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MUST or SHOULD[edit]

I've reverted a recent modification.

To tag a page for speedy deletion, you may use the template: {{speedydelete|<Reason>}}.
If a category or any other kind of page is empty you can use the template {{emptypage}} that's equal to {{speedydelete|It's empty}}.
To tag a page for speedy deletion, you may use {{speedydelete|<reason in prose>}} or the shortcut {{SD|<criterion number, see list>}}.
To tag a page for speedy deletion, you may use {{speedydelete|<reason in prose>}}, optionally linking reasons to the relevant speedy deletion policy sections.

Good riddance for {{emptypage}}. But for numerical reasons linking is not only OPTIONAL, arguably it's a MUST, or at least a SHOULD. I18n obviously happens at the policy page, as long as folks manage to link to the relevant English sections numerical reasons should work.

How they do this, with a new {{SD|…}} or something in their own script/language, is their own business, and not really relevant in the policy. Maybe somebody wants to expand {{db|…}} inspired by enwiki Template:delete because, fine, as long as text and link are clear. –Be..anyone (talk) 22:25, 23 April 2015 (UTC)

File redirects[edit]

This was raised in 2013 (Commons talk:Criteria for speedy deletion/Archive 1#Redirects), but is still causing issues in that redirects are being for nominated for speedy deletion despite not falling under COM:CSD#G2.

I would like to see a criterion added specifically for file redirects. This would state when a file redirect can be deleted speedily (eg file originally uploaded in last 7 days), when its not covered by the general criterion.

Longstanding file redirects should not be deleted, see the previous discussion for rationale where there was consensus for that position. This would make declining these easier, as it gives a simple test for the deleting admin (look at original upload date, if old, decline).--Nilfanion (talk) 10:05, 30 July 2015 (UTC)