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Mandora is a name of various musical instruments related to Lute and Mandolin.

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List of instruments referred as Mandora on Wikipedia articles[edit]

The terms "Mandora", "Mandore", etc. referred to different instruments at different periods in history.

(as of April 9, 2013)
Language Article Origin Medieval Renaissance (15-16c) Baroque (17c) Rococo (18c) 19th century
Español Guitarra morisca (Pantur of Sumer) Mandora / Quitarra Sarracénica / Guitarra Morisca
Català Guitarra morisca (Pantur of Sumer) Mandora / Quitarra Sarraïna / Guitarra Morisca
Português Mandora Mandora / Mandola / Lutina
Occitan Mandòra Mandòra' (⇒ Mandolina)
Latin Cithara Italica / Cithara Germanica / Cithara vulgaris
Itary (Oud ⇒) Mandola (⇒ Mandolino)
Français Mandore Mandore / Mandole / Gallizona / Gallichon (⇒ Mandoline) (Mandole ténor) (French Mandore)
Deutsch Mandora Barbat maurische Quinterne ⇒ Mandora Mandürchen / Mandőraen (⇒ Mandola in 18c, Mandoline) Mandora: Calichon / Galichon Gitarrenlaute (Mandora)
English Mandora Guiterne in 13c, Chitarra Italiana in 15-16c (⇒ Gallichone in 18c) [treble lute] Mandola, Scotish Mandora, Mandore [bass lute] Mandora: Gallichone / Galizona / Galichon
Polski Gallichon (Lutnia barokowa basowej ⇒) Gallichon / Galichon Lutnia romantyczna
Norsk bokmål Mandora Mandora (⇒ Mandolin) Mandora (Calichon / Galichon) Gitarlutten
日本語 マンドーラ Mandora / Gallichon / Gallizona / Colachon / Calchedono


  1. The name of instrument on this image have been once disputed, and seems not yet resolved. For details, see discussion on the English Wikipedia, wikipedia:en:Talk:Kobza#Also.


  • Randel, Don Michael The Harvard Dictionary of Music, Harvard University Press reference library, Vol. 16, Harvard University Press, p. 484 ISBN: 978-0-674-01163-2.
    "Mandora, mandore, mandola [Fr. mandore; Ger. Mandoër, Mandürichen, Mandourlauten; It. Mandola; Sp. vandola]. (1) A lutelike instrument developed from the medieval *gittern. ... (2) An 18th-century Austrian and German eight course hybrid combining a lute body and pegbox with a guitar neck. This was played and tuned like the guitar: C D E A d g b e'. ..."