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MediaWiki: 1.32.0-wmf.8 (53a4a6c)
jQuery: 1.11.3 / UI: 1.9.2

Hi, interested in scripting? We need help, so do not hesitate to ask what you can do. We recommend start testing in your user-namespace (new users see basic instructions here).

We have a JavaScript styleguide, but it is a guide, not a policy. Nevertheless, consider reading the MediaWiki manual.

TO DO[edit]

  • Clarify the copyright situation of user-scripts.
  • standardize scripts' i18n methods → Gadgets 2.0 (mw.msg; example; explanation)
  • Search & Detecting security vulnerable
  • (urgent) Fix script affected by changes in the default continuation

To create[edit]

These are just suggestions. Feel free to comment in the talk-section.

  • A script to get a formatted list of uploads, category-members, …
  • A plugin to install scripts loaded with &withJS= - URL parameter to the user's common or skin.js
  • A script-installer which is invokable by a template (URL-params maybe) with a step-by-step wizard (done for gadgets → Template:ActivateGadget)
  • A global-user-page and settings wizard allowing to create and update the userpage on several wikis.
  • A slideshow-framework using templates and script like Image Annotator or {{ImageStack}} with customizable caption-boxes, slide-effects, drag&slide, preview thumb-bar, …
  • Integrate code for VIC and FPC nomination in MediaWiki:Gadget-QInominator.js.
  • An autotranslate-template creation wizard ✓  Done , see AutotranslateHelper0x010C ~talk~ 09:40, 4 April 2017 (UTC)
  • Refractor MediaWiki:Gadget-LanguageSelect.js: Multiple language-preferences, showing a (+) like HotCat allowing to add a translation (create an input on-the-fly) to push i18n forward
  • Script to show 1-3 file examples in parent categories from their child categories (Special:Permalink/84246834#Galleries in Categories)
  • Rewrite DerivativeFX as a JavaScript application
  • A tool to visually explore Flickr-Images from streams/sets/… before uploading and allowing to unselect some of them by given criteria

Scripts without il8n[edit]


Under construction[edit]

General Talk[edit]


Tech News: 2018-25[edit]

21:47, 18 June 2018 (UTC)

Users with script experience that may help[edit]

Wiki-tech-logo.svg This user develops
user scripts;
{{User script developer}}

See also: Category:Commons JavaScript coders

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You can test any script by running it from your console or put the code in a Special:MyPage/test.js and hit "preview".

Validating and styling[edit]