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Commons maintenance announcements [+/−]

More translations are needed for:

as of 18 February 2010

Hi! I am Larry Pieniazek and I am not notable. I am extremely proud that User:Josette was my wife.

I served on the WMF meta:Ombudsman commission for 2010. (While serving, I was temporarily suspended from all Checkuser roles and from my role as Steward. These suspensions were noted with strikeouts)

I was an admin, bureaucrat, checkuser and oversighter on Commons and have access to OTRS.

I was also an admin and checkuser on en:wp (the English Wikipedia), and I was also an admin, bureaucrat and checkuser on meta: (the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki), and would be happy to help you if I can. Feel free to email me about that or anything else. I think meatball:DefendEachOther is a great idea and I try to practice it.

For more information, see: Wikipedia:User:Lar, or see my WikiMatrix of most all the wikis that I have ID's on.

Projects and neat things

when we went public


I have one sock here: Larbot (talk · contributions · Move log · Statistics · logs · block log), which someday may be a bot but for now, just reserving the name (and using it as a non admin ID when I need to test things out)

Favorite Pics

Taken and uploaded

A few of my favourite pictures from among those I have taken uploaded here...

Drawn by me

A few images created by other means than cameras.

Found on Flickr

A few pics I found on Flickr and convinced the original photographer to license so we could use them

Found at other sites

A few pics found at other sites which were already free, or which were old enough.


A few favourites I did NOT upload, but just found.


Here are my pictures via Flommons, a truly neat tool by Magnus.

This user is a member of the Wikimedia OTRS team.
(or less)
  • No other useful spoken languages,
    but I've used a lot of programming
    languages in the last 30 years or so...
UTC-4This user's timezone is UTC−4.
This user stays melon mellow.
Contact info
IRC "lar" or "lar|something"
(freenode IRC channels)
Email via WP mail link
AOL LarryPieniazek
(IM only. Not a mail address. Rarely on.)
MSN larrypieniazek(at)hotmail(dot)com
(IM only. Not a mail address. Rarely on.)
Yahoo Larry_Pieniazek
(IM only. Not a mail address. Rarely on.)
Stolen from User:Kelly Martin

another way to get to most of my stuff


Other things (drawings, etc)

Helpful stuff

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