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Hello, welcome to my user page![edit]

Can you spot me on this WikiCon image?

Wikimedia Commons is a wonderful project: it offers free and easy access to valuable media for everyone! Therefore I try to help a little bit whenever I can spare some time.

Personal Galleries[edit]

I try to support Wikimedia Commons by adding three kinds of media (actually, with images only):

  • I upload some of my own photographs, most of them showing historical buildings, nice places or beautiful landscapes.
  • Because I love beautiful old books, maps etc., I try to support the Wikimedia projects with reasonable scans of historical images which are free to use.
  • Now and then I transfer images with free licenses from other Wiki projects or from the web to Wikimedia Commons.

You can find any files I have contributed to Wikimedia Commons via the list of my uploads.


If you just want to see some of my better photographs, take a look at my (few) Featured picture logo featured pictures and at the list of Quality image logo my quality images.

You can find all of my photographs via three specific categories which just differ by the order in which the files appear:

For the photographs which I have contributed to Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) and Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) there are some special gallery pages:

mini Wiki Loves Monuments: 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
mini Wiki Loves Earth: 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

And here is a little gallery of my images which have passed the German Vorjury (prejury) for WLM and WLE. I have also participated myself in the German Vorjury for all of the later WLM and WLE rounds, i.e., helped a little to review some of these thousands of photographs in order to facilitate the work of the final jury.

(And here is the heavily outdated list of my photographs by location, kept only for personal reference. Sorry, but the maintenance of such lists is just too time-consuming ;–).)

Scans and Other Files[edit]

Scans and other files which I have contributed (or transferred) to Commons can be found via some gallery pages (just click on the images):

Towns & Places: Historical Views & Graphics
Towns & Places:
Historical Views & Graphics

Works of Art
Works of Art

Own Drawings
Own Drawings

Paper Marbling
Paper Marbling

Books and Writers
Books and Writers

Scripts, Type & Typography
Scripts, Type & Typography

Improved Images
Some Images Improved by me

Transferred Images
Some Images Transferred by me
(not complete)

Misc. Photographs
Misc. Photographs (nature etc.)

Just in case you prefer plain text, here is a list of all gallery pages:

Category & Gallery Work[edit]

I have spent quite some time creating or re-organizing categories, because I regard a good category hierarchy (or ontology) as the most useful tool for sorting, searching, and retriving files on Commons. For example, I once made a big spring cleaning of the very crowded Category:Albrecht Dürer, sorting most files into the appropriate sub-categories, and I did similar things for categories like Category:Andrea Mantegna, Category:Grundtliche Darstellung, Der Fünff Seüllen, Category:Mantegna Tarocchi, Category:Frontispieces, and others. But to list all these categories here would be useless. I just want to ask you to help with the proper categorization of all files on Commons, too. Thank you!

Templates Edited & Translated[edit]

I have also spent some time creating or improving templates, e.g. {{CountryAdjective}}, {{NationAndOccupation}} etc., especially some Creator templates. (Most of the latter are outdated today because now most Creator templates get their data from Wikidata.) Templates for the description of groups of files, e.g. for all pages from some book, can be very useful (see e.g. {{Leuthner Grundtliche Darstellung 1677}}).

Notes & Utilities[edit]

A mirror shows me taking this photograph

Interesting Pages & Categories[edit]

Just a little memorandum for myself …

My Personal Templates[edit]

Other templates created by me[edit]


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