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Mission: Detect and nom images for promotions, list candidates and give overviews about listed and promoted images within Wikmedia Commons.

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The Image promotion is a group of users emphasing on promoting Commons internally within this project. It is part of the Editorial team Arts.


  • opened 2009-02-20

Open tasks[edit]

  • Establish a concept
  • List all promoted images of Wikimedia Commons including nominations and revoked ones
  • Create nominations on the candidate listings
  • Create sub-pages
  • open tasks:
    • Should declined noms and contests be listed (gives an overview for future noms)?
    • Should Wikipedia promotions be included (as far as Commons hosted images are concerned) as well?

Nominations — official[edit]

inline Altdorfer, Albrecht, The Battle of Alexander at Issus FA cand. January 2009 → not featured

Nominations — Suggest[edit]

If you are not familiar with the nomiation process, place your wishes here.

  • ...
  • ...

Publish nominations[edit]




inline Commons:Valued image candidates


inline Commons:Quality images candidates Commons:Quality images candidates/candidate list



Further references[edit]


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