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Hello, I'm Davod (Amitie 10g in the Wikimedia projects and other sites). My home Wiki is the Spanish Wikipedia, when I done few contributions, but I'm an active Antivandalism and New pages patroller at es:Wikipedia. Lately I have extended my work to Commons.

The spanish is my native language, but I prefer to participate here in english.

My work in Commons

  • Watching for new uploads and change the license for some images with proper license (trademark logos should be PD-textlogo and Trademark).
  • Tagging files for clearly promotional or vandal purposes with speedy delete using a customized {{Speedy}} template made by me (images used in promotional articles in Wikipedia), previously researching in Wikipedias for promotional or vandal articles.
  • Participate in Deletion requests.
  • Make SVG graphics from raster ones, correcting and optimizing them, using Inkscape and Scour Python library, and other free software tools. See Help:SVG for more information. Is too exhausting, bit I love the vectorisation.
  • Trying to translate documentation and policy pages to spanish.
  • Validating permissions via OTRS.
  • And many more as I learn more about Commons. I would like to be New files patroller, but I must have more experience.

Remember: Neither CommonsDelinker nor patrollers deletes files. Only an Administrator can do them, so you should contact with the administrator that has been deleted your file, or, leave your message on the Administrators' noticeboard.

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