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LUSITANA WLM 2011 d.svg This gallery contains the finalists and winners of the International stage of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012. See also the jury report.

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1: Tomb of Safdarjung, New Delhi, India
Author: Pranav Singh 
3: Batad Rice Terraces, the Philippines
Author: Captaincid 
4: Great gallery of Château de Maintenon - Eure-et-Loir, France
Author: Selbymay 
5: Ferrara communal theatre: overview of the Foschini rotunda's circle, Italy
Author: Andrea Parisi 
6: A rear view of Taj Mahal, India
Author: Narender 
7: Basilica del Pilar junto al Ebro, Zaragoza, Spain
Author: Jiuguang Wang 
8: Military Argentine Cemetery, Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas.
Author: Tomás Terroba 
9: Hermann Castle, Estonia
Author: Zentsik 
10: Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre, United-States
Author: Raymonst 
11: The windmills of Kinderdijk, The Netherlands
Author: Tarod 
12: Manor house in Komorniki, Poland
Author: Zetem 
13: Kjeungskjær fyr
Kjeungkjær lighthouse, Norway
Ørland, Sør-Trøndelag
Author: Rha009 
14: The so-called "crypt" at Altenburg abbey, Austria
Author: C. Cossa 
15: Interior view of baptistery of St. Peter, San Pietro in Consavia church, Asti, Italy
Author: Marco Odina 


Every participating country selected the 10 best images to enter in the International round.


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Gold medal icon.svg Military Argentine Cemetery, Malvinas Islands
Author: Tomás Terroba 
4: National Flag Memorial in Rosario and the eternal flame
Author: Leandro Kibisz 
Inside the Huaco old mill
Author: Marcelo Zalazar 
Bocce court in Ischigualasto Valley
Author: Horacio F. Duran 
Keep in Chos Malal
Author: Horacio A. Gauna 


Gold medal icon.svg Pottendorf castle and chapel
Author: Becky85 
Silver medal icon.svg Bridge over the river Mur
Author: Brezocnik Michael 
Bronze medal icon.svg Sunrise at Marchfeld
Author: Magsos 
4: Catholic parish church in Buchberg
Author: Christa Kramer 
5: Arcade yard of the bishop’s castle in Strassburg
Author: Johann Jaritz 
6: The ruins and the palace of Merkenstein at Gainfarn, Bad Vöslau
Author: Herzi Pinki 
7: The so-called "crypt" at Altenburg abbey
Author: C. Cossa 
8: Municipal residential building, Fröhlich-Hof
Author: Thomas Ledl 
9: Railway bridge in Linz
Author: Josef Falkner 
10: Cellarium (cellar) at Lilienfeld Abbey
Author: Bwag 


Belarus decided not to choose which photo submission may be awarded the first place, because all winners get the same prizes. Here they are in the alphabetical order.

Belgium & Luxembourg[edit]

No images have been nominated for the international finale on behalf of Belgium & Luxembourg


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6. Clouds over Fort Bulnes
Author: Davide Guallini 
9. Door of the Church of Achauta, from the inside
Author: Claudio Cortés Aros 
10. Valdivieso sparkling wine neon sign
Author: Calr1023 


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Gold medal icon.svg Capilla de Siecha
Author: Martinduquea 
Silver medal icon.svg Torre Herveo
Author: Verlaciudad 
Bronze medal icon.svg Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas
Author: Matiasmaggio 
Catedral de Manizales
Author: Alejandra Buriticá 
Estación del Ferrocarril Bello
Author: Betogoico58 
Iglesia de la Veracruz
Author: Betogoico58 
Sector Antiguo de la ciudad de Buga
Author: Hernán Ordóñez Valverde 
Sector Antiguo de la ciudad de Villa de Leyva
Author: Oscarphoto 
Sector Urbano del Municipio de Turmequé
Author: Sfabarafe 
Zonas Arqueológicas en la Cuenca Alta de la Quebrada Piedras Blancas
Author: Betogoico58 

Czech Republic[edit]

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Gold medal icon.svg A rear view of Taj Mahal.
Author: Narender 
Silver medal icon.svg Belum Caves - This is a view of the inside of the Caves.
Author: Naga Praveena Sharma P 
Bronze medal icon.svg Photograph of the 9 stupas at Thiksey Gompa. Location - Thiksey (Leh District), Jammu & Kashmir, India
Author: Mufaddal Abdul Hussain 
Kreis5.svg: Gateway of India as seen on a full moon light in a long exposure shot.
Author: Vijay Sharma 
Kreis7.svg: Bhutanatha group of temples on the east margin of the tank
Author: Rahul 
Kreis8.svg: A room whose walls are made of pieces of glass, called Sis Mahal, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, India.
Author: Dola Das 
Kreis9.svg: Tomb of Safdarjung, New Delhi
Author: Pranav Singh 
Kreis10.svg: Mehrangarh Fort, located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is one of the largest forts in India.
Author: Monica Goel[1] 
  1. This image was originally placed 11th - but moved up later because of a deletion. Therefore it wasn't nominated for the international jury.



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Nine photos are qualified, in alphabetical (random) order. The tenth nominee added later, because of a draw:



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South Africa[edit]


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We hade three categories; archaeological sites and monuments, buildings and ships. For more information please see Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Sweden/Results.

Archaeological sites and monuments:




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United States[edit]

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