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Other namesVishal
EthnicitySouth Asian
EducationIrvington, Milton (MA), Clifton, Caldwell, Hoboken
OccupationSoftware (all kinds)
Years active13
EmployerUnemployed (DACA)
Home townUnion Avenue, Irvington, NJ
Net worth-$3
Height180 cm
Weight58 kg
Political partyWizards
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  • COM:OVERWRITE often cited as a reason for reverting higher resolution uploads
    • Its a subjective policy, because en:color blindness occurs with higher incidence in males, and males make up the majority of editors in MediaWiki projects. Machine vision and making efforts to reduce the gender gap may help.
  • Some believe that images with an established history on an article should never be replaced, even if color accuracy or blatant lack of detail are apparent in previous uploads (i.e., to evoke a sense of en:Nostalgia).

All of these problems can be avoided by using Categories and Wikidata Items. Of course, things said are better to be done.

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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
17:01, 10 August 2022 Jaguar and Black Panther - Warwick Reynolds - ABDAG003932.jpg (file) 77 KB higher via:
17:53, 14 July 2022 Kali by Raja Ravi Varma.jpg (file) 7.81 MB Revert to 04:50, 11 May 2022. This file is made for the original and was always retouched. update desc to match
17:49, 14 July 2022 Raja Ravi Varma - Kali.jpg (file) 6.02 MB =={{int:filedesc}}== {{Artwork |description={{en|1=Kali trampling Shiva}} |medium={{technique|chromolithograph}} |date={{other date|ca|1910}} |source= |artist={{creator:Raja Ravi Varma}} |publisher=Ravi Varma Press |accession number=68 |inscriptions={{Signed|bottom|left|signed=Ravi Varma}} |permission= |other_versions=* [
20:21, 26 March 2022 Blue Hare.jpeg (file) 486 KB {{Artwork |Source = |artist = {{Creator|wikidata=Q21463763}} |Date ={{Other date|before|1926}} |credit line={{Institution|wikidata=Q1416883}} |Permission ={{PD-1923}} |other_versions = }} == {{int:license-header}} == {{PD-art|pd-old-auto-expired}} Category:Warwick Reynolds
19:50, 26 March 2022 William Strang - Portrait of a Boy, the Artist's Son.jpg (file) 3.84 MB re
18:50, 26 March 2022 Nancy Strang.jpg (file) 1.93 MB {{Artwork |title={{en|1=Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Nancy Strang}} |Description= |Source= |Date= |artist={{Creator:William Strang}} |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Drawings by William Strang
18:23, 26 March 2022 Franzoni - Verdi.jpg (file) 1.27 MB == {{int:filedesc}} == {{Artwork |title={{en|1=An Allegory of Fame, in Honor of Giuseppe Verdi}} |Description= |Source= |Date= |artist={{Creator|wikidata=Q100149107}} |Permission= |other_versions= }} == {{int:license-header}} == {{PD-Art|pd-old-100}}
17:15, 26 March 2022 Henri Adam - Woodland Scene.jpg (file) 1.65 MB {{Artwork |Description= |Source= |Date={{Other date|before|1917}} |artist={{Creator|wikidata=Q98382716}} |medium={{Technique|watercolor}} |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Henri Adam
18:22, 25 March 2022 Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah.jpg (file) 1.25 MB
17:08, 25 March 2022 Lilly Martin Spencer, Raspberries, c. 1859, NGA 137693.jpg (file) 48.45 MB re 15653 x 12039 pixels, 2976 tiles
15:38, 25 March 2022 Frederic Leighton, Study for ‘Flaming June’ Composition, c. 1894.jpg (file) 354 KB re royal academy
18:29, 24 March 2022 The Drunkard's Progress 1846.jpg (file) 7.93 MB re
18:57, 14 January 2022 Domenico Ambrogi 01.jpg (file) 560 KB re
22:30, 7 January 2022 Michelangelo - A philosopher holding a round object (a skull), wearing a long cloak, standing in profile to r. 1495-1505, 1895,0915.498.jpg (file) 4.55 MB re
19:49, 7 January 2022 Nawab Sháyista Khán.jpg (file) 967 KB re
17:33, 6 January 2022 Agni with consort.jpg (file) 13.36 MB {{Artwork |Description= |Source= |Date= |Permission= |other_versions=200px }}
20:27, 2 January 2022 Agni and consort.jpg (file) 1.46 MB re
20:23, 2 January 2022 Four-armed and dark-complexioned Yama rides on his bejewelled and caparisoned buffalo. In his upper right hand is the danda (staff) (cropped).jpg (file) 1.72 MB re
20:12, 2 January 2022 Muḥammad or Sultan Mahmud.jpg (file) 1.61 MB re
19:29, 27 December 2021 Three Mamelukes with lances on horseback.jpg (file) 6.5 MB re
19:24, 27 December 2021 Ridinger-Spanisch-Genett.jpg (file) 8.59 MB re
19:22, 27 December 2021 Zanetti - Varie pitture a fresco de' principali maestri Veneziani, Plate 3.jpg (file) 1.33 MB re
18:48, 27 December 2021 Joris draak baden1631 panneels.jpg (file) 3.46 MB re
18:46, 27 December 2021 Schets koe.jpg (file) 2.86 MB re