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Jardine River National Park by Orvico (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Wiki Loves Earth Australia 2022
Wiki Loves Earth 2022 Australia is a photo contest about protected natural areas, within Australia for images licensed under free licences, see COM:Licensing.
The event is supported by Wikimedia Australia.





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Wiki Loves Earth welcomed pictures of national parks, protected areas, or marine parks. Entering photos in the Wiki Loves Earth competition makes them available to be included in Wikipedia and contributes to the knowledge of Australia's natural beauty and its fauna and flora. Freely licensed photos collected through Wiki Loves Earth may also be reused elsewhere than in Wikipedia.

Check out the 2022 winners and finalists.

Photos that were taken at any time, could be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons between Wednesday 1 June 2022 and Thursday 30 June 2022, provided the photos (no limit to quantity) were taken by the uploader. There was no minimum age for participation, and no participation fee.

Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia and images that are described as fully as possible have a greater chance of being used across the Wikipedias.

Please read the Rules and Step by Step instructions tabs before you create an account or upload. This will increase your chances of winning.

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