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Wikimedia Commons jest projektem Fundacji Wikimedia.

Wikimedia Commons tak jak inne projekty Fundacji Wikimedia jest tworzona całkowicie przez wolontariuszy. Projekt rozwija się ponieważ ludzie z całego świata dostrzegają zalety korzystania z licencji wolnych treści, pozwalających udostępnić im swoje dzieła do swobodnej modyfikacji i redystrybucji.

Nasi użytkownicy różnią się umiejętnościami. Ta strona pokazuje wybór najzdolniejszych grafików, którzy postanowili udostępniać swoje prace na wolnych licencjach w Wikimedia Commons. Każdy z nich stworzył przynajmniej 5 rysunków, które otrzymały tytuł grafiki na medal.

Zapraszamy osoby chętne do publikowania swoich prac na wolnych licencjach do przeczytania poradnika dla początkujących oraz informacji o wolnych licencjach.


I am Ali, a student who is interested in science. I also follow the news and like to create different maps, charts, and shapes based on a given data. I have created most my diagrams in vector (SVG) format, because of its many advantages. Software that I use for creating the diagrams and illustrations are Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and CorelDRAW.

I am also active on Persian Wikipedia, as I created its 500,000th article. In 2016, I founded the Graphics Lab on there, to help translation and improvement of the images. I also won several, consecutive logo design contests there. Those logos replaced the Persian Wikipedia logo for weeks and were respectively used for the celebration of Nowruz 2015, 2016, 2017 and the celebration of 500,000th article on Persian Wikipedia.

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Prokaryote cell.svg Opening and Closing of Stoma.svg Mitosis Stages.svg

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I am a mexican graphic designer, living in germany, working as illustrator in the internet.

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  • you can send me a mail to:

mrv @

Example work

Achelousaurus dinosaur.png
I do not work.. I have fun

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I am an American illustrator, who primarily creates astronomy, earth science, & biology diagrams.

I use almost exclusively open source software to make my drawings—I do three-dimensional visualization and projection in Blender, and draw with Inkscape, all on an Ubuntu platform.

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Hurricane-en.svgSun poster.svg Jupiter diagram.svgSaturn diagram.svg Chloroplast structure.svgInto the stele.svg

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Joaquim Alves Gaspar[edit]


English: I am an Officer of the Portuguese Navy, now teaching Cartographic Sciences in the university and doing research on the geometry of old nautical charts. My regular contribution with photos and illustrations to Commons started in 2006. I normally use CorelDraw in my ilustrations and animations

Português: Sou um Oficial da Marinha Portuguesa que ensina Ciências Cartográficas na universidade e faz investigação sobre a geometria das antigas cartas de marear. A minha contribuição regular para o Commons, sob a forma de fotos e ilustrações, começou em 2006. Uso normalmente o CorelDraw nas minhas figuras e animações.

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Using sextant swing.gif

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I'm Eric Gaba, aka Sting on Wikipedia, French born in 1966 and live in Brazil. I'm helicopter pilot and photographer.

I joined Wikipedia in November 2004 with my passion for Greek Antique history and in 2005 the Graphic Lab on WP-fr. With the lack of schemes or maps in the project to illustrate articles, I started to learn about Inkscape and create my own pictures. Still not satisfied with my maps due to the difficulty of finding sources of good quality, I heard about Digital Elevation Models provided for free by the NASA or other US government agencies in early 2007. This was really the starting point for me creating good quality maps for the project.

As pilot, I like very much see a map with the representation of the relief as it explains many things : the location of settlements, borders, movement of armies, etc. And the DEMs provided almost all I needed so I got more and more specialized in that area. Gaining experience with the software, I started to extract elevation layers and vectorize them in order to create topographic maps and wrote tutorials to help other contributors to draw maps of different types using DEMs.

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Minimal surface curvature planes-fr.svg Mortise tenon joint hull trireme-fr.svg Mamiya 645 Super system.svg

Piton Fournaise eruptions animated-fr.gif Isle of Man map-fr.svg Corfu topographic map-en.svg

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I am a French computer engineer, living in France.

I joined Wikipedia in December 2005, and the Atelier Graphique (the French Graphic Lab) in 2007. First it was to create maps of the Marquesas Islands, so I followed the tutorials made by Sting (see above). Then, I continued to draw maps, and also diagrams and schemes, on various subjects.
My favourites softwares are Inkscape and the Gimp, and GlobalMapper & 3Dem for the maps.

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Vulcanian Eruption-numbers.svgFrankish Empire 481 to 814-en.svg Hawaii Island topographic map-fr.svgCigarette Grey Backgroung-key.svg

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I am a Chilean Illustrator, aka Fiestoforo, living in Santiago of Chile.

I have been collaborating in Wikipedia since 2005, and joined Wikimedia Commons in 2006.

I illustrated first for fun and later as a way to express myself.

I usually make diagrams and schemes. I work with GIMP and Inkscape, open-source software.

You can see my tutorial (easy to follow) about how to make diagrams, that you can use in Wikipedia.

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(you can write in English or in Spanish

usted puede escribir en inglés o en español)

Example work

Scheme snail anatomy-numbers.svg Tugboat diagram-en.svg
Bicycle diagram-en.svg
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I'm Lucas Vieira Barbosa. I've been a long time contributor to Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons, mostly through mathematics and physics illustrations. Recently, I've been focusing on animations.

I can do both 2D and 3D illustrations, as well as some technical 3D renderings via POV-Ray. See my full gallery for all contributions so far.

Requests are encouraged. I cannot guarantee I'll be able to fulfill the request due to time and complexity constraints, but I'll certainly look into it.

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Mug and Torus morph.gif Circle radians.gif
Villarceau circles.gif Line integral of scalar field.gif
Rolling Racers - Moment of inertia.gif Line integral of vector field.gif
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I am KDS4444. I like to draw things. I like using Illustrator to do it. I have no background or training in computer graphics or software. I am not an engineer or designer. I have a master's degree, but not in anything related to my illustrations.

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Subduction-en.svg Basket of flowers.svg
C elegans male.svg