashing
Diario Critico Venezuela diariocriticove 89374726@N02 search Images from AFP/Getty/others under fake free licenses
DiCavo 99974832@N07 search License laundering by Caomhan27 and likely of his sockpuppet User:SetantaDC
Diermi diermi 53727981@N08 search Flickrwashing by Diermi (talk · contribs)
digshotwomen 131723308@N08 search Flickrwashing
dimas.Justo 14892762@N06 search flickrwashing
dinesh.jogi2003 189380775@N04 search Flickr-washing
dippymister 148519876@N06 search flickrwashing
discutivo 75818171@N02 search com:LL
Disney Land1 144517660@N07 search hosting copyvio
divasflickr 37985951@N03 search Flickrwashing by Hpfan9374 (talk · contribs)
Divy.Mahawar 75619437@N02 search Flickrwashing by Rahulmothiya (talk · contribs)
DIYAR DESIGN 81803042@N03 search  
Dj lytmas 138571396@N02 search Many copyvois
DJANDYW.COM & DJANDYW.TV AKA ANDREW WILLARD djandywdotcom 100494965@N07 search Screenshoots, posters, stills from videos and movies, other people photographs and probaly own stuff as well
djez_official 150981425@N07 search Flickr washing of copyrighted photo of DJ EZ, similar to jonasblue
djg0333 debgray 34654978@N02 search Account full of copyvios
DJJOS jcabezuelo 49029298@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Britney and Paris.jpg
DJRosstheboss djrosstheboss 81000733@N08 search another RosstheBoss Flickrwashing account
DJSurfy surfy 94636087@N00 search flickrwashing
Dmg2021 197563927@N05 search flickrwashing
DMolybdenum 165445115@N07 search "Daniel Molybdenum", participant in hoax including copyright violations, dishonest photoshopping, and false photo descriptions. See Commons:Administrator's noticeboard/User problems#User:Raphael.concorde and Chris A. Hadfield Rocket Factory for more details
doanthuong69 56944354@N02 search Flickrwashing by Hoangquan hientrang (talk · contribs)
Doctor Who Spoilers doctorwhospoilers 83186462@N05 search TV screenshots and unfree images related to BBC TV series Dr Who
dokientrung 60082435@N05 search Attempted flickrwashing by Dokientrung (talk · contribs)
Dollieter saphire569 Natasha569 68134645@N07 search Commons talk:Questionable Flickr images
domenicodidomenico.vdd1963 194595904@N04 search Flickrwashing
domenicodidomenico1963 196183209@N04 search Flickrwashing
domenicourbano 130260901@N03 search Flickrwashing account
DonGiovanniKV527 dongiovannikv527 42929967@N06 search Flickrwashing by Le Goéland Bleu (talk · contribs)
dongshin425 78281473@N08 search Flickrwashing account, see Commons:Requests for checkuser/Case/Dogwalkerz
donotspeakasloudasmyheart 196100879@N08 search Flickrwashing
dontlookdowntv 168867862@N02 search Flickrwashing
Doorsreis 75901808@N02 search Flickrwashing Doorsreis (talk · contribs)
Doshina 196390538@N03 search Flickrwashing
Doug Kline popculturegeek 26728047@N05 search Large number of copyrighted works photographed and placed under free licenses (COM:DW problems)
Dovima-2010 53035820@N02 search Copyrighted photos uploaded without authors' permissions 54683323@N07 search Flickrwashing
drac-arys 126180672@N04 search  
Dragões Real dragoesreal 61776811@N05 search Flickrwashing by LDR43 (talk · contribs), File:Claudia Colucci.jpg
Draven+Corvis nightwingangel 33102472@N03 search Flickrwashing by Draven Corvis (talk · contribs)
DRMZ2 95507853@N08 search Flickrwashing by Paparazzzi (talk · contribs)
drsubramanainswamy drsubramanianswamy 100303911@N04 search newspaper articles, posters and other copyvios
dullhunk (Duncan Hull) dullhunk 14829735@N00 search Derivative works and covers in Flickr stream
dunknownstranger123 195722828@N02 search Flickrwashing
Dutch2005B 65692418@N03 search attempted flickrwashing by Dutch2005 (talk · contribs), Miri Hanai
dwaynemsamuels 186537556@N03 search flickrwashing
Dylan Massett 127310945@N05 search Flickrwashing
dylanbounce dylanbounce 188371691@N07 search flickrwashing
e16london 162537408@N08 search License laundering
East Bengal History 191365026@N05 search see Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with insource:191365026@N05
eddieizzardfans eddieizzardfans 69078390@N05 search Flickr washing Eddie Izzard images
Edersen edersen 60342202@N03 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Jc tyf
Edimar Bento 30015523@N02 search Flickrwashing (or impersonating) and faking flickrreview. Edimar.Bento, pt:Fortaleza Esporte Clube images.
editorwikipedia editorwiki 146392289@N08 search LTA sockmaster
Edonautico 84599342@N05 search Flickrwashing by Il Graxo (talk · contribs)
eduardoarp 49646225@N08 search Flickrwashing by Eduardoarp (talk · contribs)
eduardoferreir1234 190841027@N04 search Flickrwashing
eduemoni 32904136@N02 search Flickrwashing by Eduemoni (talk · contribs)
egor.vasilyev egor_vasilyev 36053554@N04 search License laundering
eitanbar9922 142978182@N03 search License laundering
el javo2009 41079938@N06 search Flickrwashing by El javo
elangel_10 elangel_acmilan 92477421@N03 search Flickrwashing by Gapz (talk · contribs)
elevatesyndicate 194326281@N06 search Flickrwashing
elizabethbtorres7 199368684@N08 search Flickrwashing
eljuanpazurita 160909577@N08 search flickrwashing
elmatamoskas 25695443@N06 search Flickrwashing by Elmatamoskas (talk · contribs)
elvaz68 50646646@N04 search Flickrwashing by Saber68 (talk · contribs)
elzeus 68595064@N06 search Flickrwashing by ChZeus (talk · contribs)
emausmora4 124961962@N06 search Flickrwashing
emelec emelec 66347507@N00 search flickrwashing
Emil Rensing emilgh 22266129@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Images from Emil Rensing on Flickr, Commons:Deletion_requests/Image:Kimi_Raikkonen_2007.jpg
emilio.sempris 186531505@N02 search Flickrwashing
Emmanuel Avril 38124977@N08 search Flickrwashing by Emmanuel rocks (talk · contribs)
EnglishLady 28326201@N02 search flickrwashing by el:User:GlitterEnglish, File:Lisa Gerrard black and white.jpg ennoti-com 147743216@N03 search uploads unfree images from various sources under CC
Enthusiast10 25379552@N06 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Barakhambaroad.jpg
ENTL 193653190@N04 search Category:Sockpuppets of Ananislam
equiliz3r 35244664@N03 search Flickrwashing by Migelot (talk · contribs)
Erdonzello 193751847@N03 search Flickrwashing
erin.otoole 192052143@N06 search Flickrwashing
Erter12343 165866298@N08 search Flickrwashing
estefaniamera1995 156243130@N02 search Flickerwashing
Estrela Da República Portuguesa 62350008@N08 search Flickrwashing by Paulinho15 sockpuppets
EstrelaPortuguesa 62671970@N05 search Flickrwashing by Paulinho15 sockpuppets
eswarankvs 190473375@N03 search Flickrwashing
EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection 69583224@N05 search Too many images in their Stream that are not their own or with "Editorial use only" restriction in Exif. At best license status is unclear.
euranet_plus 110900366@N07 search Obvious flickwash File:Italian part - Citizens’ Corner debate- Brexit – Europe’s Big Bang theory. Where did it start? uploaded after deleted here
European Southern Observatory esoastronomy 51207680@N04 search This account mostly posts lower quality images already posted on the official ESO website, making any uploads from it redundant or need replacing. There is no reason to import from it instead of the official ESO website.
Eurovision Fan eurovision_fan 37778933@N06 search Flickrwashing by Turkish Flame (talk · contribs)
eutrophication&hypoxia 48722974@N07 search image collector, lots of images from Commons and other sources, some with credit and others without, usually no backlink to real source
EvaGranados evitagranados 49386655@N04 search Flickrwashing by Cachubis (talk · contribs)/sock Caprisia (talk · contribs)
fabiobini60 8527875@N04 search Flckwashing per ANI oldeyankee 28496558@N02 search uploads PD images from Library of Congress or other sources but claims own copyright
Faces Of The World faces-of-the-world 193488572@N02 search Flickrwashing
Facu Quijada facuquijada 44309312@N02 search Flickrwashing by Piuka (talk · contribs)
fahadali2179 124703464@N05 search Flickrwashing of photos readily available on the web.
fahed.nak0 189217880@N08 search Flickr washing
fan Selena fan_Selena 34881873@N06 search Flickrwashing, including at least two images of Selena Gomez from Getty
farazymail cars_and_cars 33709259@N04 search Flickrwashing by FarazKelhini; see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by FarazKelhini
Fashbash 65901841@N04 search flickrwashing
Fashion Unlimited Pakistan 67895955@N05 search Flickrwashing by Yeeshil (talk · contribs)
FashionCentralPakistan 56352240@N08 search Flickrwashing by Yeeshil (talk · contribs)
FCIndia 132597996@N02 search flickrwashing pictures from Getty Images
fdenardo1 44576730@N06 search flickrwashing
fearlessmind 137347009@N04 search copyfraud
Feel Happy While Tiur 148078864@N02 search LTA sockmaster
felix.vogel1291 186752708@N05 search copyright violations/washing
feltonwittrockqyb40 194418119@N06 search Flickrwashing
Ferchu agosto ferchu_agosto 67856327@N05 search Flickrwashing by Ferchu agosto (talk · contribs)
Fernanda Vasconcellos2009 34102301@N08 search Fan account or most likely Paulinho15 flickrwashing. File:Fernanda Vasconcellos 2.jpg and Fernanda Vasconcellos (as of July 15 2011)
ferreiradeka 199955755@N02 search Flickrwashing
Festival de Cine Africano FCAT mcatarifa 53174894@N00 search Flickrwashing
Filius Flitwick 100059906@N08 search Flickrwashing by เอ็ดมัน
fireballk2588 37343717@N03 search All unfree images; flickrwashing of celebrity pictures
FisaMaster53 43285737@N08 search Flickrwashing by Freshprince53 (talk · contribs)
fk7171 128858537@N03 search Flickrwashing by Fk717 (talk · contribs)
Flanker Dias Cesar Castro 198657213@N04 search Flickrwashing
FlickrNavarrico 50237557@N03 search Sockpuppets of Sagues flickrwashing
Flourecente flourescente 66410989@N07 search Derivative works (newspaper articles) and photos that were not taken by the user
fma2011 fma2011 54254204@N03 search Flickrwashing by Fma (talk · contribs)
FolsomNatural 87249144@N08 search Uploads photographs taken from a Facebook account with the notice: "Photos courtesy of:"
Footballl98 87487237@N05 search Flickrwashed photos from Getty Images and other photo agencies (diff=85426797&oldid=85325938)
ForeverAmore 90546111@N05 search blatant license-laundering of Getty Images material (diff=85691050&oldid=85493820)
forluvofsex 110346578@N08 search Soft porn dump, serial license laundering, posting professional photos of famous models \ celebrities under public license
Fotos pilotos 53228831@N02 search Flickrwashing of motor sports
Fotógrafo Municipalidad de Salta 189323423@N07 search Flickr washing
foundin_a_attic foundin_a_attic 146272131@N07 search Flickrwashing
France1978 51764518@N02 search license laundering: derivative works, no permission
FranceTico 116064585@N07 search com:LL account
francis.alipio 38325720@N03 search Flickrwashing by AlipioPilipino (talk · contribs)
franja11 39918125@N08 search Flickrwashing by Puebla82 (talk · contribs)
franks.collection 40730279@N03 search Flickrwashing of images of Robin Bain - profile at one point read "I'm a fan
Freedom House syriafreedom 69684588@N07 search Uploads what is clearly other people's work, including news agency photos. DR1, DR2, DR3, DR4, DR5, DR6
freegazaorg freegaza 29205195@N02 search Mixture of free and non-free pictures, e.g. this album is unfree.
freeparking :-| freeparking 99051133@N00 search knowingly flickrwashing
friskytuna 34128229@N06 search photo stream contains famous photos of Usain Bolt between music album covers.
fT4yRgXUqgFwpDcdgK3L 149822265@N04 search Flickr washing
funkquake 142869882@N02 search Inappropriate licensing
Funplus 142268814@N07 search Inappropriate licensing
FutboleroTico 156657814@N08 search Flickrwashing
fzhenghu fzhenghu 45154726@N05 search Flickrwashing
g.moondogs 199690526@N04 search flickrwashing
gabisykes666 188447858@N05 search flickrwashing
Gabriakari 52218410@N07 search User talk:Gabriakari
gabrielaraujodamaceno88 189236428@N05 search Flickr washing
gabsgomez 52300609@N06 search Flickrwashing by Filipei (talk · contribs), pt:Raven-Symoné related.
gabycitamorales667 191667682@N03 search Flickrwashing paris-jackson 151151076@N07 search File:Parisjacksongrammy.jpg
gamerscoreblog gamerscore 66327609@N00 search com:LL (images of video games)
garcajuan620 112872203@N05 search flickr washing acct
garethbastar 146257983@N06 search Flickrwashing of Disney images
Gastón Castillo 41629003@N04 search Flickrwashing by Dollymaniaco09 (talk · contribs) and sockpuppets
GClimestone 164214713@N06 search Flickrwashing
GDS Infographics gdsdigital 43157614@N06 search flickrwashing
gengzhe.lin 199053717@N04 search Flickrwashing
geo.s.neptune 191495691@N08 search Flickrwashing
Geoffrey Chandler (Hot Rod Homepage) hotrodhomepage 29302171@N00 search Non-free content such as Screenshots
Geomeng 94046063@N04 search Flickrwashing by Bru216 (talk · contribs)
GeorgeEads 59082014@N05 search Flickrwashing by Category:Sockpuppets of Paulinho15
GeorgeEads Paulo_Pereira_15 54002959@N02 search Flickrwashing by Paulo Pereira 15 (talk · contribs)
georgemcgriny 156259526@N05 search flickrwashing for spam
Geovane L P 195482622@N04 search Flickrwashing
Gerald Tabios 99753918@N03 search Flickr washing by spammers
geraldteodoro2125 51385468@N07 search Flickrwashing by Pamnorsam (talk · contribs) (en:Pambujan, Northern Samar)
Geraltmaster 155987373@N05 search Flickrwashing
Gerryh7 46250369@N08 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Atomthaimmortalphoto.jpg, Flickrwashing by Gh7mysterio (talk · contribs)/sockpuppets
ghostbuster45160 75412618@N04 search Flickrwashing by Bourdon Blanc (talk · contribs)
ghostripper_bg ghostripper_bg 47376935@N02 search Flickrwashing by Beta racing (talk · contribs), en:Rally Bulgaria - uploaded copyvios before here, then on en.wp, then again here with flickr washing.
gievegrand 153585104@N05 search images from various parts of the web
Giorgio Zeniquel 11fashionofhislove 78644784@N05 search Flickrwashing by User:Giorgio Zeniquel
giorgioap 60486257@N06 search flickrwashing
Glenn Close News glennclose 95876452@N07 search Flickrwashing
go 69 77411954@N05 search Unfree restrictions on profile page, even though licenses seem free. See Commons:Deletion requests/File:Pussy drive.jpg
god visual communication systems goksanozman 58957697@N02 search lots of nonfree images mixed with possible good ones
godaramb29 188398741@N02 search Flickrwashing
Godtidote godtidote 65271684@N06 search Flickrwashing Iamxplay (talk · contribs)
gokulkrishnaborkakoti 28328317@N08 search Flickrwashing by Assamarts (talk · contribs)
GomelskyVladimir gomelsky 73103877@N03 search flickrwashing
GonSuarez 54776804@N02 search Flickrwashing HesselinK (talk · contribs)
gordonramsaysubmissions 54397539@N06 search Special:Diff/286416047
govo 88 192211407@N03 search spam only account
gowarikar 64019781@N05 search Flickrwashing attempt from Rahul668 (talk · contribs), related to Rani Mukerji
gpratts06 37640392@N04 search Flickrwashing by Gpratts06 (talk · contribs).
greatdegree greatdegree 49431238@N07 search Numerous sources listed on photos. Highly likely to be flickr washing.
Greg Razzi 53821021@N04 search Flickrwashing, images taken from Getty & Goff Photos
Greg2600 greg2600 46117775@N04 search Flickrwasing
groupw-productions groupw-productions 26873107@N06 search Flickwashing, see e.g. Commons:Deletion requests/File:Prinsenhove2.jpg or Commons:Deletion requests/File:Rector Dhanis Aula.jpg.
Guardian Screen Images 102537907@N03 search This profile is for posting screen images I have taken from various Movies and TV shows.
guilherme151097 192868715@N08 search Flickrwashing
Gujarat Tourist Guide ahmedabadguide 52575979@N02 search Flickrwashing
Guta Stresser gutastresser 67743329@N03 search Flickrwashing by Quimbanda (talk · contribs)
haaspedro60 140284515@N04 search Not own-work, flickrwashing
hailey.sani 145254183@N05 search Flickrwashing of Justin Trudeau images
Hampton Roads Partnership hamptonroadspartnership 39491352@N05 search Flickrwashing
hanfulove 97396721@N08 search Flickrwashing; several images contain watermarks of varying other sources
hans_castorp2010 52827465@N02 search Flickrwashing
hardcorecountrymj hardcorecountry 76512975@N08 search license laundering by KnockoutsDivasMJ
Harnoor Chandi harnoor_chandi 195517414@N04 search Flickrwashing
Harryshype 148167826@N05 search Flickr washing
harveyberger harveyberger 155731284@N02 search flickrwashing
HarveyNick 25354908@N06 search Images have come from diverse sources, including the New York Times and various websites related to Westchester County, New York. One of several deletion discussions: Commons:Deletion requests/Image:BrewsterSchoolhouse.jpg (includes links to some of the earlier deletion discussions). Many of the same images have also been uploaded directly to English Wikipedia.
Hasselkus PR hasselkus-pr 54550615@N03 search PR firm that probably doesn't have the rights to license the images it posts
Hathaltoy 77160433@N04 search flickrwashing
hbqxahz 192266036@N04 search Flickrwashing
HeeyCoop 47517949@N07 search Attempted flickrwashing by MicheleUhul! (talk · contribs)
helenisilva151097 190936651@N02 search license laundering
Helmuts Rudzītis paldies 62866458@N00 search uses google maps with CC license
help.ananfoundation 188518069@N02 search Persistent self-promotion Category:Sockpuppets of Ananislam
heltonps 126316113@N02 search Flickrwashing by Helton Paulino (talk · contribs)
henriquejp444 193816009@N06 search Flickrwashing
HereWeGoAgain..! 47707425@N08 search Flickrwashing by WhereTheLinesOverlapXX (talk · contribs) and sockpuppets
Herny_Aranjuez 194143640@N04 search Flickrwashing
Hi Geo hi_geo 137151232@N05 search license laundering by user:Ivtorov
Highway Patrol Images special-fx 34236324@N05 search Flickr washing, DR
Higor Iakopa higoriakopa 50277090@N02 search Flickrwashing by Higorspario (talk · contribs)
himanshu434 194705208@N03 search Flickrwashing
Hirooki Mori 189137869@N06 search Flickr washing
historyontv1 191195983@N05 search Flickr washing
hnkkk 56818732@N04 search Flickrwashing by Hnkjr (talk · contribs)
hnnbz 99781513@N04 search Flickrwashing
Hollywood_PR hollywoodbranded 54731024@N05 search Flickr stream comprised of photos from various sources, offered under an apparently non-applying free license (license laundering)
hotliketgonzaga tgonzega 53156812@N05 search Flickrwashing by Category:Sockpuppets of Ilove214, the Toni Gonzaga image stealing sockpuppeteer.
howcouldyoubesoheartless 194647614@N02 search Flickrwashing
Hrit24 91486880@N02 search is associated with currently blocked Hritam24 (talk · contribs) (85802969&oldid=85708613)
hsiaolee0929 123937783@N08 search flickrwashing dwnews 23376889@N07 search "All images on my stream are taken from the internet for use on my blog"
Hugo-90 hugo90 32109282@N00 search Uploads scans of automobile advertising which are not his own work. See Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by NBJ13. Note: he also uploads photographs that he took.
hugo971 hugo971 30375176@N08 search See e.g. File:MadelineZima.jpg, the whole set Celebrities or not is unfree and likely all other photographs of models etc
hujustinnz 75923111@N02 search license-laundering and is possibly identical to User:Justinhu8
humberpike 51642154@N04 search Flickrwashing
Huntington Theatre Company huntingtontheatreco 59832923@N02 search flickrwashing
iamsophisticatedgirl 101921285@N04 search lots of images taken from all over the net
ian smith3 53269523@N04 search Flickrwashing
Ibeleme Aham 133477863@N03 search Watermarked images scraped from various sources
ibrahimferhadli 38921949@N05 search Flickrwashing by Ibrahimferhadli (talk · contribs)
Iburiedpaul roeshad 80492365@N00 search license laundering
iClassicalCom 130720149@N05 search flickrwashing
iD&M 58933672@N02 search Sockpuppets of Sagues flickrwashing
Idolings 195412714@N06 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with 195412714@N06
ierdnall 90157732@N03 search Thousands of images copied from other sources
ikrichter ikrichter 23423452@N02 search Movie/TV screencaps offered under wrong free license
ikshyasen 140217270@N06 search File:Mahua Roychoudhury.jpg - and many copyvios on the site
ildmencos 36275832@N02 search Flickrwashing per Commons:Deletion requests/File:MariahCareyTeenChoiceAwards.jpg
illustrivitee 195807646@N04 search Flickrwashing/harassment
iloveJB123 67926342@N08 search Flickrwashing of Justin Bieber related imagery
imatiasromero imatiasromero 161458835@N03 search license laundering
I'mBM 153204413@N02 search =Flickrwashing, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by LikeGaga
iltelexf51 193238428@N05 search Flickrwashing
Image Editor 11304375@N07 search Flickrwashing
ImovieSh imoviesh 160658215@N07 search Lots of copyvio images used to advertise a movie website
imyoungb23 194081919@N03 search Flickrwashing agency photos
Inacity incacity 50716114@N05 search Likely flickrwashing by Xtremizta (talk · contribs)
IncMan 51937732@N00 search Flickrwashing by King Zebu (talk · contribs)
inderpreet singh inderpreetsingh 24193422@N02 search flickr washing
Indi Samarajiva indi 85113745@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka.jpg
india7network india_7 110780129@N03 search Flickrwashing phone and laptop press renders; see Deletion requests/Files uploaded by AnVuong1222004 (7) for related DR.
Indian Army Supporter 147341006@N05 search lta sock Flickrwashing acct
indiclipane 197604358@N08 search Flickrwashing
indiefilmfan indiefilmfan 69884823@N07 search clear license laundering
info.ananfoundation 188860296@N03 search another account of User:Ananislam
info.mentrosoft 188986811@N05 search another account of User:Ananislam
infodatabaseofficial 193653728@N02 search Flickrwashing
inkjetprinter 44666479@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Frankie Fredericks.jpg
instacodez 161227653@N02 search Flickrwashing
intimategadgets1 intimatetoys 131013168@N08 search Many (all?) images not their own work so free licenses invalid
iphonedigital iphonedigital 137872055@N03 search Copyrighted Apple-related images
iranpayara 194459796@N03 search see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Texasi9PCI
irinaraquel repolco 38205659@N03 search Washing/copyvios
irisandr105 193118732@N06 search Flickrwashing
irisbosu 193173615@N08 search Flickrwashing
irisheyes Irish Typepad 19994833@N00 search Confirmed flickrwashing
irishotitza 193118300@N06 search Flickrwashing
isafmedia isafmedia 29456680@N06 search The profile indicate another license than the pictures, restricting use to media and educational source, but denying commercial reproduction and general redistribution.
ishara11 194042889@N06 search Flickrwashing (Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by SX3001)
issaratamutami issaratamutamii 150329964@N07 search Flickr washing by User:Zydearkr
itaylevy20011010 196983311@N04 search License laundering account
ItsItten 146245174@N07 search Flickr wash account
Itukza 76233197@N08 search Flickrwashing by Wimol tuk (talk · contribs)
IvanMarulanda ivanmarulanda 38926182@N04 search com:LL
iznogoodsnow 193852079@N06 search flickrwashing
j;65j/ m,4 97264824@N02 search Flickrwashing
jaan007 51051231@N06 search User talk:Jaan00732, who is attempting to Flickrwash Rihanna CD covers
Jaba 166575035@N07 search flickrwashing
JACKDD 60424997@N02 search Flickrwashing by Eric hsu1222
jackyunay 27389500@N05 search WireImage photos. Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Tila Tequila arrives to the 2008 MTV Movie Awards on June 1, 2008.jpg
jaguarmena jaguarcarsmena 56721991@N06 search Uploads picture of Jaguar Cars under CC-BY-2.0 without regard to copyright owner (which is shown in the EXIF data
jaime070996 53037324@N07 search Flickrwashing by User:Jaime070996
jake.auzzie 48772730@N04 search See talk.
jamaisdeux jamaisdeux 31206165@N04 search Various non-free montages
Jamel Salehi 62686708@N07 search License laundering by Amir.Hossein.7055 sockpuppets, possibly impersonating an profesional photographer according to a google search
jameleddine101 195001321@N05 search flickrwashing
james.spector 23299919@N04 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with insource:23299919
jamesonben031 195020437@N02 search Flickrwashing
Jamie Saylor 189105611@N02 search Flickr washing
Jan Atienza de_atienza 42364984@N00 search Lots of commercial images of bike accessories from various websites
jan sefti kurdistan4all 8605011@N02 search Fake HDRs composed from unfree sources
janaufo 46575854@N03 search flickrwashing
jasjfiles17 198190770@N05 search Flickrwashing
jasmineeha 189311298@N07 search Flickr washing
Jasper☆ endtohell 98477216@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Sade.jpg
Jaspreet Walia Jaspreet_Walia 81881764@N06 search Images grabbed from the web or other flickr accounts
Javad1994 62784586@N02 search License laundering by Amir.Hossein.7055 sockpuppets
javi.priv.134 188645551@N07 search Flickrwashing
Jay Golokdham 49957119@N05 search Flickrwashing by V das (talk · contribs)
jaypatel010 135112611@N04 search com:LL
JaySa2009 67914679@N03 search Flickrwashing by FoxCE (talk · contribs)
JBieberToday 140725870@N04 search File:Justin Bieber 2017.jpg
JBJB92X 36089442@N08 search Flickrwashing by User:Javi0692
jcaceres39 25922952@N04 search Flickrwashing by Lolin (talk · contribs). >5 different cameras, discussion on talk COM:QFI and File:TN 03.jpg gives evidence of Flickrwashing.
jdlr1970 193480381@N05 search Flickrwashing
jdorama00 129444450@N03 search Flickrwashing by Jdorama00 (talk · contribs)
jdxyw jdxyw 51755195@N02 search Flickr washing
JeepersMedia jeepersmedia 39160147@N03 search lots of crap and DW
jeffpiatt jeffpiatt 51965387@N06 search Flickrwashing
Jen Leo. 159214125@N04 search License laundering, images actually originate on twitter and other sources
jenlawfilms jenlawfilms 135708051@N08 search com:LL
JennetteLatinClub 81818597@N08 search Flickrwashing by CarlitosRHS (talk · contribs)
jennifer_greatoutdoors 73599336@N00 search Flickrwashing
jenorth14 132880205@N06 search COM:LL
Jerry☻ 149611181@N07 search License laundering: Commons:Deletion requests/Photos from
jeshuaoneal93 198681955@N02 search flickrwashing
jesseanders348 195097178@N08 search license laundring
Jesu_el1 77784228@N05 search Flickrwashing by Jesu el1 (talk · contribs)
jesusmacias0230 139854106@N05 search Flickrwashing of images from Getty (among other sources)
jibzak09 154944765@N03 search flickr washing
jidanchaomian 10565417@N03 search copyright pics by others 'released' as cc-by-sa
jijajichhatperhain901 161502169@N02 search flickrwashing
jill570641 jill47 44362794@N02 search Potential flickrwashing
jilltvofficial 198030972@N04 search Flickrewashing
Jim Winter Photographe 140795497@N05 search blatant flickrwash File:David-Michigan.jpg
Jimmy.william47 61970516@N08 search Sockpuppets of محمد البكور flickrwashing
jingdianmeinv jingdianmeinv 42255460@N02 search unfree photos of fashion models
jingdianmeinv1 jingdianmeinv1 42544066@N02 search Lost of lowres VIP images which are obviously taken from all over the net
jingdianmeinv2 jingdianmeinv2 42746868@N04 search series copyright violater, 3 other similar named users already blocked
jingdianmeinv3 jingdianmeinv3 42713376@N02 search same as jingdianmeinv, continuation
jkreadinglist 194327899@N08 search flickrwashing
jla0379 71540470@N04 search non-free images under fake free licenses
jlopezm33 139843008@N07 search Flickrwashing
jmc4 - Church Explorer 52219527@N00 search flickrwashing
Joaco_Fer 81378614@N06 search Flickrwashing by JoacoNFG-2000 (talk · contribs)
Joanna155 47374324@N02 search File:J wright.jpg
joao_victor2011 joao_victor2011 59213470@N05 search Fluminense Football Club Flickrwashing by sockpuppets of Jc tyf
joey quan2011 85990458@N06 search multiple images detected as copyvios from and others
Jogue 39237102@N04 search Flickrwashing by Jogue (talk · contribs)
Jogue007 46828882@N02 search Flickrwashing by Jogue (talk · contribs)
johan1512_7 21693137@N07 search Flickrwashing by Johan1512 7 (talk · contribs) and sockpuppets
johanferreira15 23664669@N08 search Fanaccount with a few Cher images
John M. Rice 162589967@N06 search Account for blatent flickrwash
John guano 97838323@N00 search
johnchryslar 145379854@N05 search Hoaxer ("Hadfield Rocket Factory" hoax)
jomoal99 39047288@N07 search Flickrwashing by Jomoal99 (talk · contribs)
jonasblue jonasblue 148450086@N05 search Copyrighted images of Jonas Blue uploaded under CC-Zero
Jordi Bernabeu jordibernabeu 73010839@N02 search License laundering
jorge reixa 187507863@N07 search flickrwashing
joseayala79 56109758@N04 search Flickrwashing by Rrrr45 (talk · contribs)
josiahleming josiahleming 62481950@N02 search account with one copyrighted image uploaded
josssetitan 190481373@N07 search FLickr washing of old images
josubatista 56355890@N08 search Flickrwashing by Paulinho15 sockpuppet JosuéBatista30
josuericardo 200448889@N04 search Flickrwashing
journalistsrishtidg 194717260@N06 search flickr washing
Jovče Trifunče 64226781@N04 search Collection of not self-created photos of Tetovo, possibly related to the tireless Tetovo copyvio sockpuppet
Joyceferreira78 94747544@N05 search flickr washing
jp372 59358028@N07 search Flickrwashing by NYyankees51 (talk · contribs) en:Lila Rose
jsherm1976 164365489@N02 search Flickrwashing
jtyccoon 192735274@N05 search Flickrwashing
Juan Pablo79 67832540@N08 search License laundering by Lord Ozzy
Juan Perez15 71774373@N02 search Flickrwashing by Nitban (talk · contribs)
juanalbertogarciarivera 99815049@N07 search EXIF of photo attributes other person than uploader.
Juancho1005 64783285@N07 search Sabadelli sockpuppets flickrwashing
juandy004 58291132@N05 search Flickrwashing by Juandy004 (talk · contribs)
juicyhil juicyhil 31151677@N08 search Hilary Duff press photos.
julghlck6 sunilbutolia 195305350@N08 search Flickrwashing
Julian Bashore julian-bashore 10290636@N04 search Flickr account is under name of person depicted, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Rorronoa
JuliaPhotoStudio juliaphotostudio 63930217@N08 search Flickrwashing (attempt) by ZuiMama (talk · contribs), photostream is a fan collection related to "Vorstadtkrokodile". File:Leonie Tepe Premiere Kohln.jpg
juliatian 47878366@N02 search Flickrwashing by T10julia (talk · contribs)
jurek.smorag 194301977@N06 search Flickrwashing
Just Entertainment justentertainment 126697156@N02 search takes photos from internet, uploads them under CC license
justicechaser 64002023@N02 search Hosts many unfree screenshots
JustinChartOfficial 194849628@N03 search flickr washing
justMOONDAY 197805928@N04 search flickrwashing
Juulean HP trivia_harrypotter 36055537@N04 search Flickrwashing by Trivia harrypotter (talk · contribs) sahtv 114384086@N08 search com:LL
K Jones Lombardi 164415101@N05 search Flickrwashing
k.jacykow 23470518@N05 search Flickwashing account of Case3000 (talk · contribs), Aaliyah
kaleemtax6061 192861344@N04 search Flickrwashing
Kalumba2009 kalumba_joel_ego 38725263@N04 search Lots of non-free images
kamaran332 189106693@N05 search License washing
Kantenflimmern kantenflimmern 32940945@N05 search Uploads various posters without possessing any rights to them.
kapilaphotos 193810474@N06 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Batmansam
karin yu 188491168@N06 search flickrwashing
karina3094 karinasaskia 73650161@N03 search Files need individual review: The newer images may be fine (consistently taken with Canon PowerShot G12) but many older images are lower res without exif or clearly taken from unknown Facebook sources.
karleusalookbook 189572460@N06 search flickrwashing
karoline151097 188370432@N04 search Flickrwashing
Karon-photoz 154629878@N02 search blatant flickrwash
karsten.stalpaert 185024660@N03 search unfree images
katewilliams94 katewilliams94 51766951@N03 search flickrvio photostream related to Avril Lavigne, Danny Jones, Demi Lovato et al.
katiasantiago 153164135@N08 search Flickr washing
kaunbrua73 193170137@N03 search Flickrwashing
kaungkaung969253796 190605271@N02 search Flickrwashing
KaushiK™ kaushikbiswas 24238279@N04 search Normaly uploading All rights reserved but uploaded some Oscar 2009 photos from other sources. Compare Flickr and external, Flickr and Flickr and external. Indiantimes photos are downscaled but they are a proof because of different authors. Remove Kaushik from this list after he changed the license to nonfree
Kavajë Archives kj1595 90582353@N04 search Heterogenous mix of images - copyright issues
kawan mad 161357685@N08 search flickrwashing
Kazm Diyako 53449177@N06 search com:LL
kdwikied 188746056@N05 search Flickrwashing
kdxjwrww13 192367230@N02 search apparent flickrwashing, see Commons:Deletion requests/File:Ян Топлес.png
KenLarson345 154524936@N06 search Flickrwashing
kenneth.klippenstein 191372070@N02 search Flick washing
Kenneth09 38500484@N07 search Flickrwashing by Kennet09 (talk · contribs)
kennwort46 39828764@N06 search Flickrwashing by Twew1 (talk · contribs)
kentarotakizawa 37814055@N08 search Flickrwashing by 青心 (talk · contribs)
keraj2005 8973208@N06 search Flickrwashing by Keraj kerak (talk · contribs)
kevanbarlow123 194249946@N08 search Flickrwashing
khakidevil 39008614@N07 search Flickrwashing by Remytraitor (talk · contribs)
khnrakdekphuchay 199715717@N06 search Flickrwashing
kian_barazandeh 195847434@N04 search Flickrwashing
kid45laundry 11123053@N04 search Flickrwashing by User:VolkswagenKing28
killbilltwopointo 193168811@N08 search Flickrwashing
killerfan619 27531285@N06 search Commons:Deletion requests/Images of Flickr user killerfan619
Killswitch125 62678558@N05 search Flickrwashing by Killswitch125 (talk · contribs)
Kimberly Lasskick 188774011@N08 search Flickr washing
kimkayndo 187425245@N03 search Flickrwashing
kindofadraag kindofadraag 19642747@N00 search Flickrwashing.
Kinologik kinopix 75823237@N00 search flickrwashing logos
kirnik19901354 199917855@N08 search Flickrwashing
kitty.green66 53887959@N07 search Dodgy licensing
KKS2004 kksivam 42681896@N06 search See File:Lisa Ray.jpg - all non-free images. See also File:Shriya saran 01.jpg which was maybe flickrwashing.
kksmnan76 193717384@N03 search Flickrwashing
KKVARMA998 kkvarma998 183018509@N08 search Flickrwashing
klaus b1 193317970@N08 search flickrwashing
kmacs83 29633291@N02 search flickrwashing
kmgsquidoo 38117284@N00 search Many copyrighted images of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, see e.g. Commons:Deletion requests/Padalecki & Ackles
kmn-photo 192237951@N07 search flickrwashing
kmrcqbvn26 194941214@N07 search flickrwashing
kofighozt 197188491@N03 search flickrwashing
kofighozt 197188491@N03 search Flickrwashing
koka_sexton 9080929@N05 search Many copyrighted images from 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, see e.g. Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Beijing Olympics 2008 Micheal .jpg
Kongo 石義山 183138692@N05 search Flickrwashing
kongonooshiry 199896946@N05 search Flickrwashing
kontakt.startupfabrik 188091196@N02 search Flickrwashing, e.g. on File:Gerda Lewis.jpg
Kourosh Sotoodeh hupix 66815173@N02 search Flickr account is under name of person depicted, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Rorronoa
kovvvjmo25 198639069@N07 search Flickrwashing
kowesterburg 189495265@N03 search Flickrwashing
kraftsportsproductions 158595927@N06 search Non-free news agency photos with fake licenses
krakoverg 198937628@N03 search Flickrwashing
krishnafashion147 166386235@N07 search flickrwashing
krishnaswamy3 194122401@N03 search flickrwashing kronicit 25469306@N08 search flickrwashing
ksegall ksegall 50641860@N00 search flickrwashing
kuba1997xd 76736918@N07 search Flickrwashing by Kubast12 (talk · contribs)
kuldeepgurjar2626 kuldeep-gurjar 194708140@N02 search Flickrwashing
kuldeepk2k 147081087@N06 search License laundering
kumar_n2008 kumar2008 32846885@N02 search "Great Heroes of India : Tribute to The Martyrs of Mumbai Attack 26 - 29 Nov 2008 (Set)" - random images stolen from the web.
kurimetal 125217783@N02 search Flickrwasher
kurmanstaff kurmanphotos 62558987@N07 search Flickrwashed image
kvbbohra 127336620@N02 search com:LL by TekkenJinKazama his sockpuppet.
l3o_ 134803508@N03 search Flickrwashing
La Pollera lapollera 26010568@N04 search Flickrwashing
LA2BAY 124080606@N08 search unfree files under fake free licenses, possible flickrwashing
Lady Black Queen ladyblackqueen 59968796@N02 search This user has lots of Cody Simpson images in their portfolio but many/most of them do not look like self-made (rather low res, no exif data, etc). Example.
ladydahmer 197471838@N04 search Flickrwashing
lalingolalonga50 196164106@N06 search Flickrwashing
lalinhotutoriais 199734555@N03 search LTA nonsense
laoluan 58513030@N02 search Flickrwashing by Mclarenshen (talk · contribs)
larry.osbourn 132924142@N03 search Flickrwashing by Dovikap (talk · contribs)
larry306 54913609@N07 search Flickrwashing by Category:Sockpuppets of Larryjames123456
larussodaniel84 188561481@N03 search Flickrwashing
latati 96801778@N00 search per Commons:Deletion requests/Files by Flickr user La Tati
LatinSuD 69149038@N00 search Flickrwashing account
laurentius87 7778013@N03 search see Commons:Deletion requests/laurentius87, you may also refer to Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/Archives/User problems 5#Lorenzop (talk • contribs), Commons:Deletion requests/File:Renato Soru.jpg, Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/Archives/User problems 8#Scopritore.
lavinaex 196822026@N06 search Flickrwashing
lazer91 194921876@N05 search COMːPENIS
Lazy Friendzzz 197814289@N04 search Flickrwashing
lazyapesclub 199283255@N02 search Flickrwashing
leandrohenrique2 114337297@N06 search Attempted Flickrwashing by Le henrie. Celebrity photos.
leaonegro88 125065051@N04 search Flickrwashing by Leão Negro (talk · contribs)
leave5 186381998@N07 search Flickr washing
Lee Cannon leecannon 9763931@N04 search Stealing photos from photo-streams of other users, claiming own work over them and putting a different license on them
Lee Doh 195497233@N07 search Flickrwashing
LeeLeeLu leeleelu 24281144@N02 search Images from Internetwebsites, File:Demi Moore NY Fashion Week 2008.jpg and two Nicole Richie photos had been deleted.
lefted 93059697@N05 search images taken from all over the web with a fake free license
legends414 76088288@N07 search Flickrwashing by legends414
LelyXieXie 195863281@N05 search Flickrwashing
Lenakatinamusic lenakatinamusic 77403346@N07 search copyvios from various sources
lenovosocialmedia lenovosocialmedia 94750650@N08 search Fake Lenovo account
Leofantoches 43743567@N02 search Unfree images releated to Venezuela
Leonard Bentley 31363949@N02 search Various old photos listed as own work mixed in with legitimate own work. COM:PRP.
leonorgrassodg 199902597@N02 search Flickrwashing
Leotin Ben 148074357@N03 search Flickrwashing copyrighted photos
levanrami levanrami 33199185@N00 search publishes anything (not own work) under PD
lewimrajesh 169616395@N07 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Rajinivijay.jpg
LFC96 jamesmughal 23893900@N05 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Andriy Voronin.jpg
Liberal-20000 187159020@N06 search Flickrwashing
LifeHouseDesign adrianruiz 14755420@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with insource:"Adrian Ruiz"
lilo2306 13843960@N07 search License laundering
Limlh44 131429919@N05 search Flickr washing
lindsay.oades 188065591@N04 search flickrwashing
LinksForCorp linksforcorps 63018589@N06 search Flickrwashing by LovingCaringReading (talk · contribs)
Little_Ao 42954646@N06 search License Laundering: File:Becky JP Award.jpg, File:Freen JP Award.jpg
littleonebabybox 188603426@N07 search Flickrwashing 'Lisbon Music' Special:Contributions/Centralmastering
Live & Let Die </3 shout-it 43213122@N02 search Lots of non-free images with fake free CC license
Ljennifer 83758979@N04 search Flickrwashing by 25 Cents FC (talk · contribs)
lk5555 44376903@N03 search Flickrwashing by Alconera (talk · contribs) - sockpuppet of Jmfd (talk · contribs)
Lloyd Klein lloydklein 9911057@N05 search Claiming work from Getty Images and other photographers as their own
loicdacreature 187046320@N02 search Flickrwashing
lokoperucho 50748964@N06 search Flickrwashing by Xtremizta (talk · contribs)
lokryan 31631252@N03 search Flickrwashing by Khmerrlok (talk · contribs)
Lolman98 134422906@N06 search Licensing images that are owned by e.g. Getty
Looch-LA 7433079@N02 search Flickrwashing by Uknowwhogirl (talk · contribs)
Lord Ozzy 53598878@N02 search License laundering by Lord Ozzy
lordeyes 189708855@N03 search Flickrwashing
loropi6914 192193745@N04 search Flickrwashing images prev. publ. on
LostLikeTearsInRain 42277775@N03 search Flickrwashing by LostLikeTearsInRain (talk · contribs)
louenas.81 194956242@N05 search flickr washing
lovelyhk lovelyhk 34913264@N03 search Images copied from various websources.
Lovers Lounge 193295580@N03 search Flickrwashing of Justin Trudeau photos
LoveSportingClubdeBastia ozankra 67145610@N02 search Flickrwashing by Ozankra (talk · contribs)
luablancodiva 125013972@N03 search Washing account
luansilva151097 188388871@N07 search Flickrwashing
Lucas Jork 59935931@N05 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Lucas Cosa, Cyndi Lauper
lucascynnogue 56495733@N05 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Lucas Cosa, pt.wp Cyndi Lauper copyvio vandal.
lucasferretti40 190838098@N06 search Flickrwashing
Luckyfliler 141871921@N08 search Flickrwashing
lucysalasdh998 191554496@N05 search Flickrwashing
luizavaldetaro151097 192789877@N07 search flickrwashing
Lukas AM 72238207@N06 search Flickrwashing by Leda Manaus (talk · contribs)
lukelawal 156811859@N03 search Flickrwashing by sockpuppets
luvhermit luvhermit 11877252@N03 search flickr washing
luy290368 28105540@N08 search Flickrwashing of images from - Commons:Deletion requests/File:Lucy Lawless and Rene O'Connor.jpg, Lawless sockpuppets
LVisserOfficial 119047014@N07 search flickrwashing
lwpkommunikacio 55269648@N04 search Commons talk:Questionable Flickr images
lympouridis 28183460@N07 search Flickrwashing
M. Santos 1983 44786047@N04 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Negavéia
M11K44 123873324@N08 search Flickrwashing by Mika2121
MaBabyForever 48372101@N07 search Flickrwashing by Cachubis (talk · contribs)/sock Golosa67 (talk · contribs)
Machreems 61250113@N02 search Flickrwashing by Mclarenshen (talk · contribs) 192921173@N03 search Flickrwashing of Justin Trudeau images
MadonnaFan82 49614135@N08 search Flickrwashing by Cachubis (talk · contribs)/sock Caprisia (talk · contribs)
magnafica 27877118@N02 search Unfree images.
Maham Tariq watercolor121 53737482@N08 search Flickrwashing by sockpuppets of User:Someonepakistani.
Mahesh Athirala 145126006@N02 search xwiki spam
mahesh.mahadev 157238353@N07 search flickrwashing
Mahir Sayar mahir 63993607@N00 search see Commons:Deletion requests/Files by Pucasso (Mahir Sayar) from Flickr, explained here for mosque images.
mahtamohammadi1399 190806365@N06 search flickr washing
make65 make65 159646476@N07 search Images of varying resolution and exif, some verifiably taken from the web
mammukkafanspower7 200588756@N08 search Flickrwashing
managernioly 193288366@N03 search Flickrwashing
manda_tp 199378272@N05 search Flickrwashing: Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Naufalbayuputra
mandgu 33235051@N02 search blatant Flickrwashing of magazine covers etc
mangukumarsahoo 198954218@N02 search Self promo
manhhai manhhai 13476480@N07 search Many unfree images under cc-by.
manoj_me 159524724@N07 search flickrwashing
mansoury_maryam 195350083@N04 search flickrwashing
marco.alfawiki 188249776@N08 search Per Commons:Deletion_requests/File:John_Elkann_dopo_la_vittoria_della_Rolex_Middle_Sea_Race_2020.png
Marcopako marcopako 33863004@N00 search several unfree images
marcoverch 149561324@N03 search Same account as 30478819@N08, copyvios and out-of-scope files.
marcusaurelius101 76945074@N02 search Flickrwashing by Marcusaurelius101 (talk · contribs)
marflores0099 197800491@N04 search Flickrwashing: Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with 197800491@N04
marflores0099 197800491@N04 search flickrwashing
margaritastorozenko 189671770@N06 search Flickr washing
Maria Uno 196993564@N08 search Flickrwashing
mariadrew1 120570629@N03 search Flickr washing by MariaDrew1 (talk · contribs)
mariamocholi 155590241@N04 search Delibertae flickrwash File:María Mocholí Garcia.jpg
marieduplantz 166324498@N03 search License laundering
marina_valley 127072604@N08 search Flickrwashing
marissaorton 28876688@N03 search flickrwashing
mariumdis 105893589@N03 search Flickrwashing
markoskavesna 33750982@N08 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files credited to flickr user "vesnamarkoska"
markovskavesna 32105470@N06 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files credited to flickr user "vesnamarkoska"
markovskavesnicka 33619843@N08 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files credited to flickr user "vesnamarkoska"
markpolarxd 195437739@N06 search Flickrwashing
MartaLuRamírez 155828933@N08 search Deliberate flickrwash post 3 deletions File:Marta Lucía Ramírez - Vicepresidente de la República de Colombia.jpg
martinplaehn 132479629@N03 search flickrwashing
marvelousRoland tales2astonish 59678507@N02 search Flickrwashing
maryangelinesarno maryangelinesarno 61936380@N06 search Has at least two copyrighted images with a wrong free license. See [3] and [4].
Mary-Lynn mary-lynn 96312439@N00 search Flickrwashing
MaryOficial maryofficial 86959434@N03 search License laundering by user:Mary Hernandez LK
masashihara 66578220@N07 search Extreme case of flickrwashing by Category:Sockpuppets of Amir.Hossein.7055 claiming himself a pro photographer for gettyimages while the uploads are in fact stolen from very different photographer
mashafan87 51362809@N03 search Flickrwashing by sockpuppets of Alonso2010
masonkim1020 187677271@N03 search collection of roller coaster related images harvested from the web
masrymasry684 193720503@N08 search License laundering
masterwalker1 149036493@N06 search License laundering by WALKERUU (talk · contribs)
mastropiero.johansebastian 58255534@N04 search Jsmastropiero (talk · contribs), related to C.A. Peñarol.
Matheus Sanchez matheus_sanchez 24971030@N02 search obviously non-free images
matsuperman888 199796231@N04 search Flickrwashing, see User:MatSuperMan888's uploads
matswahlstrom 150787259@N02 search Flickr account is under name of person depicted, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Rorronoa
Matt Leyva matthewleyva 61073482@N08 search DW fan drawing of copyrighted cartoons
mattewfirmino 200110307@N08 search Flickrwashing
matthew5c38 14788532@N03 search Flickrwashing by Karman mat (talk · contribs)
MattMane 62415475@N06 search Flickrwashing by MrMatthew1991 (talk · contribs)
mayarkhaled2020 189440720@N03 search Flickr washing
mayomagik tmkboi 44518673@N00 search Flickrwashing
mazucomon 32798589@N02 search Unfree Images of Avril Lavigne, Image:Avril Juno 08.jpg was the only case.
MboyoT 24950028@N04 search Flickrwashing account of Mimishe (talk · contribs), Aaliyah
mclarenshen 61963611@N04 search Flickrwashing by Mclarenshen (talk · contribs)
md.labibsikder21 193614242@N04 search Out of scope/Flickrwashing
mdananislam2004 193552323@N06 search Hoaxes, c:Category:Sockpuppets of Ananislam
mdrutt 115968313@N07 search Flickrwashing
Mega_Atheros 95181923@N05 search Flickrwashing
mehman.ibragimov 139910179@N03 search Deliberate Flickrwashing by Mehman97
Mehmet_SAHIN TS61Wiki 183875916@N08 search spammer's image pool
mentropedia 189398054@N02 search c:Category:Sockpuppets of Ananislam
mentrosoftoffice 189315886@N02 search c:Category:Sockpuppets of Ananislam
mestizapr 127869802@N06 search Flickrwashing, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Mestiza56
meyulysse 198714805@N04 search Flickrwashing
micaela.monterosso 140303909@N05 search License washing User:Micaela.monterosso
Michael DeBeul michaeldebeul 59897330@N03 search Flickrwashing by Ghazipasha (talk · contribs)
Michael Jacksonfan 43791688@N07 search The name already says it, a typical fan account.
Michael Stern 68711844@N07 search license laundering
Michael.Laucke michael-laucke 136915188@N08 search Flickrwashing
michael.martin1 129444761@N05 search Flickrwashing by WikiOrgininalAuthor1 (talk · contribs)
Michael7878 193515799@N03 search flickrwashing
michael_b36 128715670@N02 search fake free licenses for Getty and other pro images
MichaelAnthonyActor 193069088@N03 search flickrwashing
michaelhoward896 michaelhoward836 120330703@N05 search A lot of files are not the acocuntholders own work.
michaelrwoodphotography amazingmwood 93075739@N03 search Flickrwashing
Michel Hunl 61770609@N03 search Sockpuppets of محمد البكور flickrwashing
mickey1969_2000 16981479@N03 search Flickwashing fish images from copyrighted U.S. state publications.
Microsoft Sweden microsoftsweden 46411239@N05 search Copyrighted logos and stock images of Microsoft products
MidCentArc midcentarc 67545410@N00 search Questionable Flickr images
Midnight Syndicate Archivist 128532795@N08 search flickrwashing
miguelvillacreses 189987492@N04 search Flickrwashing
mike_alejandro11 113772317@N06 search Flickrwashing by Mike ale11 (talk · contribs)
mike_kenji_hirai 199727354@N08 search LTA account
MikeARB 38119831@N08 search Hosting unfree images of Rihanna: Example 1 is GettyImages #80036663; Example 2 was already on Flickr much earlier - with a (also wrong because still unfree) licensing request. Flickrwashing suspected.
Mikey Parisi 42187199@N05 search several images from this account were found to be Flickr-washed after being uploaded to Commons
Mikko Hypponen mikkohypponen 77121034@N05 search Flickrwashing
milicamilosevic milosevicmilica 92521726@N04 search Flickrwashing by Najpoznatiji. Evidence: was uploaded to Flickr just minutes before it was transferred to Commons as File:Deniz Akkaya.jpg
milst1 milst1 9036889@N06 search Large number of problematic images (Google maps, derived works)
mimikocampaignorganisation 163895934@N07 search License laundering
mimosveta mimosveta 64158255@N00 search Per request
Minutejo 46455246@N02 search Flickrwashing by Minutejo
Mishcalu73 50142843@N07 search Flickrwashing by User:Fifthhorizon
missplanetIinternational 200013350@N04 search Flickrwashing
mlampl 188167166@N02 search flickrwashing
mmaasn 189512623@N05 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Texasi9PCI
mmccurdin 56261327@N04 search Flickrwashing by Paulinho15 sockpuppet SenhordoBonfim21
mmxcpiny75 191247988@N05 search License laundering
mohamed112288 mrabie 195265879@N04 search flickrwashing
mohamedsalim1987allah 190875988@N07 search Flickrwashing
mohansangal 145043469@N08 search COM:LL
mojackjutaily 150127074@N03 search Flickrwashing, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Mojackjutaily.
moneyjk89man 28816739@N04 search per request, small number of unfree image.
monisha38 153359980@N02 search Flickrwashing by Monishae
Morel Christian 136056403@N03 search flickrwashing
mounirlazez50 194960129@N03 search flickr washing
Mouss Maher 194080794@N05 search Flickrwashing (Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by SX3001)
Mr.Fran790 150505692@N04 search Flickrwashing
mr.ncbombay 182906791@N05 search Flickrwashing
Mr_Jose1 62001983@N04 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of محمد البكور
mranzahuer2010 193818560@N03 search Flickrwashing
mrgeret 183757186@N02 search clearly not self-created
mrhui 38292682@N02 search Flickrwashing by SOCI3430 (talk · contribs)
Mrs. Dean Ambrose 88584910@N02 search TV screencaps etc
mrs.deveraux 64159069@N04 search Flickrwashing by Cameliadeveraux
Ms.Zhao 149936847@N08 search License laundering by Yujoong sockpuppet Ms. Khalid (DR)
MU Architect 71131533@N05 search Flickrwashing by DiscountDoubleCheckFan (talk · contribs) (See: Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by DiscountDoubleCheckFan‎)
Muerte SIXFU searchndestroy 49102255@N02 search Derivative works of non-free content. dw ow
muhajersemanlaw7 muhajersemanlaw7 190266919@N08 search flickrwashing
Muhammad غفّاري 70225554@N00 search too many TV screencaps or Reuters images under fake free license
MULADAR NEWS 39844802@N08 search Images from Reuters and others with invalid free license
munsy08 22701447@N05 search Stream full of professional images, many with a variety of different watermarks, all low res
murray.brady 199874649@N02 search Flickrwashing
Musaliv 50824803@N04 search Flickrwashing by Merve.1996 (talk · contribs)
musicmca 152209788@N08 search Flickr Washing image (see Commons:Deletion requests/File:Kyle2017.jpg)
myalexis myalexis 87306045@N05 search Flickrwashed photos from Getty Images and other photo agencies Special:Permalink/89972484#Alexis or myalexis
mynameisking21102002 186950937@N05 search Flickrwashing
myself.jordan1999 198130451@N07 search Flickrwashing
189372478@N07 search flickrwashing
n.osborne 160953244@N07 search Flickrwashing
nadeemwaheed640 199756042@N03 search Flickrwashing
naderkhanafshar1272 153390810@N04 search Flickr washing
nadimgemayel 35649309@N07 search flickrwashing by user:NBG media
nana.yawaryeh 192801058@N05 search Flickrwashing
nantucket_01 43265568@N03 search Flickrwashing by Cyrano (talk · contribs)
nao & mel 85198676@N06 search Flickrwashing
naselino_ 196409742@N02 search Flickrwashing
nasirmazumder 197197787@N05 search Commons:License laundering, see File:Shah Abdul Karim 1.jpg
nass5518 24887951@N08 search Taken from a different Flickr account and relicensed without consent
Natalz natalz 48370933@N05 search Flickrwashing account of Futbol (talk · contribs)
nathancuebelhoer 160401674@N07 search License laundering
navarrete_user 28219982@N05 search Flickrwashing account of GioD 30 (talk · contribs) 194403286@N04 search Flickrwashing
NazionaleCalcio nazionalecalcio 97466658@N06 search inappropriate licensing
nbgnmkh 189450389@N08 search flickrwashing
nearchosdelato 144821274@N02 search Flickrwashing
nebtag 193875307@N03 search Flickrwashing (Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by SX3001)
Neil693 133906778@N04 search Flickr washing
newsonline 55361146@N08 search Non-free Internet images 187701282@N03 search Flickrwashing
Ngọc Hankotic 48749837@N05 search J-Pop fan account, images from all over the net
Nicholas R. Andrew 9355127@N07 search Screenshots from movies without permission and with dubious licenses, "Please note I take no credit for any of the celebrity photographs in my photostream"
Nick Michael 140849574@N02 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by RenataCosta2016 (Flickr washing, exif manipulation, sock farm)
Nickcantarella 152555295@N05 search flickrwashing
nickjrnde 195648662@N05 search Flickrwashing
nicola_1993 98040415@N08 search uploaded a lot of not-own images from agencies and other source, but claimed as own work and put them under CC-BY
NicoleZHENG shinyflamer 19432106@N05 search Flickrwashing
nicomendoza84 96428450@N07 search Getty Images/AFP - ticket:2018061810003124
Nightwish Fan 27226589@N02 search possible Flickrwashing by Lucy Xena (talk · contribs)/Lawless sockpuppets, photos from here
Nightwish_WP nightwish_ep 32092900@N06 search Flickrwashing by StevenLSears (talk · contribs)
Nikkiiiiiiiiiiit 66094632@N06 search Flickrwashing InExcelsisDeo (talk · contribs)
Nimatehran 55009340@N07 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Amir.Hossein.7055.
Ninda Sharma 199855153@N07 search Flickrwashing
NiriM NiriM 29378678@N05 search Flickrwashing by Niri (talk · contribs)
nitindude18 nitinpujari 194083772@N06 search Flickrwashing
nkpzqarirynfqrgbyk 192821810@N08 search Flickrwashing
NL19931993 184781479@N08 search Flickrwashing
nloik 75921527@N04 search copyvios; 3rd party photos with false free license claims
nnpnbsve48 198399675@N04 search Flickrwashing
no copyright Picture 144657682@N06 search Flickrwashing
noobbr 130993732@N04 search Flickrwashing
noonmedialabs 80956136@N03 search Flickrwashing prepared by Noonmedia (talk · contribs) and Anshumanc (talk · contribs) for Richa Chadda article.
Nora21002000 56015778@N08 search Flickrwashing by Masrawy news (talk · contribs)
norbakshi world norbakshia 93856575@N07 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by محمد افضل 189458101@N02 search c:Category:Sockpuppets of Ananislam
NOTIMIX notimix 132926884@N07 search Flickrwashing
numberstumper numberstumper 69319106@N00 search unfree images under free licenses
o.volkovinska 188916139@N08 search flickrwashing
obubacent 193027586@N03 search Flickrwashing
Octavio Junior 199651364@N07 search Flickrwashing
oddsock (Ian Burt) oddsock 28648431@N00 search per Commons talk:Questionable Flickr images. See also Commons:Village_pump/Archive/2008Nov#flickr
Office of Governor Chris Sununu govchrissununu 146461586@N06 search Flickrwashing
OfficialTess (PicturesAllDisney now) officialtess 38429055@N02 search Fan account, Commons:Deletion requests/File:Selena gomez 3.jpg
Ohmbox ohmboxphotos 86261796@N05 search Laundering images from
OK Go okgo 23302841@N00 search Appears to be Flickr Washing images from OK Go's music videos
Oldmaison httpoldmaisonblogspotcom 99345230@N00 search Flickrstream contains >100,000 images for blog use, most unfree, unknown how many are licensed free. See File:Dominic LeBlanc.jpg for [5]
Olivier got 195253598@N05 search Flickrwashing
oluwacurtisfl1ckr 133685748@N04 search Flickrwashing by OluwaCurtis
onw4y 154187844@N06 search flickerwashed File:Aksalehin120.jpg
oouinouin oouinouin 30731824@N02 search screencaps and other non-free images offered with free license
openDemocracy opendemocracy 14071207@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Amazon Forest.jpg
Orion Land 183298279@N08 search Attempted License laundering by Amazsara10
orionpozo orionpozo 65168863@N00 search Uploads other people's images with fake licenses
oscar.eldin 22113762@N08 search Flickrwashing account of OscarEldin (talk · contribs)
osm_hydrant 132033145@N08 search Flickrwashing of Google Street View images by user:OsmHydrant
osmetjonas 24575109@N02 search see File:Emily Osment signing autographs at 61st Annual Mothergoose Parade .jpg
osps7 osps7 191268537@N05 search Flickrwashing
otavio.png_ 193202793@N03 search Flickrwashing
Ozan Huseyin 54665539@N03 search Flickrwashing by Turco85 sockpuppet, most files are not own work (e.g. the photos of cypriots)
P R I T H V I R A J prithviz 7254069@N03 search "Privathviraj fans community on Orkut".. mess of copyvios related to Prithviraj Sukumaran (posters, photos, etc)
P00l_ 147019048@N05 search License laundering by -aristographic. sockpuppet Duckrender
Palmwine Music Festival 123673061@N07 search Flickrwashing
Paolo Marci fant18142 197024606@N02 search Flickrwashing
paquetaxoazules 191606006@N05 search Flickrwashing account
Parmida76 parmida 63845729@N07 search Flickrwashing account of Amir.Hossein.7055, File:Parviz Mazloomi.jpg for example.
ParsehShirazian 198088940@N04 search see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Texasi9PCI
parthsiddhpura parthsiddhpura 193380966@N06 search Flickrwashing/self-promotion LTA
Pasadena Burbank 26559700@N04 search Unfree images. File:Tisha Campbell-Martin.jpg was the first found, Flickrwashing by w:en:User:LL290368, again washing to Commons by StevenLSears (talk · contribs)
passionforart17 55020500@N07 search Flickrwashing by Passionforart17 (talk · contribs) for Richa Chadda article.
pateldhrumil111199 190317544@N08 search Flickrwashing
Patricia Leavy 188684463@N05 search flickrwashing
patrick.claubod1 195482730@N07 search Flickrwashing
patrick091 194494565@N03 search Flickrwashing
Pattrön 23729107@N04 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files from Pattrön on Flickr
Paulo Henao 196240303@N08 search Flickrwashing
pauloberschneider 149452347@N06 search Flickrwashing
PauloMarinhoRio 188543062@N07 search Flickr washing
paulselenator 141932138@N06 search flickr washing
pcmishra2020 194914853@N05 search Flickrwashing
Pdp313 pdp313 49145334@N03 search Flickrwashing by Pdp313 (talk · contribs)
peachyney peachyney 49195347@N03 search Flickrwashing by Andreri (talk · contribs)
Pedro Fanega fanega 32586799@N00 search The account is nothing but reposts of pro-Palestinian Twitpics of various and unconfirmed origins
pedro.rousseau 128125259@N08 search flickrwashing
pedrohernan1 148090415@N06 search License laundering by Josepicols123
Pepe_Lebrill 137104771@N04 search Flickrwashing
perfectlyround 154714186@N07 search Flickr-washing
peromaneste peromaneste 37011992@N08 search See Commons:Deletion requests/File:Old Europe.jpg
Peruzi Media 156275408@N02 search flickrwashing
pesonasawarna pesonasawarna 149368743@N04 search several flickrwash
Peter K. Levy 28698046@N08 search Flickrwashing
Peter The Void 195049221@N06 search flickrwashing
phamkhoinguyen41 194002223@N06 search Flickrwashing
phangul 134349952@N02 search flickrwashing
Pharao the great 16985535@N05 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Fahd-240-30.gif, Flickrwashing by One last pharaoh (talk · contribs)
PhilippeAthos 198928417@N06 search Flickrwashing
philippinepresidency 36884962@N05 search Flickrwashing by Philippinepresidency (talk · contribs), see File:Presidentgmaanderap.jpg.
phloridzine phloridzine 40369711@N03 search Flickrwashing by Coagulans (talk · contribs)
phoebe_1433 11083258@N07 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Kim Bum.jpg
PhotoIstanbul 170176455@N07 search Flickrwashing
PIAZZA del POPOLO piazzadelpopolo 14334763@N05 search Bad flickr album of non-free images related to Greek riots 2010. See File:2010 Greek riots Marfin Bank.jpg
pigofwar 50128369@N07 search Kosovo war images grabbed from various sources
pioneraspanama 197988752@N05 search Flickrwashing
pioneraspanama 197988752@N05 search Flickrwashing
PL_images 158033442@N04 search Flickr washing
playtheballrl 183661786@N03 search Flickr washing
Plugiator Langhuus 87451424@N05 search Random butt plug images taken from the web
plung3r1 121395673@N07 search License laundering account of Plung3r (DR1, DR2
PochaShaymin 57436691@N03 search Flickrwashing by EternalMeister (talk · contribs)
poisonli 79417873@N00 search File:Ficou mais ou menos isso ai.....jpg
politics20 191643740@N06 search Flickrwashing
porhunmisa165 191823186@N03 search Flickrwashing
PostElectronic 36958288@N02 search Flickrwashing by Iruni (talk · contribs)
PrakharGupta_Lucknow 92400734@N04 search Prakhar Lucknow has used this account for flickr washing, socks have been blocked here by Checkuser.
prashantsgandhi 95409478@N06 search Flickrwashing book covers, see DR
PresidenBertho presidenrf1 60123499@N06 search per request
presidenciaucmg ucmg 191166117@N05 search Flickr washing
PRETTOS 119605205@N05 search Flickrwashing
prince1886 48945872@N05 search Flickrwashing by Everlast986
PrinceMasr 56088557@N05 search Flickrwashing by Capolinho, Mona Zaki copyvio uploads
priyankamj.130592 184900912@N03 search Flickrwashing
Proangie1 92142098@N04 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Proangie. license laundering.
Profil Terverifikasi 190438488@N05 search flickrwashing/ OoS
ProgressOhio progressohio 65312697@N00 search License laundering
psorocaba 148101197@N06 search Flickrwashing by uploader. Details at Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by PassenzaT
ptllhrs 31023940@N08 search Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Cassio Lincoln 1.jpg publicresourceorg 8212496@N06 search Images from Smithsonian Institution, some of which are copyrighted.
PublicX 187320741@N04 search License laundering
Puco98 49620569@N08 search Flickrwashing
Pueblos de Huelva 80377043@N04 search Flickrwashing by Jmfd sockpuppets
PXL021Tehran 194402904@N08 search see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Texasi9PCI
qorcattcwrgraph 189280467@N04 search see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Texasi9PCI
QQsmiles91 77668232@N06 search Flickrwashing by SecretTime101
quangluanpro quangluanpro 36523654@N08 search Flickrwashing by Quangluanpro (talk · contribs)
quinelleholder 84659112@N06 search Flickrwashing by sockpuppets
R Orville Lyttle rorvlyt 26476116@N04 search Flickr washing
R.B98 144777705@N05 search Flickrwashing by ElUsuarioDesconocido (talk · contribs)
Rabea Mallah ethan_talon 78985700@N03 search Attempted Flickrwashing by RabeaMalah; diff=96804734&oldid=95310049
Rachellers 55095423@N04 search Flickrwashing by Ilove214 sockpuppet
Rafael Católico 57759968@N02 search Flickrwashing by Semmartins (talk · contribs)
rafaelfigueiredo283 138223913@N07 search Flickrwashed images of Elisha Cuthbert, many taken from Getty
raffaele.mezzenga 189562045@N08 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Raffaele mezzenga.jpg
raffaele.mezzenga 189562045@N08 search Flickrwashing
rahamanrexx 193012210@N08 search Flickrwashing
RAILFANDOWNUNDER2 186104745@N04 search flickrwashing
Raima Ganguly 196137173@N07 search Flickrwashing
rajatdrivedigital rajatsaini 194103956@N02 search Flickrwashing
RajborN rajborn 41684841@N03 search See Commons talk:Questionable Flickr images, collecting unfree football pictures
rajkumar1220 ahinsajain 66555845@N00 search album of birds stolen from other flickr-users; Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Photographs by Mukesh Jain
rakibhera 81795419@N04 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Files from Rakib Hera Flickr stream
randeepsgrewal 136000351@N05 search flickrwashing
Randy Orton 10949785@N02 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Christina Aguilera - Beautiful.jpg
RapportHousing&Care abbeyfieldkent 74687947@N05 search Flickrwashing
Ras Addisu 185878035@N06 search Flickr washing
ratedrko92x 33491029@N02 search Looks like a collection of images from elsewhere on the net. -mattbuck (Talk) 01:56, 13 January 2009 (UTC)[reply]
raul-paredes 194644392@N04 search Flickrwashing
rauter25 27556454@N07 search Various old book covers, promo photographs claimed to be CC licensed like the legitimate own photos. COM:PRP.
Ravinder Singh Gill 75961030@N07 search Flickrwashing
raymaclean raymaclean 26744371@N04 search Flickrwashing
recess.monkey 136375262@N05 search likely Flickrwashing
reetrover2016 146248907@N08 search Copyvio of JMabel's upload 199920168@N06 search Flickrwashing
ReginaGis 139587821@N06 search Flickrwashing
rellymath 156235789@N02 search flickrwashing
Renae20101 50433355@N02 search Flickrwashing by DrJeUnRaVeIN (talk · contribs)
Rendezvous_Text 28180840@N03 search Flickrwashing account of Eagle Beer (talk · contribs), sockpuppet of GoblinTech (talk · contribs)
renevillamusic 193061420@N03 search Flickrwashing
renwu66 91325288@N08 search Flickrwashing
René Hernández _ 0705 renehernandezgt 137253937@N05 search Flickrwashing
REVIVALthedigest revivaling 48321464@N05 search Photostream includes large numbers of overhead small images that appear very similar Google Maps images
revolutionchess 186755593@N07 search flickrwashing
richzen1988 74944359@N06 search Flickrwashing File:Aeon Zen in the UK in 2010.jpg
Rico Predador 94154077@N02 search Flickrwashing by Damon Salvatore Label (talk · contribs)
rigoletto6 196200224@N07 search Flickrwashing
rihannanavy38 57551592@N04 search Flickrwashing by Rudeby88 / Category:Sockpuppets of Jaan00732
rihem.hs8 189155203@N06 search Flickrwashing
ripplesonablankshore2020 190833780@N02 search flickrwashing
rk8607276 197791362@N03 search Flickrwashing
robertjaneson robert-janeson 101484981@N07 search Flickrwashing
RobinExpects 48048967@N07 search RobinExpects (talk · contribs)
RobinGoodfellow_(m) 130140542@N03 search Flickrwashing (including Disney)
Rochelle Potkar blinkofmyeye 7227917@N06 search flickrwashing
rockymmolawa 188658673@N07 search flickrwashing
rodneydangerfield rodneydangerfield 157559270@N04 search License laundering
rodricolombi768 134516064@N05 search Flickrwashing, seeDR
Rodrigo Linfati rlinfati 44575703@N00 search 116 Category:2010 Chile earthquake images, see COM:AN
Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton 71916161@N00 search Per File:Juliana Lohmann.jpg
rodrigolopez758 114527306@N06 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Gaste097 (Lenchomzt)
Róger Randerson 53566162@N06 search Sockpuppets of Róger Uberaba flickrwashing
Rogfed87 50077227@N06 search Flickrwashing, Commons:Requests for checkuser/Case/Alonso2010
Rogilla 42035339@N03 search Flickrwashibg by Rogillander (talk · contribs) and sockpuppets for the scopes Elvis and recent action movies
Role Urbano @RoleUrbano roleurbano 61285741@N05 search flickrwashing
Ron Cogswell 22711505@N05 search Many recent uploads are screenshots from non-free sources with doubtful CC-BY licenses. Some older images are likely legitimate though; careful evaluation required
RonaldImmortal80 51335650@N07 search flickrwashing
ronhjones 45078370@N08 search Deliberate Flickrwashing File:MoustafaNour.jpg
ronpaulrevolt2008 33170765@N04 search Flickrwashing by ThePlumber (talk · contribs)
rooter.rh 193541788@N07 search Flickrwashing
Ross Dunn rdb466 81556146@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Byward Market 1977 (36065277692).jpg
RossRockBoss 80698792@N03 search Flickrwashing account
rouphael 190044405@N02 search Flickrwashing images from Facebook
rrathsam 61072291@N03 search Flickrwashing by Rarico sockpuppets
rruiz360 31830413@N06 search Lima related copyvios, see User talk:Vivaperucarajo#File:Moorish arch in Lima, Peru.jpg. Possible flickrwashing by Vivaperucarajo.
ruggero.freddi 188146761@N05 search Flickr washing
rumpajayanta 188523438@N05 search Flickr washing
ryankingpersaud 193994166@N07 search Flickrwashing (Commons:Deletion requests/File:Cricketer Ryan Persaud.png)
S Sarath 193025175@N03 search Flickrwashing
S.F17 62730745@N03 search Flickrwashing by Sevnol (talk · contribs), File:Thomas Gibson2.jpg.
s22394123 61961982@N02 search Flickrwashing by S22394123 (talk · contribs)
sabrebiade sabrebiade 45646111@N00 search Flickrwashing
sABROSA 60389344@N04 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Jc tyf
sahibchaggar 193268312@N06 search Flickrwashing
sahilkhan2011 63180556@N08 search Flickrwashing attempt from Sahilkhan668 (talk · contribs), related to Rani Mukerji
saimaaafreelancer 199378402@N08 search Flickrwashing
Saital saital 57235830@N00 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files by saital from Flickr
Sajjadi Livejournal 62896794@N02 search Flickrwashing
Sal Ami 79597794@N07 search Images and their EXIFs obviously reveal copying without permission from the copyright holders
Saleh._.M 198807260@N08 search Flickrwashing
Salimbo salimbo 76569647@N08 search game screenshot with fake free license
salvadorebarricheille salvadorebarricheille 59365099@N07 search Fluminense Football Club Flickrwashing by sockpuppets of Jc tyf
Salvatore_75 75587204@N04 search uploads copyrighted images from Panoramio to his/her flickr account (at lower resolution, with a more recent date, and with a CC license)
sam_churchill samchurchill 32703995@N06 search A mix of own images with some taken by others, all images need manual review
samanta_almeida_1 191526878@N05 search Flickrwashing; see Commons:Deletion requests/Files of User:Samantabullock
samara.lucio 193032971@N08 search Flickrwashing
SamarthV 163020302@N05 search License laundering
Sami433 65378535@N06 search Flickrwashing by Wydadii sockpuppet
samiyun911 94558622@N02 search Flickrwashing
samuelhernandez4 149660874@N07 search License Laundering of wire photos
SanandreasHfP23 191666705@N08 search Flickrwashing
sanberdoo sanberdoo 30487645@N00 search Copyrighted images of Jonas Blue uploaded under CC-Zero
Sandeep142 ajaysandy 48723450@N05 search Flickrwashing by Ajaysandy (talk · contribs)
santiagothern 195558956@N07 search Flickrwashing
Sara Cooper PR saracooperpr 70981683@N06 search non-free screenshots under invalid free license
Sarah Embaby nlprincess13 36778014@N05 search Releasing rights for unfree photographs
SarahBoa 168254908@N03 search Flickrwashing
sarahbrown24 144912252@N02 search Posting copyright images as CC-BY-SA
sarahparker1028 100958989@N07 search Suddendly appers on Flickr after mutiple bad uploads - no way!
sarahparker2010 161578434@N07 search File:Cierarogers85.jpg flickrwashed -
saralantas 194995784@N08 search Flickrwashing
sarvesh.saravanan092005 195465941@N02 search Flickrwashing
sarvesh.saravanan092005 195465941@N02 search Flickrwashing
sarveshsaravanan092005 196516081@N02 search Flickrwashing
SaturdayCam 38702123@N04 search Flickrwashing
sayandeyphotography1 196120637@N04 search Flickrwashing
Sb ShRahAh 153358451@N05 search Flickr washing
ScarFall - The Royale Combat scarfall 184396882@N05 search Flickrwashing
schumachergirl1956 schumigirl1956 8127814@N07 search Images from random websites identifiable by filenames ([6]) and EXIF (File:Schumacher win Melbourne 2000.jpg, File:Michael Schumacher 2004 Belgium GP.jpg)
Screen88 28324240@N07 search Uploads of several small images of phillipine celebrities at parties and the like, fairly obviously professional shots. Yet another GoblinTech (talk · contribs) account.
Scythian Aryan 48354557@N07 search Flickrwashing by Royal Jat Warrior‎ (talk · contribs)
seair21 49047294@N06 search Massive license laundering, i.e. Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Files from seair21 Flickr stream (to check)
seatonsnet 48331433@N05 search fliisckwash
sebastian.rittau sebastianrittau 123589162@N07 search Account of User:Srittau, uploads images to Commons himself
sebistars22 133890376@N07 search Flickrwashing by Sebistars (talk · contribs)
Secret-Ireland 97919868@N05 search Flickrwashing, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by IrishSpook
SecretTimeSG 76427462@N02 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of SecretTime101
seelester123 191449166@N02 search The only 3 images, offered by the account, were uploaded to Flickr shortly before transferring them to Commons
Sefer İbrahim 53628283@N03 search Flickrwashing by Sefer ibrahim (talk · contribs)
selfjourneys 194499182@N06 search flickrwashing
sengkanghealth 140207992@N04 search License laundering by Desmondtyong (DR)
sergey245x 133232468@N07 search sharing scans of old photos under free license
Sergio Kato sergiokato 35681518@N02 search some kind of fan account with images from everywhere under invalid free licenses
sexsex416 55975250@N07 search Flickrwashing by Difi416 (talk · contribs), ko:티아라 (7인조 그룹)/en:T-ara
Sexybunny233 196978107@N05 search Flickrwashing
SgtPetsounds 60871352@N06 search Flickrwashing by SgtPetsounds (talk · contribs)
shahanaj27 77494817@N08 search Gettywashing
shakari3 139524007@N05 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Nadine Gelineau.jpg
shakunthalaekansh15 197965133@N05 search Flickrwashing
sharbm75 193889134@N07 search Flickrwashing
SHAREconference shareconference 58601257@N07 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:JAZZIE B (Soul II Soul) - Plastic - 09. April (5569503630).jpg
Sharon Tate Fan Lily Laurent 147314555@N04 search Fan collection of actress Sharon Tate's photos. Fake PD claims.
shashank_chorge 132625266@N03 search This user uploads pictures with a public domain licence, but he is not the author of the pictures: some have a visible watermark, others have copyright notices in the EXIF data, all are is small resolution.
shasidaran2002 193088634@N05 search Flickrwashing
Shi Devotion shidevotion 102705402@N02 search flickr washing
shilo2006 39358821@N03 search license laundering
shukichihaneda 189054665@N03 search Flickr washing
ShumbaGong 103576868@N06 search flickrwashing
sibir_ix igrader 129600900@N02 search not account holder's own works, license laundering
Sidhardh Ramesh sidhardhramesh 14023966@N02 search Fan account, only copyright violations. Identified in his profile as User:Saj2009, flickrwashing.
sierra.jensen97 153149372@N07 search License laundering by Jonty1 sockpuppets
sihagjat 48291722@N07 search Flickrwashing by Royal Jat Warrior‎ (talk · contribs)
silverquill27 157455625@N08 search Flickrwashing
simeonjohansen 144759020@N07 search flickrwashing
Simon Yang 132161539@N08 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by KOKUYO
simonyang126 132161539@N08 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by KOKUYO
simsekhb 144547935@N08 search flickwash File:Nurettinc.png
sinaloenseal1000 114788085@N05 search Flickr washing by Sockpuppets of Gaste097 (Lenchomartinezmzt)
sirf.mein 43403603@N02 search Flickrwashing
sirfrederickgol 123644860@N05 search com:LL
Sissy Steven 195063391@N03 search Flickrwashing
Siva Ga 195043980@N03 search Flickrwashing
Siva Ga 195043980@N03 search Flickrwashing
Slmcom 29674226@N08 search Flickrwashing by Slmcom (talk · contribs)
smademedia smademediagalleria 97413245@N06 search Offering content from car maker press releases under false license; found out here
smallcurio smallcurio 107480180@N03 search Flickrwashing
smarianahernandez 198966994@N02 search Flickrwashing
smoosaytmwaaci 185607758@N05 search copyright violation
smoothgroover22 smoothgroover22 12590136@N07 search Flickrwashing
smshahbaj smshahbaj 170752365@N05 search Flickrwashing
snajiy 132511194@N04 search All images were previously published on news websites; no EXIF, low resolution mostly
snkesky 89163976@N03 search License laundering by Happysony
Soccerplayer55414 62641668@N05 search Flickrwashing by Awesome444a444 (talk · contribs)
socialmedia.sficec 189268836@N04 search flickrwashing
solomonwaktolla 125362354@N05 search Flickrwashing
sonalmathew2001 193341989@N02 search Apparent license laundering by Sonal Mathew (talk · contribs)
sonyds 50240238@N02 search Flickrwashing by Sonyds13
Sosuaonline.net2 sosuaonlinefull 41133956@N06 search Derivative works of unfree files
soulbgabc 191288541@N08 search flickrwashing
Souran5 47130470@N04 search Bocelli fan obliviously claiming that they own the rights to lots of AP, Getty Images, and other agency photos of Bocelli
Souzanet549 199478970@N05 search Flickrwashing
SoyMadridista 50938056@N03 search copyvio images
Spaceman Spiff2 147966766@N07 search LTA sockmaster impersonating admin
sparkroads0ne 196088833@N07 search Flickrwashing
specifications 154570574@N04 search Flickrwashing
Speed 4 Web 138333283@N07 search a lot of TV screenshots and a Google map
Speedypete312 speedypete 88131187@N00 search See File:03 jeffrey dean morgan.jpg. Flickr user keeps original finames in the image title so they are very easy to find on the web.
spies, emanuele spies eumanuxa 11337895@N00 search COM:LL
Sport legends 149050526@N08 search License laundering by Chapeco96 (DR)
spray21321 66664596@N06 search Flickrwashing by Asdfgtre4532 (talk · contribs)
Squaw Valley Lodge 50791865@N07 search OTRS ticket 2014111110005847
srtechdez srtechdez 156746983@N07 search Flickrwashing
ST4R4U 189218194@N02 search Flickrwashing
Stan Kuch 191738866@N02 search Out of scope uploads by Stan old (talk · contribs)
StanaKatic 55020757@N04 search Flickrwashing by Wizemuler (talk · contribs)
startup9 189612769@N02 search Flickrwashing
steamXO 158561476@N06 search Flickrwashing
Stelle Rocio Souza stellesouza 87078809@N02 search Flickrwashing by User:LolitaAKA
Steven Reichenberg - Sissy Exposed 195860212@N06 search Flickrwashing
Strupitis 40690014@N03 search Flickrwashing by Александр Невский (talk · contribs)
StuntMan G 91453825@N07 search used by StuntmanG (talk · contribs) for systematic Flickr-washing (diff=85810972&oldid=85802969)
stylegirls stylegirls 48503270@N07 search Magazine scans, photos from the web
sucx101 194248366@N07 search flickrwashing
suhailiq111 196455636@N08 search Flickrwashing
sultan.zakir 198650375@N07 search Flickrwashing
sumanta.paul 190619257@N07 search Flickrwashing
sumathkarnad 101581262@N07 search Flickrwashing
suniverseq 190857794@N02 search globally locked LTA, see en:Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Dj S UNIVERSE 'Q'
sunnyd_57 35332562@N04 search Flickrwashing of game and movie screenshots as well as promo images tagged with free licenses.
Super Noodle 194955552@N05 search Flickrwashing
Super Paulinense Paulinense 31150986@N08 search Flickr user has uploaded a number of copyrighted images.
super_taras2004 199724405@N06 search Flickrwashing
Supercentenaria 76405853@N08 search Flickrwashing by Tasvor
superdavidtrezeguet 188339472@N03 search Flickrwashing
superjesu2028 44688992@N03 search Flickrwashing by Xexu2028 (talk · contribs)
supermegaluca 70203290@N08 search Flickrwashing by Category:Sockpuppets of Luca-PC
Supermodelo Bruno Santos 197719166@N05 search flickrwashing
Supermodelo Bruno Santos 197719166@N05 search Flickrwashing
supernicola78 43034294@N07 search Flickrwashing by Helios13 (talk · contribs)
susannemshi 193433347@N06 search Flickrwashing
suwandasitorus 188767465@N04 search Flickrwashing
svarma777 45349941@N04 search Flickrwashing strongly suspected by Anandks007 (talk · contribs) and Shannon1488 (talk · contribs)
sweetibutterfly.90 194928289@N07 search Flickrwashing
Sylheti Soldier 94555207@N06 search Flickrwashing by Sylheti Soldier‎ (talk · contribs)
sylviabutterfield 148403349@N02 search Flickrwashing account
Syria Freedom syriafreedom2 77904524@N04 search Same person as Freedom House/syriafreedom (69684588@N07). Uploads what is clearly other people's work.
syriana2011 syriana2011 62093892@N07 search Commons:Deletion requests/Images by syriana2011
szrbaazk68 191163188@N05 search Flickrwashing
T.Moss 198970989@N05 search Flickrwashing
tableatny 53370644@N06 search flickrwashing
taekwando1danblackbelt 190690390@N02 search flickrwashing
Talokudo 185347076@N07 search Flickrwashing
Tanner Fetch 182164700@N08 search Flickrwashing
tanujaanu 199969742@N07 search Flickrwashing
tanweer15 183136781@N04 search Flickrwashing
tapogoa 195556367@N06 search Flickrwashing
TaraMcDonaldOfficial taramcd 125322682@N03 search Uploading unfree files via Flickr
tarte777 tarte777 98816208@N05 search Republishing SEGA video game images and characters
tati01691 126011099@N05 search many low-res images unlikely to be own work, including some watermarked "Getty"
Tattoo76 tattoo76 77293986@N08 search lots of unfree files
taxconsultant6061 192731548@N04 search flickrwashing
TaylorUp_Up 43533426@N04 search Flickrwashing by TaylorUp (talk · contribs)
taytay7175 153036243@N08 search flickrwashing File:Haley at an Autograph Signing in 2016.jpg, and File:Haley Performing as Part of Her 'Better' Tour.png
Taz-Voll 79102347@N00 search Contains several images with cc-by licenses which are derivatives of other Flickr members' all-rights-reserved images
tc1591 85202066@N03 search Flickrwashing by Tc1591 (talk · contribs)
Team Angel Tayo 28324240@N07 search Angel Locsin pictures from various sources.
TeamNiemiClowe 19967945@N06 search Getty Images sports photos, e.g. File:Brad Winchester skating.jpg
TEDxTarfaya tedxtarfayalive 93616010@N05 search Flickerwashed image
TennisStreaming tennisstreaming 124361928@N03 search FLickrwashing from e.g Getty Images. Commons:Deletion requests/Files found with Tennisstreaming
TerryFung 46938441@N03 search Flickrwashing by Coekon (talk · contribs)
Thailand Ministry of Defense ‘s Drug Rehabilitat 157145480@N04 search License laundering
thamannathaha71 193526728@N07 search Flickrwashing by Historyofprincessdiane
thankyouprotect 196264701@N04 search Flickrwashing
The Bay Area's News Station smi23le 91156503@N00 search Lots of photos by professional photo agencies like Reuters or AP in stream.
The Bikini Open bikiniopen 36296741@N04 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Bikini trading cards
The Michael the_michael 38993634@N03 search Flickrwashing by Mike09 (talk · contribs) and sockpuppets.
The National Roads and Motorists' Association nrmadriversseat 54731423@N04 search Valid images mixed with lots of obviously invalid licensed images
The New World (magazine) 116299288@N06 search license laundering
The Origin233 145237100@N03 search Flickrwashing
The_JIFF jiff01 57156551@N06 search Derivative work issues
thecomeupshow thecomeupshow 22257051@N07 search Per
theglobalpanorama 121483302@N02 search Flickr washing (see captions of images)
thehauntingwhisper41 89901053@N08 search Flickrwashing account
thelittleplatoon1790 189192524@N06 search flickrwashing
themcroads 189123982@N03 search Flickrwashing
Themeplus 85217387@N04 search See Commons:Deletion_requests/undefinedThemeplus
theNerdPatrol 30793552@N04 search Flickrwashing
Therisingsunrise 199662491@N07 search Flickrwashing
therobmorgan 192315834@N05 search flickrwashing
thesmuggler- Night of the Swallow" 25803264@N02 search multiple non-free images from other authors under fake free license
thierryleclercq thierryleclercq 7409001@N04 search Collection of non-free pictures from various sources including press agencies and stock images.
thinhalvin1996hp 130239861@N06 search Flickrwashing of copryrighted images of celebrities, see: File:Candice_Swanepoel2010.jpg, Commons:Deletion_requests/File:Adriana_Lima2.jpg
Thita Rangsitpol Manitkul thitarangsitpol 148083379@N08 search Flickr washing
thomas_morris141 155416046@N05 search Used for spamming on Commons
thompson_carly 142194087@N07 search License laundering by the Flickr user. See DR 1 and DR 2.
thPRudQCBLFfxbT2VCST 145533927@N03 search Flickr washing
Threatened1 66579767@N08 search Flickrwashing by BadMuroZ (talk · contribs) sockpuppet for fi:Michael Jackson
TiagoMV 43556426@N08 search Collection of car models all around the web
tiagovale tiagodovale 134761379@N04 search Flickr washing by User:JamesCoulee
tigre.argentina 42164712@N07 search Flickrwashing by Fredy.00 (talk · contribs).
tiinal91 111723464@N05 search flickrwashing
tilly_holland tillyholland 120218326@N08 search Flickrwashing per Commons:Deletion requests/Photos by Tilly Holland on Flickr
timsykes00 126466165@N03 search flickrwashing
tinafranklindg 97481684@N08 search Flickrwashing
tinamalone19631963 197725610@N07 search flickrwashing
tinatimpton 27273046@N07 search Flickrwashing - see Commons:Deletion requests/File:Ashley Taking a Shower 15.jpg
TLC-kios 160246067@N08 search Flickrwashing
tm_10001 tm_10001 55734758@N00 search Non-fre Whitney Houston images, Commons:Deletion requests/File:Whitney Houston in Hamburg.jpg, uploaded various times
tnssofres 124561666@N02 search Flickrwashing GettyImages
tobiladun 198495359@N03 search Flickrwashing
Todd Ehlers eklektikos 47325272@N00 search Unfree images scanned from magazines
toggiacomo 194301082@N06 search Flickrwashing
Tom53421 28088814@N02 search false PD for video screenshots
tomblanton1957 / Thomas project2000 56668276@N05 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Internet Kill Switch "Center".jpg
tommy japan 97930879@N02 search images from multiple sources under fake free licenses
Tony A. triplea4 90518460@N00 search Appears to be a collection of various images scraped off of the Internet, but tagged as CC-BY
tormentor4555 16118167@N04 search uploading unfree images from various sources
ToshiroKitty 50673113@N05 search Flickrwashing by ToshiroKitty (talk · contribs).
trapgosh 24858199@N00 search Flickrwashing travelbusy 86829008@N03 search Relicense stock photos without copyright holder authorization, see ticket:2016091910011424
Treeheld21 28324240@N07 search Possibly related to Rendezvous_Text/Eagle Beer (talk · contribs)/GoblinTech/GoblinTech (talk · contribs)
trendingtopics 146269332@N03 search Trending Topics 2019, probably Marco Verch sock, absolutely worthless content anyway. Typewriters with keywords, polluting many search results on Flickr.. - Alexis Jazz ping plz 12:32, 6 October 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Tribes of the World 92278137@N04 search collection of images from unknown sources, several identified as blatant copyvios
trishregan1 149825808@N03 search COM:LL
tsawhb 96570017@N07 search Flickrwashing
tsvihbenschar 191220971@N07 search Flickrwashing
turki-alalshikh turkialalshikh 199879727@N06 search Flickrwashing
turrido50 31199592@N03 search Carl Jung relate photos and illustations
UENOJURI PTT ueno_juri_ptt 31989034@N04 search Flickrwashing by Cc88888 (talk · contribs)
uiu1234567891011 195629071@N06 search Flickrwashing
uma_u 58151959@N00 search Flickrwashing by GURUPOOJA1 (talk · contribs), Gurmeet Choudhary.
Umara Fermin 135909118@N06 search Flickrwashing, see DR
undecheznous 130089641@N08 search Flickr washing by Wiki3mauri3 // diff
undercumhur 193783573@N05 search flickrwashing
uniquebuildings architectural-design 32744484@N02 search Commons:Deletion requests/File:Marshall Strabala April 2010 in Shanghai.jpg, also File:Tesoro Corporate HQ night, San Antonio, Texas.jpg.
University of Texas San Antonio 189866422@N05 search flickrwashing
upggabon 58816305@N03 search Flickrwashing by upg (talk · contribs)
uppure 60158957@N00 search User has several Formula1 images from various sources, e.g. the website of Michael Schumacher. See Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Schumacher Jordan Suit.jpg
urcameras 136879256@N02 search License laundering
ursulakm 23489340@N04 search Flickrwashing account of Ukm (talk · contribs); Harry Potter fan account
US Department of State iip-photo-archive 127744844@N06 search Numerous photos from other sources (including Commons) with often incorrect sources. For images not form Commons, use the original source and license instead.
User-04 135340502@N08 search flickrwashing by User.01
vaishakhsubin 192626841@N04 search Flickrwashing
vandanir 59899981@N06 search Flickrwashing by by Vandanir (talk · contribs)/Rajneeshua (talk · contribs)
vanek.lelyukh 199844112@N05 search flickrwashing
vanessaecheverria955 115135933@N07 search Flickrwashing by Sockpuppets of Gaste097 (User:Aaronlopez8876)
vanlaphoang 35334437@N05 search Lots of plant images taken from other sources (including Commons), other images may be OK
varunpradipdave 195358271@N02 search Flickrwashing
Vera Serebryakova 146664624@N07 search License laundering
verchmarco 160866001@N07 search Another Marco Verch sock
veremij 198939105@N05 search Copyvio from
Veritas Consulting healthandsafetyimages 37503450@N05 search Stream photos have inconsistent licensing and include EXIF data from multiple cameras. User profile specifies that the stream includes "Photos sent to us by our followers" i.e. third-party material
Vermon Love 147326275@N04 search flickrwashing
Veronica's Closet veronicapaige 56521553@N02 search Flickrwashing
VeronicaVicey 46126664@N06 search Flickrwashing by by Gh7mysterio (talk · contribs)/sockpuppets
vesnamarkoska 30406454@N04 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files credited to flickr user "vesnamarkoska"
vesnamarkoska 33663619@N02 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files credited to flickr user "vesnamarkoska"
vesnickamarkoska 35460257@N06 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files credited to flickr user "vesnamarkoska"
vesnickamarkovska 32991171@N07 search See Commons:Deletion requests/Files credited to flickr user "vesnamarkoska"
vetaturfumare - thanks for 2 MILLION views!!! 10047629@N04 search copyrighted documents
vicentemures 193400557@N03 search Flickrwashing
viih.arianator 130182513@N07 search Flickrwashing celeb pics
Vinicius Júnior 144682791@N08 search flickrwashing by Junior Sangalo (talk · contribs)
vinivicifm 194237748@N04 search Flickrwashing (Commons:Deletion requests/File:Vini Vici 2021.jpg)
violentsiolence 10741180@N03 search Flickrwashing by A31lover (talk · contribs)
Vistaz 47523891@N07 search Flickrwashing by Iceman247 (talk · contribs)
Vistohlk 151635454@N07 search Flickrwashing
VitoTimosh 106885681@N02 search Obvious Flickrwashing per Commons:Deletion requests/File:Natasha Gazha.jpg
vitória53 194010352@N03 search Flickrwashing
vladimir 9 188710573@N06 search flickrwashing
vlgonzalesa 192989323@N06 search obvious Flick-Washing account, see [[7]]
vnmobiography 133960236@N02 search Contains files not for commercial re-use.
vss_91 52257057@N08 search Anotherflickrwashing account by V das (talk · contribs)
vyacheslavdrofa 194451335@N04 search Flickrwashing
wagon16 71670325@N03 search VPC discussion... multiple images with clear copyright watermarks claimed as PD
wakkun_a 191300042@N04 search Flickrwashing
wantip y 76397669@N04 search Flickrwashing account of Wantip
WarraDuBrasil warradubrasil 40580019@N02 search Flickrwashing by WarraDuBrasil (talk · contribs) / Guada (talk · contribs)
WarWithEnemy weareunited 146247480@N04 search LTA Jhony jhony ha ji wbayercom 76319087@N08 search Flickrwashing by Hipposcrashed (talk · contribs)
wddi 50459723@N02 search Flickrwashing by Bnotes (talk · contribs), see 1 for evidence documentation, consider to look at 2 too.
WDPG_share WDPG_share 33478289@N04 search Full of obvious copyright violations - With photographs from Fox Sports and well as screenshots which can't be uploaded to Commons since they are copyrighted to the owner and not the uploader.
web282 191476292@N03 search Flickrwashing
wenthwort 51051231@N06 search Flickrwashing by Rudeboy7 (talk · contribs) - es:Rhianna vandal sockpuppet
whenoby whenoby 34000918@N08 search Flickrwashing by Whenoby (talk · contribs)
WhovianMerlin 94612665@N04 search Flickrwashing
wickedneuron 18013925@N00 search Unfree images e.g. File:Jaime Murray as Lila - Dexter (season 2).jpg
widodoarya 197707137@N04 search Flickrwashing
wiki lover 194175166@N04 search license-laundering
Wiki_Tom 78309809@N05 search Attempt flickrwashing by Flicky22 (talk · contribs)
WikiMapa wikimapa 36325259@N03 search Commons:Deletion requests/Uploads from Flickr user Wikimapa
wildcatapollo 125994474@N04 search obvious flickrwash
willcbt 41592909@N05 search Flickrwashing
William Shank 50740283@N03 search Flickrwasinh by Chace_Watson (talk · contribs)
Willie Zhang 45476820@N07 search  
wimol 76867534@N06 search Flickrwashing by Wimol tuk (talk · contribs)
wjohnbelknap 191487519@N08 search Flickrwashing
wmm4u 60410551@N08 search Flickrwashing of red carpet images with watermarks or stating Getty as source but tagged with fake free license.
wolejohn 192937107@N05 search Flickrwashing
woodsman16 woodsman16 47111565@N03 search Flickrwashing by Woodsman18 (talk · contribs)/socks. Related to Sylvia Ratonel
World Cricket worldcricket 132141797@N06 search Copyrighted images from various sources, Flickrwashing by User:Pakistani User
world_pictures77 82235661@N08 search Gettywashing
worldbasketusa 91009749@N08 search Flickrwashing account for NBA photos.
Worlds Direction worldsdirection 144661696@N05 search Flickrwashing
wotan2012 67166126@N07 search Flickrwashing by Invitto (talk · contribs). Car images.
wrightrb 194843286@N02 search flickrwashing
wshjackson wshjackson 51834656@N02 search Getty Images photos, Flickrwashing by Knowitall355 (talk · contribs)
wuestenigel 30478819@N08 search Copyright troll, see Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Images by Marco Verch
wulinshanren 158454960@N02 search Flickrwashing of logos and other images
WWDHBrands 197472314@N02 search flickrwashing and scope
wweforlife123 65439269@N06 search Flickrwashing by Wweforlife123 (talk · contribs) audiolucistore 65304769@N05 search unfree stock photos, Commons:Deletion requests/File:Babies at the blackboard (2008).jpg
X3YAL xeyal 198399100@N02 search Flickrwashing
xeyalazerbeyli 121060946@N08 search Flickrwashing
xgeorg00 35124296@N00 search See: User:Pathoschild/Crackerbunny uploaded a number of images to commons from clearly non-free flickr sources with unsubstantiated claims of permissions, the images were deleted, and now he has placed the images marked with free licenses on his own flickr account where other users are now picking them up.
xiddigplayboy 196693513@N08 search blatant license-laundering; offers at an image w overwritten (C)-note
xmoltarx xmoltarx 84743524@N02 search Blatant and widespread flickrwashing
XOPAUXO 34410831@N08 search Flickrwasing, see Commons:Deletion requests/File:Bohemian vid1.jpg
x-ray delta one x-ray_delta_one 40143737@N02 search Lots of cold war area photos from various sources. 17 deleted
Xtremizta locoperucho 50644751@N05 search Flickrwashing by Xtremizta (talk · contribs)
xubangwen xubangwen 93882601@N06 search Flickrwashing
xvorostinka 193984786@N02 search flickrwashing
xxgh7xx 20828447@N03 search Flickrwashing by Mariovega0 (talk · contribs)/Gh7mysterio (talk · contribs)
Ya200n 76856367@N06 search Flickrwashing by Ya200n
yacasiestamos 50237557@N03 search Sockpuppets of Sagues flickrwashing
Yair L. mesa 93843721@N02 search account of blocked sockmaster - Commons:Requests for checkuser/Case/Yair Mesa
Yaircohen90 139013184@N06 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Yaircohen90
yas.queen 191329358@N07 search Flickrwashing
yashgawli85 183081010@N02 search Flickr-washing/LTA
yduaqroz71 193943992@N07 search Flickrwashing (Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by SX3001)
YeahTexas 67982988@N08 search Flickrwashing by FoxCE (talk · contribs)
yellowblade67 33427671@N06 search Unfree images from various sources, sometimes with source so this is easy to figure out: 1 from Michael Halsband/Corbis, 2 from CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved and some more.
yesimmerelan 191363741@N02 search Flickrwashing
YinBoran yinboran 200430249@N07 search Self-promo LTA
Ying Compestine 139104138@N02 search flickrwashing by Kushnerkali
yipldlns60 198823435@N03 search License laundering
yiykwrfa22 194561460@N05 search Flickrwashing
yoazjfke4 145178221@N03 search Flickrwashing
Yoca91 yoca91pro027 41528034@N04 search Unfree images. File:Vladimir Stojkovic.jpg - Flickrwashing by User:Stefan1991. Compare en.wp File:Marko Pantelic Serbia.jpg and flickr 2 days later.
yudiharyadi78 185559599@N06 search Flickrwashing from source
yuregferreira 167949784@N04 search Flickrwashing
Yusufsom musesom 144534716@N05 search Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Abdullsaed
Yuyanapaq Lum 157037310@N07 search Flickrwashing
yzapoo 7715511@N06 search Flickrwashing
Zabatika zabatika 73283280@N00 search TV promo images from CSI series and others.
zack52_9013 144806103@N06 search Flickrwashing
Zarina Petrova 193686148@N03 search Flickrwashing of Justin Trudeau images
zasagdotmn 198273332@N04 search File:Oyun-erdene luvsannamsrai portrait.jpg
zen118 zen118 75578948@N00 search Unfree images, see e.g. this
zeniquelgiorgio 114449979@N08 search Flickrwashing by User:Giorgio Zeniquel
Zest-pk zest-pk 10573648@N05 search Flickr photostream is a "best of taken from Corbis". See EXIF date.
zhislbuyu0609 188881048@N05 search Flickrwashing by Zhisibuyu0609 (talk · contribs)
ZI Jony 158694272@N05 search deliberate flickwash File:Manisha Saxena (43094070365).jpg
ziontygent 194308844@N03 search Flickrwashing
zotyo2 zotyo2 89340918@N06 search Celeb image from all over the net with fake free licenses
zycompteofficiel 198655287@N08 search out of scope/dubious licensing
zydearkr zydearkr 154622113@N02 search Flickr washing by Zydearkr
Ανούσια Ένταση 86428097@N08 search Flickr account set up for flickwashing
καρλο [ AKA Gilyo] 37546750@N04 search Reveiwed Flickr stream and found a number of images that are clearly not own work.
МОЛОКО zingwong 56415437@N08 search Flickrwashing
حكمة اليوم hekmtelyoum 194003970@N02 search Flickrwashing
卡瓦奇 89412680@N04 search License laundering by Happysony's sockpuppet 白色路虎
大头2011 60360316@N08 search Flickrwashing by 敏元 (talk · contribs), Cuyfrg sockpuppet
很慢的 50342822@N03 search COM:LL: Uploading works with non-commercial use restrictions as CC-BY-SA
準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia eager 44343967@N00 search Seems to upload concept art under CC-BY-2.0 without actually having permission
然仔 40215264@N08 search Flickrwashing from various sources, uploaded by Choi sinn
要你的飞翔 49253905@N05 search Flickrwashing by Cuyfrg (talk · contribs).
路恩 44181196@N03 search Flickrwashing by Amazingloong (talk · contribs) and sockpuppets
远睇 qianlong 43285236@N06 search Flickrwashing by Qianlong1992 (talk · contribs)
Garoa 30403766@N03 search lots of copyright violations

Automated review[edit]

Administrators can copy the list of NSIDs to User:FlickreviewR/bad-authors. All Flickr images from authors on this list will cause FlickreviewR to put the {{FlickreviewR/bad-author}} template on the image and put the image in Category:Flickr images from bad authors. Additionally the License-reviewer-script checks this list for bad authors and throws a warning to the license-reviewer when they review an image.