Faroese ballads

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The traditional Faroese ballads (føroysk kvæði) have an oral tradition over many centuries. The Faroese language survived due to the ballads and the Faroese dance.


Harra Pætur og Elinborg[edit]

See: Faroese stamps 1982. Artist: Bárður Jákupsson.


See: Faroese stamps 1986. Artist: Bárður Jákupsson.

Brúsajøkils kvæði[edit]

See: Faroese stamps 1994. Artist: Bárður Jákupsson.

Brynhildar táttur[edit]

See: Faroese stamps 1998. Artist: Anker Eli Petersen.

Ormurin Langi[edit]

See: Faroese stamps 2006. 10 stamps in a miniature sheet depicting scenes of the popular Faroese ballad Ormurin langi (The Long Serpent), written by the farmer Jens Christian Djurhuus about 1830. These are the first stamps by the Faroese artist Vígdis Sigmundsdóttir. Further readings about this issue at Tjatsi.fo