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Excellent photographs indeed. Chrs84 (talk) 01:44, 18 May 2013 (UTC)
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J'ai l'honneur de vous décerner la Photographers Blackbelt (ceinture noire des photographes) pour vos photos remarquables et excellentes.
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Photographer's Barnstar[edit]

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This barnstar is well deserved for all the many photographic additions. I really like it. Great work! -- P 1 9 9 • TALK 13:29, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

Some images I've uploaded,

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My contribution[edit]

My last insertions in flickr[edit]


Self portrait in the darkroom JPG01.jpg
Jean-Pol Grandmont.JPG


<gallery widths="300px" heights="200px"> <gallery>

Image:0 Grille du Théatre royal de Mons.JPG|QI seal Screen door of the Mons Royal Theater with the Coat of Arms of the city. File:0 Mons - Hôtel de ville (1).jpg|QI sealThe city hall of Mons, Belgium. Image:Mons St2aJPG.jpg|QI seal The nymph and the children of Pan - Waux-hall Park of Mons, Belgium. Image:Mons 050424 JPG106.jpg|QI seal Mons flower market, Belgium.

File:0 La Hestre - Drève de Mariemont (1).jpg|QI seal The double European beech alley of Domaine de Mariemont. - 6th winning picture in WLM Belgium 2011

Wiki Loves Monuments

File:0 La Bruyère (Beauvechain) - Ferme de Wahenge (1).JPG|QI seal Ferme de Wahenge in La Bruyère (Belgium). - 6th winning picture in WLM Belgium 2011

Wiki Loves Monuments

File:0 Château d'Havré (3).JPG|QI seal The castle ruins of Havré Belgium. - 6th winning picture in WLM Belgium 2011

Wiki Loves Monuments

File:0 Verdun - Cimetière de Douaumont (1).jpg|QI seal The cemetary with Douaumont ossuary. 9th winning picture in WLM 2011 France - 10th winning picture in WLM 2011 Europe

Wiki Loves Monuments

image:0 Anthée - Château de Fontaine (1).JPG|Anthée, the de Fontaine castle. - 8th winning picture in WLM Belgium 2012

Wiki Loves Monuments

File:0 Fourneau St-Michel - Chaumière hesbignonne (Hingeon 1).JPG|Unskilled worker's thatched cottage in the domaine of the Saint Michel furnace. 6th winning picture in WLM Belgium 2012

Wiki Loves Monuments

File:0 Frameries - Charbonnage de Crachet Picquery (2).JPG|The former coal mine of the Crachet Picquery after renovation in Frameries (Belgium)- 7th winning picture in WLM Belgium 2013

Wiki Loves Monuments

Image:Fagus sylvatica Purpurea JPG4a.jpg|Cscr-featured.svg Fagus sylvatica File:0 Parrotia persica - Parc de Mariemont (1).JPG|QI seal Persian Ironwood Tree (Parrotia persica) - Domaine de Mariemont in Morlanwlez-Mariemont, Belgium. File:Betula uber JPG1Fe.jpg|QI seal Virginia Roundleaf Birch Betula uber leaves. File:Acer griseum JPG01b.jpg|QI seal Acer griseum .

File:0 Huy - Grand'Place (1).JPG|QI seal The Grand’Place of Huy Belgium. File:Mariemont Fontaine des lions 101225 (1).JPG|QI seal Fountain of Lions - Park of Mariemont in Morlanwelz-Mariemont Belgium. image:Falaën Mme Parisse - JPG01.JPG|QI seal Drying of the straw in Falaën Belgium. File:Cugnon ME1aJPG.jpg|QI seal The watermill of Cugnon Belgium.

File:Celles (Houyet) - Château de Vêves (1).jpg|QI seal The castle of Walzin and the Lesse River in Dréhance Belgium. File:0 Dréhance - Château de Walzin (1).jpg|QI seal The Liedekerke-Beaufort family castle in Celles Belgium. File:0 Bouillon - Château-fort et pont sur la Semois (1).JPG|QI seal The Bouillon castle and the bridge on the Semois, Belgium.

File:0 Moulbaix - Moulin de la Marquise (2).jpg|QI seal Windmill in Moulbaix, Belgium. File:Moulbaix MV1fJPG.jpg|QI seal Gear wheels of the « de la Marquise » windmill in Moulbaix Belgium. File:Our E1bJPG.jpg|QI seal The St. Lawrence church (1680) in Our (Opont), Belgium. File:0 Serres Royales de Laeken (1).jpg|QI seal The Royal Greenhouses of Alphonse Balat (1874-1890) in Laeken, Belgium.

File:0 Aubechies - Église Saint-Géry (1).jpg|QI seal The Saint Gaugericus' church (XIth century) in Aubechies, Belgium. File:Mohiville Mo1bJPG.jpg|QI seal The watermill of Scoville (1743) in Mohiville, Belgium. File:Cambron-Casteau AB4a.jpg|QI seal Cambron-Casteau(Belgium), the East pond, the tower (1774), the park of the former abbey and the former castle (XIXth century). File:Grand-Reng JPG01.jpg|QI seal Grand-Reng (Belgium), linen (Linum usitatissimum) field in the springtime.

File:Catalpa bignonioides Aurea JPG1a.jpg|QI seal Catalpa bignonioides ‘Aurea’. File:Ecaussinnes-d'Enghien AR2bJPG.jpg|QI seal Southern Catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides) File:0 Liquidambar stiyraciflua - La Hulpe (2).JPG|QI seal Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) - Domaine Solvay - West Bank of the Longue Queue pond in La Hulpe, Belgium. File:Esneux AR7aJPG.jpg|QI seal Black locust ‘Frisia’ Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia').

Image:Beloeil AR1bJPG.jpg|Fagus sylvatica Cv. atropurpurea. Image:Rouveroy AR1aJPG.jpg|Aesculus hippocastanum File:0 La Hulpe - Étang de la Longue Queue (5).JPG|QI seal Domaine Solvay - Longue Queue pond in La Hulpe, Belgium. File:0 Enghien - Pavillon des 7 Étoiles (1).jpg |QI seal The heptagonal pavilion of the baroque park of the "Seven Stars" in Enghien, Belgium.

File:Enghien CH1bJPG.jpg|QI seal The former castle Empain in Enghien, Belgium Image:Papilio Machaon JPG1a.jpg|Cscr-featured.svg Papilio Machaon. Image:0 Piéride du chou (Pieris brassicae) - Agastache foeniculum - Havré (1).JPG| Pieris brassicae. image:Vanessa cardui JPG01.jpg| Vanessa cardui. File:0 Petite tortue - Aglais urticae (1).JPG| Aglais urticae File:0 Amaryllis (♀) - Pyronia tithonus - Havré.JPG| Pyronia tithonus File:0 Tircis - Pararge aegeria - Havré, Belgique (1).JPG| Pararge aegeria Image:Papilio Machaon JPG01.jpg|Caterpillar of the Papilio Machaon. Image:0 Chenille - Deilephila elpenor - Havré (1).JPG|Caterpillar of the Deilephila elpenor.

Image:Sympetrum sanguineum JPG1a.jpg|Sympétrum rouge sang. File:Renier de Huy JPG02.jpg|QI seal Baptismal font of Renier de Huy (begin of the XIIth century) in Liège, Belgium File:Rebaix ME1cJPG.jpg|QI seal Façade stone dated and decorated with a low-relief showing Saint Martin and the beggar in Rebaix, Belgium image:Aquarelliste JPG01.jpg|The water colourist.

image:Aquarelliste JPG03.jpg|The water colourist painting in the nature. image:Sculpteur sur bois JPG02.JPG|The wood sculptor. QI seal Woodcarver. image:Sculpteur sur bois JPG01.jpg|Valued image seal.svg The wood sculptor. Image:Meise 060629 (24).JPG|QI seal National Botanic Garden of Belgium - Balat Greenhouse.

Image:Laeken Se1JPG.jpg Image:Laeken Se1bJPG.jpg Image:Laeken Se1aJPG.jpg|Cscr-featured.svg image:Grand-Reng JPG04.jpg|Grand-Reng, the popies on the knoll.

File:0 Mozet - Ferme de Basseille (1).jpg|QI seal The Basseille farm (XVIIIth century). Image:0 Lompret - Village (3).JPG|QI seal The village of Lompret, Belgium. File:Falaën 060823 (5).JPG|QI seal The village of Falaën, Belgium. File:Rendeux AR1bJPG.jpg|QI seal Acer griseum.

File:Nyssa sylvatica JPG1b.jpg|QI seal Nyssa sylvatica leaves in autumn. File:Fagus sylvatica JPG2a.jpg|Fagus sylvatica in autumn. QI seal File:Tervuren ARB2JPG.jpg|QI seal The King Walk in the arboretum of Tervuren, Belgium. File:0 Pterocarya fraxinifolia - La Hulpe (1).JPG|QI seal Pterocarya fraxinifolia

File:Liriodendron tulipifera JPG5a.jpg|QI seal Liriodendron tulipifera . Image:Sobralia Macrantha JPG01.jpg|Sobralia Macrantha. image:Musa JPG01.jpg|Musa. QI seal File:0 La Hulpe - Étang de la Longue Queue (1).JPG|QI seal Domaine Solvay - Longue Queue pond in La Hulpe, Belgium.

Image:Mons Ch1bJPG.jpg|The inside of the St. Calixte chhapel in Mons. File:0 Fagus sylvatica.JPG|The Logne castle File:Taxodium distichum (Rendeux) JPG1.jpg|QI seal The Ourthe river and the Taxodium distichum of the Arboretum Robert Lenoir in Rendeux, Belgium. File:Bray-Dunes - Le bateau dans les nuages.JPG|QI seal The boat in the clouds - Beach of Bray-Dunes (Nord), France.

File:0 Bergues - Hôtel de ville (1).JPG|QI seal The city hall of Bergues. File:0 Bergues - Ancien mont-de-piété (1).jpg|QI seal The previous mount of piety in Bergues (Nord) France.

File:0 Gravelines - Fort de Vauban (1).jpg |QI seal, The moat, the drawbridge, the western walls and the bastion of the Mill seen from the bastion of the Castle on Gravelines, France.

File:Clervaux - L'église décanale (1910-1912).jpg |QI seal The deanship's church in Clervaux, Luxembourg. File:Clervaux - Le vieux château féodal (XIIe siècle).jpg|QI seal The Clervaux castle File:Binsfeld (Luxembourg) 101021 V1.JPG|QI seal The village of Binsfeld, Luxembourg. File:0 Lobbes - Collégiale Saint-Ursmer (1).JPG|QI seal The St Ursmar Collegiate church (XIth century).

image:Crupet JPG01.jpg|Crupet, the tower Carondelet.QI seal File:02-Namur-100109 (1) JPG.jpg|QI seal The valley of the Meuse seen from the terrace of Café du Panorama in Namur (Belgium). File:Tirailleurs algériens de Fosse-la-Ville - Havré.JPG|QI seal Tirailleurs algériens of Fosses-la-Ville in the Havré procession. File:Soignies - Garde Impériale 2.JPG|QI seal The Folk group of the "Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard".

image:Cambron-Casteau JPG04.JPG|QI seal Sunset on Cambron-Casteau. File:Thoricourt PH1JPG.jpg|QI seal Rue de Lombisœul in Thoricourt, Belgium. File:Cambron-Casteau JPG05.jpg|QI seal Sunset on the « Rue Notre-Dame » in Cambron-Casteau, Belgium.

File:Chaussée Notre-Dame-Louvignies 051218 (15).jpg|QI seal The little chapel in the snow. File:Abbaye de Bonne Espérance 01 JPG.jpg|QI seal Main buildings of the Bonne-Espérance Abbey in Vellereille-les-Brayeux, Belgium. image:Clabecq JPG01.jpg|Clabecq, the old blast furnace workers. image:Clabecq JPG2.jpg|Clabecq, helmets and protective clothings for blast furnace workers.

image:Obourg JPG01.jpg|Sunset on the cementry.

File:00 Strépy-Bracquegnies.JPG|QI seal The new ship elevator in Strépy-Bracquegnies, Belgium. File:0 Aubechies - Église Saint-Géry (2).jpg|QI seal The Saint Gaugericus' church (XIth century). image:Mons beffroi JPG01B.jpg|Mons, Baroque belfry.

File:Céroux-Mousty 050910 (26).JPG |QI seal carved oak panel adorning a communion table of the Church of Our Lady in Céroux-Mousty, Belgium File:Walcourt - Parclose - Satire d'une nourice.JPG|QI seal Walcourt, parclose. File:Walcourt - Miséricorde - Deux personnes déféquant.JPG|QI seal Stalls of the Basilica of Saint Materne (XVIh century) - Walcourt (Belgium). File:Tournai JPG02f.jpg |QI seal Clock tower of the oldest belfry of Belgium in Tournai.

image:Tournai JPG001.jpg|Tournai, Our Lady Cathedral. image:Tournai JPG02.jpg|Tournai, Gothic belfry.

File:0 Opprebais - Moulin (1).JPG|QI seal Windmill in Opprebais (Belgium).

image:Walcourt JPG01.jpg|Walcourt, The city and St-Materne in the snow. image:Ath JPG00.jpg|St. Julien tower during the night. image:Burg-Reuland JPG15.jpg|The village of Burg-Reuland, Belgium. File:0 Château de Logne - Vieuxville (1).jpg|QI sealThe castle ruins of Logne, Belgium.

File:00 Bruges Beguinage JPG2.jpg image:Dinant JPG01.jpg|Dinant, the city and the Meuse. image:01-Namur-290305 (3) JPG.jpg|Namur, the Meuse,the Jambes' bridge and the Vauban citadel. image:Godinne JPG01.jpg|Godinne, the Meuse valley.

image:Lobbes JPG05.jpg|Lobbes, St-Ursmer reflection in the Samber. image:Floreffe - Abbaye et village (1).JPG|Floreffe, the Prémontrés Abbey and the city. image:Thuin JPG01.jpg|Thuin, the old city and the belfry. image:Mons JPG06.jpg|Mons, the Grand'Place and the St-Elisabeth church bell tower.

image:Mons JPG03.jpg|Mons, the Grand'Place with the city hall and the baroque belfry . image:01_Houdeng-Goegnies_050326_(6).JPG|Houdeng-Goegnies, the "old section of the "Canal du Centre". image:Anthée JPG01.jpg|Anthée, the "de Fontaine" castle. image:Thuin JPG02.jpg|Thuin, the old city with its "suspended gardens".

Image:Mohiville 060124 (3).JPG|Mohiville. Image:Rochefort JPG002.jpg|Rochefort. Image:Gedinne 050717 (15).JPG|Gedinne. Image:Cheval JPG01.jpg|Ardennais

Image:Haut-le-Wastia Rv2aJPG.jpg|Haut-le-Wastia. Image:Marchin Rv1aJPG.jpg|Marchin. Image:Modave Rv1aJPG.jpg|Modave. Image:Sosoye Rv1aJPG.jpg|Sosoye.

Image:Ville-sur-Haine JPG05.jpg Image:Cambron-Casteau 051218 (6).JPG Image:Cambron-Casteau JPG05.jpg Image:Hensies JPG07.jpg

image:Couvin JPG01.jpg|QI seal The "rue de la Falaise" alongside the Eau Noire river in Couvin, Belgium. Image:Montignies-St-Christophe 051210 (5).JPG|Montignies-St-Christophe. image:Nismes JPG01.jpg|Nismes. image:Hotton JPG01.jpg|Hotton , the Ourthe river and the city.

image:Armillaria mellea JPG1.jpg|Armillaria mellea. File:Pleurotus ostreatus JPG2.jpg|QI seal Pleurotus ostreatus. File:Pholiota squarrosa JPG3.jpg|QI seal Pholiota squarrosa. image:Laetiporus sulphureus JPG01.jpg| Laetiporus sulphureus.

Image:Havré JPG06.jpg|Sundial in Havré, Belgium. Image:Havré JPG09.jpg|Sundial in Havré, Belgium. File:Clervaux Cadran solaire 101021.JPG|QI seal Sundial of the castle in Clervaux, Luxembourg. File:Strépy-Bracquegnies JPG10.jpg|QI seal Sundial of the Delsamme farm in Strépy-Bracquegnies, Belgium

Image:050522 Mons procession JPG0109.jpg|Mons. Image:060611 Mons (20).JPG|Mons. image:Morialmé JPG03.jpg|Morialmé. Image:Morialmé JPG02.jpg|Morialmé.

Image:Gros-Fays 060505 (8).jpg|Gros-Fays. Image:Fagnolle JPG02.jpg|Fagnolle. image:Froidfontaine JPG01.jpg|Froidfontaine, before the storm. Image:Havré JPG03.jpg|Havré.

File:0 Chambre de Raphaël - École d'Athènes - Musées du Vatican.JPG|QI seal The School of Athens - Vatican Museum. File:0 Fresque représentant Mercure - Musée du Vatican (1).JPG|QI seal Fresco of the The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican Museums. File:0 Fresque et stucs - G. Muziano - C. Nebbia - Galleria delle carte geografiche.JPG|QI seal Fresco of Mercury - Vatican Museum.

File:0 Mosaïque - Buste de Satyre - Palazzo Massimo.JPG|QI seal Pavement mosaic with the head of a satyr Palazzo Massimo, Italy. File:Mosaïque - Buste de Dionysos - Palazzo Massimo.JPG|QI seal Pavement mosaic with the bust of Dionysus Palazzo Massimo, Italy.

File:Laeken Se1kJPG.jpg|Laeken, Royal Greenhouses of Bala. File:Acer spicatum JPG1L.jpg|QI seal Hornbeam Maple Acer spicatum leaves. File:Pinus nigra JPG4Ad.jpg|QI sealPinus nigra bark. File:Sorbus alnifolia 'Submollis' JPG1Ta.jpg|QI seal Alder-leafed Whitebeam or Korean Whitebeam (Sorbus alnifolia) var. ‘Submollis’.

image:Grand-Reng JPG04.jpg|Grand-Reng, the popies on the knoll. File:Hornu 050322 (8).JPG|Hornu, the smallest shop in the miner's cottage. image:Binche JPG01.jpg|Binche, the old city and its surrounding wall. File:0 Gembloux - Palais de l'ancienne abbaye St-Pierre (2).JPG|QI seal Main building of the former abbey of Gembloux.

File:Porto-Vechio Port1aJPG.jpg|QI seal Porto-Vechio File:0 Givet - Quai de la Houille 111021.JPG|Valued image seal.svg Quai de la Houille, Givet. File:0 Lampadaire du Pont Alexandre III - Ronde des amours.JPG|QI seal Rondes des Amours - Alexandre III bridge - Paris. File:0 Sculpture du Pont Alexandre III - Néréide (A. Massoulle).JPG|QI seal Néréide - Alexandre III bridge - Paris.

image:Carcassonne JPG01.jpg|Carcassonne. image:La-Chaise-Dieu JPG0 (7).JPG|La-Chaise-Dieu. image:La-Chaise-Dieu JPG0 (1).JPG|La-Chaise-Dieu , musician ange. File:Jacques Du Brœucq - L'Espérance.JPG|Mons, the Hope (Jacques du Broeucq).

image:St-Nectaire Chapiteau JPG03.jpg|St-Nectaire. image:St-Nectaire - Trésor - St Baudime JPG01.jpg|St-Nectaire , buste reliquaire de St Baudime. File:00 Marie de Bourgogne JPG1.jpg|Bruges, Tomb of Mary of Burgundy. File:Madonna Michelangelo Bruges - JPG1.jpg|Bruges, The Madonna with Child (Michelangelo Buonarroti)

image:St-Nectaire - Vierge du Mt Cornadore JPG01.jpg|St-Nectaire , Holy Virgin of Cornadore Mt. Image:Enghien 050918 (29).jpg|Enghien, Our Lady of Messina. File:0 Vierge ornant la porte de Ste-Marie Majeure.JPG|QI seal . image:Jodoigne JPG01.jpg|Jodoigne , St-Médard.

image:Jodoigne JPG02b.jpg|Jodoigne , the Market Chapel. image:Jodoigne JPG02c.jpg|Jodoigne , the City Hall. File:0 Haltinne - Château.jpg|QI seal The castle of Haltine. image:Relieur JPG01.jpg|The bookbinder.

image:CoutelierJPG01.jpg|The cutler. image:Facteur de clavecin JPG00.jpg|The harpsichord builder. File:Bois-du-Luc - Fondeurs d'art.JPG|The makers of bronzes. File:01Thiers - Émouleur - JPG1.jpg|The sharpener.

File:0 Sculpteur sur pierre - Philippe Nicodème (1).JPG|The sculptor on stone image:Doreuse JPG01.jpg|The working gilder. image:Mosaïste JPG02.jpg|The worker in mosaic preparing his frame. image:Mosaïste JPG01.jpg|The worker in mosaic taking his rest time.

image:Bottier orthopédiste JPG01.jpg|The worker in action. image:Ermeton-sur-Biert JPG01.jpg|Ermeton-sur-Biert , the monastry and the village . File:Harchies RN1dJPG.jpg|QI seal Little pond completely covered by little parts of poplars male catkins in Harchies, Belgium. image:Spa JPG01.jpg|Spa , the fountain of the casiino gardens.

image:Havré JPG01.jpg|Havré , the castle ruins. image:Haltinne - château - JPG1.jpg|Haltinne , the castle. image:Ham-sur-Heure 050525.JPG|Ham-sur-Heure , the "de Mérode" castle. image:Stavelot JPG02.jpg|Stavelot , the St-Remacle abbey .

image:Nassogne JPG01.jpg|Nassogne , the surroundings of St-Monon Collegiate. image:Florennes JPG01.jpg|Florennes , the castle. image:Vonêche JPG01.jpg|Vonêche , view on the village. image:Vonêche JPG03.jpg|Vonêche , typical half-timbering houses.

image:Solre-sur-Sambre JPG01.jpg|Solre-sur-Sambre , the castle. Image:Huy FneJPG.jpg|Huy , girlies games at the fountain "Li Basinia". Image:Mons 050424 JPG0111.jpg Image:Modave JPG01.jpg|Modave, the castle.

image:Thy-le-Château JPG01.jpg|Thy-le-Château, the fortified castle. image:Houx JPG01.jpg|Houx, the medieval castle. image:Bouillon JPG01B.JPG|Bouillon, the old bridge and the Semois river. image:Bouillon JPG03.JPG|Bouillon, the fortified castle. image:Thy-le-Bauduin JPG01.jpg|Thy-le-Bauduin.

image:Mozet JPG01.jpg|Mozet. image:Daussois JPG01c.jpg|Daussois.

File:Fraxinus excelsior 'Aurea pendula' JPG.jpg|QI seal Fraxinus excelsior 'Aurea pendula'

image:Rance JPG01.jpg|Rance.. File:Torgny - Village 050615 (2).JPG|QI seal A grape field in Torgny File:Davidia involucrata 'Vilmoriana' 2.jpg |QI seal Davidia involucrata 'Vilmoriana' leaves image:Braine-le-Comte JPG02.jpg|Braine-le-Comte, the bandstand and the city hall.

Image:Péruwelz JPG03.jpg Image:Forest 060106 (16).JPG Image:01 Tournai Ki1JPG.jpg image:Chartreux JPG01.jpg|Chartreux.

File:Chartreux JPG02.jpg|Chartreux. image:Felis silvestris catus (Berlioz).JPG|Domestic cat. File:Felis silvestris catus (Berlioz)6.JPG|Tabby cat. image:Cyanistes caeruleus JPG03.jpg|Blue tit.

File:Branta canadensis JPG1a.jpg|Branta canadensis Image:Cygnus atratus JPG1.jpg|Black Swan. File:Bubo bubo JPG.jpg|Eurasian Eagle Owl. Image:Robertville - Château de Reinhardstein.jpg|Reinhardstein castle.

Image:Walzin JPG03.jpg|QI seal The Walzin castle and the Lesse. Image:Tournai JPG05a.jpg Image:Weillen JPG04.jpg File:Sorbus 'Leonard Messel' JPG1b.jpg|QI seal Sorbus 'Leonard Messel'.

Image:Strépy-Bracquegnies JPG1.jpg|QI seal The big pond in Strépy-Bracquegnies, Belgium. Image:Puy de Sancy JPG01.jpg File:Fontaine Sainte-Thérèse - Domaine de Mariemont.JPG|QI seal The St. Teresa fountain - Domaine de Mariemont in Morlanwelz, Belgium. File:Jef Lambeaux JPG1a.jpg|QI seal Le Triomphe de la femme by Jef Lambeaux - Parc de :Mariemont - Morlanwelz, Belgium.

Image:Enghien 050918 (21).jpg|QI seal "Il Porcelino" copy in the Enghien park , Belgium File:01 Bruges - Chocolate Corner - JPG2.jpg|QI seal "The Chocolate Corner" shop, Wijngaardstraat 17 in Bruges, Belgium Image:0 Theux Perron (1).JPG|The perron of Theux image:Couvin JPG02.jpg|Couvin

Image:Anvaing JPG01.jpg|Anvaing. Image:Meise JPG02a.jpg|Victoria amazonica File:Hensies RN1cJPG.jpg|QI seal The Van Gheyt pond in Hensies, Belgium Image:Waulsort Fl1aJPG.jpg

Image:Marchin Rv1aJPG.jpg Image:Annevoie JA1aJPG.jpg File:0 Botassart - Tombeau du Géant (1)JPG.jpg|QI seal The "Tombeau du Géant" and the Semois river in Botassart, Belgium. Image:Le Rœulx Ca1JPG.jpg

Image:Namur Vit1JPG.jpg Image:Namur Vit2JPG.jpg Image:Namur Vit3JPG.jpg Image:Forrières D1JPG.jpg

File:Redu - Hiver.jpg Image:Havré - Château 1.jpg File:Honfleur - Le vieux port 1.jpg Image:Russula aurora JPG1.jpg

Image:Russula lepida JPG1.jpg Image:Russula xerampelina JPG1.jpg Image:Scleroderma citrinum JPG3.jpg image:Catalpa speciosa JPG01b.jpg|Catalpa speciosa

image:Strépy-Bracquegnies JPG001.jpg|Strépy-Bracquegnies, the old ship elevator.

File:0 Havré - Chapelle N-D de Bon Vouloir (1).jpg|QI seal Procession going to the chapel of "Notre-Dame de Bon Vouloir in Havré. File:00 Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains - Mont Blanc - JPG1.jpg|The Mont-Blanc.

File:01 Aiguille du Midi – chocard à bec jaune, France, 2005.jpg|The Aiguille du Midi. File:Odeigne Vi1.jpg|QI seal Winter scene in Odeigne,Belgium. File:00 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains - TMB - JPG2.jpg File:BMW R75 - 116 Pz Div - JPG2.jpg|QI seal BMW R75 - 116 Pz Div

File:Char T34 - Cal 85 - JPG1.jpg|QI seal Soviet Char T34/85 File:0 Fiat 500 - Rome.JPG|QI seal Fiat 500 in the Viale di Trastevere in Rome Italy. File:Han-sur-Lesse JPG02.jpg File:Autorail diesel 4610 - Treignes.JPG|QI seal Autorail diesel 4610

File:00 Treignes - Pompe à incendie 1.JPG File:00 Chimay - Château.JPG|The Chimay Castle (Adrien de Montigny) File:N-D de Tournai - Rubens JPG1.jpg|Tournai, "the issue of souls in purgatory" (Peter Paul Rubens) File:N-D de Tournai - Jacques Jordaens JPG1.jpg|Tournai, "the last breath" (Jacques Jordaens)

File:De Coydeberg Aleyde JPG1.jpg| File:0 Château Royal de Laeken.JPG|Laeken, the royal castle. File:0 Château Royal de Laeken 2 - Jardins.JPG|Laeken, Gardens of the royal castle. File:0 Ange au titulus de Giulio Cartari - Ponte Sant'Angelo - Rome.JPG|QI seal Angel bearing the superscription by Giulio Cartari - Western side of the Ponte Sant'Angelo in in Rome, Italy.

File:Ajaccio San1JPG.jpg|QI seal The Archipel of the Sanguinaires in Ajaccio (Corse),France.

File:Bonifacio Cal1JPG.jpg|QI seal The calanques of Fazio and Paraguano in Bonifacio (Corse du Sud), France. File:00 Chamonix - Les Grandes Jorasses - JPG.jpg|Grandes Jorasses File:Zonza Bavelle 1JPG.jpg|QI seal Aiguilles de Bavella File:Zonza Alta Rocca JPG1.jpg|Zonza, l'Alta Rocca

File:Baume-les-Messieurs - Panorama.JPG|Baume-les-Messieurs

File:0 Rhododendron - Celles (Hainaut) 3.JPG|QI seal Rhododendron orbiculare File:0 Agapanthus praecox ssp. Orientalis - Meise.JPG|Valued image seal.svg Agapanthus praecox ssp. Orientalis. File:0 Rhododendron - Celles (Hainaut) 5.JPG|Rhododendron File:0 Rhododendron - Celles (Hainaut) 6.JPG|Rhododendron

File:0 Car d'Or - Mons 2.jpg|Mons, le Car d'Or.

File:Jacques Du Brœucq - Saint Barthélémy.JPG|Saint Barthélémy de Jacques Du Brœucq. File:Jacques Du Brœucq - Cène .JPG|dernière Cène de Jacques Du Brœucq. File:Jacques Du Brœucq - L'Espérance.JPG|l'Espérance de Jacques Du Brœucq. File:0 Bruxelles - Petit Sablon - Blanchisseur.JPG|QI seal Craft guild statue of the Bleacher Petit Sablon Square in Brussels, Belgium. File:0 Ange de Paolo Naldini - Ponte Sant'Angelo - Rome (1).JPG|QI seal Angel bearing a garment and dice by Paolo Naldini western side of the Ponte Sant'Angelo in in Rome, Italy.

File:Ferula communis JPG.jpg|QI seal Ferula communis File:Tilia insularis JPG1FeFl.jpg|QI seal Tilia insularis File:Musa JPG02.jpg|Musa File:0 Prunus serrulata - Kalmthout (3).JPG|QI seal Prunus serrulata

File:0 Ange d'A. Giorgetti - Ponte Sant'Angelo - Rome (1).JPG|QI seal Angel by Antonio Giorgetti, western side of the Ponte Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy. File:0 Aphrodite de Ménophantos - Pal. Masssimo alle Terme.JPG|QI seal Aphrodite of Menophantos. File:0 Fanciulla offerente - Palazzo Masimo - Rome.JPG|QI seal Fanciulla offerente - Palazzo Masimo alle Terme Rome, Italy.

File:0 Pont et château Sant'Angelo - Rome (1).JPG|QI seal The Tiber, the bridge and the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy.

File:0 Fourneau St-Michel - Chaumière hesbignonne (Hingeon 1).JPG|Unskilled worker's thatched cottage in the domaine of the Saint Michel furnace. 6th winning picture in WLM 2012

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File:0 Fourneau Saint-Michel - Avr 79.JPG|the Saint Michel furnace - Saint-Hubert, Belgium. File:Fourneau St-Michel - Auberge du Prévost (Journal).JPG| L'Auberge du Prévost - Saint-Hubert, Belgium. File:Fourneau St-Michel - Chaumière double (Semois).JPG|Double thatched cottage of the Semois area - Saint-Hubert, Belgium. File:0 La fenaison en juillet 1972 chez Joseph (1).JPG|The haying in Forrières, Belgium File:La Roche-en-Ardenne 090529 (3).JPG|La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium File:0 Joseph - Fenaison de juillet 1972.jpg|The haying in Forrières, Belgium

File:0 Mons - Rue à Dégrés (3).jpg|Rue à Degrés in Mons, Belgium. File:0 Mons - Passage entre le Jardin G. Jacobs et la rue d'Havré (1).JPG|Passage between the G. Jacobs' Garden and the rue Havré in Mons, Belgium. File:0 Mons - Ruelle du Repos (2).JPG|Ruelle du Repos in Mons, Belgium.

File:0 Mons - Grand'Rue (2b).JPG|Grand'Rue in Mons, Belgium. File:0 Binche - Les Gilles le jour du mardi gras (2).JPG|The Gilles of Binche, Belgium. File:0 Monschau - Holzmarkt, 8-10-12.JPG|The Holzmarkt in Monschau, Germany.

File:0 Amazzone ferita - Musei Capitolini (1).JPG|Amazzone ferita of the Capitoline Museums in Rome File:0 Constantinus I - Palazzo dei Conservatori (1).JPG|Head of Constantine the Great's colossal statue of the the Capitoline Museums in Rome File:0 Antinoüs capitolin (1) .JPG|So called “Antinoos Capitoline” of the Capitoline Museums in Rome

File:0 Apollon du Tibre - Pal. Massimo alle Terme (1).JPG|Tiber Apollo of the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme in Rome

File:0 Vénus de l'Esquilin - Musei Capitolini - Rome.JPG|Esquiline Venus of the Capitoline Museums in Rome File:0 Eros Thanatos Musei Capitolini (1).JPG|Eros Thanatos of the Capitoline Museums in Rome File:0 L'Enfant au Masque - Palazzo Nuovo - Musei Capitolini.JPG|Statue of the child covered with a theater mask of the Capitoline Museums in Rome|Dancing maenad of the Capitoline Museums in Rome

File:0 Ménade dansante - Musei Capitolini.JPG|Dancing maenad of the Capitoline Museums in Rome File:0 L'enfant qui étrangle l'Oie - Palazzo Nuovo - Musei Capitolini.JPG|Statue of the "Child strangling the goose" of the Capitoline Museums in Rome

File:0 Ixion roi des Laphites trompé par Junon qu’il voulait séduire - Pierre Paul Rubens.JPG|Ixion king of Lapiths deceived by Juno he wanted to seduce, oil on canvas by Peter Paul Rubens (1615) File:0 Saint Sébastien secouru par les anges - Pierre Paul Rubens.JPG|San Sebastian rescued by angels, oil on canvas made after 1604, attributed to Peter Paul Rubens File:0 La Pêche miraculeuse - P.P. Rubens - Wallraf Richards Museum, Köln (2).JPG|" The Miraculous catch of fish", oil on wood by Peter Paul Rubens (1610)

File:0 Tailleur sur cristaux des anciennes cristalleries de Boussu (1).jpg|Glass engraver of the former crystal factory of Boussu, Belgium.