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  1. w:ca:HMS Exeter (68) links to HMS Exeter (68) [Search]
  2. w:ca:Festa Major de Solsona links to Category:Category:Festa Major de Solsona [Search]
  3. w:ca:Mol (Bèlgica) links to Category:Mol [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-20T17:25:14Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Mol, Belgium
  4. w:ca:16è districte de París links to Category:Paris XVIe districte [Search]
  5. w:ca:Història del tanc links to Category:World War I tanks [Search]
  6. w:ca:Dell links to Category:Category:Dell [Search]
  7. w:ca:Miguel Fisac Serna links to Category:Miguel Fisac Serna [Search]
  8. w:ca:Rub al Kali links to Category:Rub al Kali [Search]
  9. w:ca:Ctenòfor links to Ctenophora [Search]
  10. w:ca:Laser (Vela) links to Laser (Dinghy) [Search]
  11. w:ca:Taq polimerasa links to Taq polymerase [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-09-01T08:04:02Z; comment: content was: '{{speedydelete|Empty page - image does not seem to exist. Deadstar 08:10, 31 August 2007 (UTC)}}<gallery>Image:TaqPol.jpg|Taq pol...'
    • note: Category:Taq polymerase exists
  12. w:ca:Juan José Güemes Barrios links to Category:Juan José Güemes Barrios [Search]
  13. w:ca:Melagas links to Category:Melagas [Search]
  14. w:ca:Camporiès links to Category:Camporiès [Search]
  15. w:ca:Bristol City Football Club links to Bristol City F.C. [Search]
  16. w:ca:Oakland links to Oakland, Califòrnia [Search]
  17. w:ca:Abutsu-ni links to Abutsu-ni [Search]
  18. w:ca:Guerra d'Escània links to Category:Guerra d'Escània [Search]
  19. w:ca:Televisió per satèl·lit links to Category:Satellite dish (Television) [Search]
    • 3 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2010-01-28T13:49:30Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: 'Украина - Харьков - т.ц. у ст. м. им. Ак. Барабашова "Спутниковое ТВ + Оборудование"' (and the only contributor was '[[Special:Contributions/|178.92.12
      2. page was deleted at 2009-08-12T12:26:48Z; comment: Incorrectly named: Moved to Category:Satellite dishes (residential)
      3. page was deleted at 2009-05-02T15:35:06Z; comment: Category:Satellite dish (Television) moved to Satellite dishes (residential)
  20. w:ca:Cheddar (formatge) links to Category:Cheddar (formatge) [Search]
  21. w:ca:Província d'El Oued links to Category:Província d'El Oued [Search]
  22. w:ca:Parc i Reserva Nacionals de les Portes de l'Àrtic links to Category:Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve [Search]
  23. w:ca:Convent benedictí de Sant Joan links to Category:Monastir de Sant Joan a Müstair [Search]
  24. w:ca:Vaga general espanyola de 2010 links to Category:2010 General strike in Spain [Search]
  25. w:ca:Llista de monuments del Maresme links to Category:Sant Andreu del Far [Search]
  26. w:ca:Cavall crioll links to Crioll [Search]
  27. w:ca:Oltingen links to Oltingen [Search]
  28. w:ca:Pebreta links to Nigella Sativa [Search]
  29. w:ca:Navalla (estri) links to Pocket knives [Search]
  30. w:ca:Vespa links to Wasps [Search]
  31. w:ca:Carí links to Category:Carí [Search]
  32. w:ca:US Open 2010 links to Category:2010 US Open [Search]
  33. w:ca:José Antonio Griñán Martínez links to Category:José Antonio Griñán Martínez [Search]
  34. w:ca:Mirador de les Barques links to Category:Port de Sóller des del Mirador de les Barques [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-06-02T20:34:29Z; comment: Speedydelete
  35. w:ca:Commelinàcia links to Category:Commelinàcia [Search]
  36. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Palafrugell links to Category:Mas Petit de'n Caixa [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-05T06:55:49Z; comment: Moved to Category:Mas Petit d'en Caixa.Reason: --<span style="text-shadow:grey 0.2em 0.2em 0.1em; class=texhtml">Davidpar</span> (disc.) 11:36, 4 November 2012 (UTC)
  37. w:ca:Budleia links to Buddleia davidii [Search]
  38. w:ca:Riu Sil links to Riu Sil [Search]
  39. w:ca:Saraca links to Saraca [Search]
  40. w:ca:Frenkendorf links to Frenkendorf [Search]
  41. w:ca:Cosmo Gordon Lang links to Cosmo Lang [Search]
  42. w:ca:Mauser Model 1871 links to Mauser Model 1871 [Search]
  43. w:ca:Banyera (nàutica) links to Cockpit (sailing) [Search]
  44. w:ca:Oriol (Rússia) links to Oryol [Search]
  45. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Gràcia links to Category:Immaculat Cor de Maria (Barcelona) [Search]
  46. w:ca:Sauclièiras links to Category:Sauclièiras [Search]
  47. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Camprodon links to Category:Santa Maria de Camprodon [Search]
  48. w:ca:Villahermosa (Ciudad Real) links to Category:Villahermosa, Ciudad Real [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-31T20:20:17Z; comment: Bad name. Correct name is "Villahermosa (Ciudad Real)"
  49. w:ca:Donat (Grisons) links to Category:Category:Donat, Switzerland [Search]
  50. w:ca:Ruta Ho Chi Minh links to Category:Ruta Ho Chi Minh [Search]
  51. w:ca:Kessel (Limburg) links to Category:Kessel (Limburg) [Search]
  52. w:ca:Apistogramma cacatuoides links to Apistogramma cacatuoides [Search]
  53. w:ca:Terrapene coahuila links to Terrapene Coahuila [Search]
  54. w:ca:Anderson Luis de Souza links to Deco [Search]
  55. w:ca:Perlita volcànica links to Category:Perlita volcànica [Search]
  56. w:ca:Glen of imaal terrier links to Category:Glen of imaal terrier [Search]
  57. w:ca:Terminal d'ordinador links to Category:Data Terminals [Search]
  58. w:ca:Estació Amundsen-Scott links to Category:Estació Amundsen-Scott [Search]
  59. w:ca:Bacora (peix) links to Thunnus alalunga [Search]
  60. w:ca:Partit Comunista del Nepal (Unificat Marxista-Leninista) links to Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) [Search]
  61. w:ca:Història del tanc links to Category:Inter-war tanks [Search]
  62. w:ca:Miga, Quatchi i Sumi links to Category:2010 Winter Olympics mascots [Search]
  63. w:ca:Grigori Ordjonikidze links to Category:Sergo Ordjonikidze [Search]
  64. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Gràcia links to Category:Church of Nuestra Señora de Coll, Barcelona [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-07T11:24:32Z; comment: Empty category
  65. w:ca:Corifoïdeu links to Category:Corifoïdeu [Search]
  66. w:ca:Element unitari de càrrega links to Category:Unit Load Devices [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-12-05T21:20:25Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Unit load devices
  67. w:ca:Sangerhausen links to Sangerhausen [Search]
  68. w:ca:Mangosta de collar links to Herpestes semitorquatus [Search]
  69. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Tossa de Mar links to Category:Sant Vicenç de Tossa [Search]
  70. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Reus links to Category:Sant Bernart Calvó [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-04T06:58:35Z; comment: Empty category
  71. w:ca:Riu Cam (Cambridgeshire) links to Category:Riu Cam (Cambridgeshire) [Search]
  72. w:ca:Creta (geologia) links to Category:Creta (geologia) [Search]
  73. w:ca:Petrell de Madeira links to Category:Oceanodroma castro [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-20T00:00:36Z; comment: Empty category
  74. w:ca:Estació de Málaga - María Zambrano links to Category:Category:María Zambrano train station [Search]
  75. w:ca:Zigenoïdeu links to Category:Zigenoïdeu [Search]
  76. w:ca:Gangneung links to Gangneung [Search]
  77. w:ca:Pau de Fexhe links to Fexhe [Search]
  78. w:ca:Indústria càrnia links to Meat industry [Search]
  79. w:ca:Rethera amseli links to Rethera amseli [Search]
  80. w:ca:Germànics links to Ancient Germanic peoples [Search]
  81. w:ca:Enrique de Villena links to Coats of arms of Villena [Search]
  82. w:ca:Disneyland París links to Category:Disneyland Park [Search]
  83. w:ca:Sifonòfor links to Category:Sifonòfor [Search]
  84. w:ca:La Barraca de Fraisse links to Category:La Barraca de Fraisse [Search]
  85. w:ca:Laren links to Category:Laren [Search]
  86. w:ca:Gimnotiforme links to Category:Gimnotiforme [Search]
  87. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Sant Celoni links to Category:Church of Sant Martí, Sant Celoni [Search]
  88. w:ca:Deisi links to Category:Deisi [Search]
  89. w:ca:Miquel el Valent links to Category:Mihai Viteazul [Search]
  90. w:ca:Llampec links to Category:Lightnings [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-09T00:32:22Z; comment: Improperly named: Category:Lightning
      2. page was deleted at 2007-11-01T21:53:54Z; comment: content was: 'More images of lightning are available here.Category:Thunderstorms[[:Category:Atmos...'
  91. w:ca:Cuculiforme links to Cuculiformes [Search]
  92. w:ca:Catalão links to Despedida.ogg [Search]
  93. w:ca:Gaetano Bedini links to Bedini [Search]
  94. w:ca:Dòlar dels Estats Units links to Fitxer:James Madison Presidential $1 Coin obverse.png [Search]
  95. w:ca:Cavall salvatge links to Tarpán [Search]
  96. w:ca:Ascensió de Jesús links to Category:Ascension of Christ [Search]
  97. w:ca:Fiscal (Aragó) links to Category:Fiscal (Aragó) [Search]
  98. w:ca:Giovanni da Verrazzano links to Category:Giovanni da Verrazano [Search]
  99. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Cadaqués links to Category:Casa Costa [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-14T14:57:43Z; comment: Disambiguated. Several buildings with this name
  100. w:ca:Agricultura als Estats Units links to Category:Agricultura als Estats Units [Search]
  101. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Castelldefels links to Category:Saint Mary Church, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [Search]
  102. w:ca:Sardinella longiceps links to Sardinella longiceps [Search]
  103. w:ca:Breguet 19 links to Breguet [Search]
  104. w:ca:Pal·lene (satèl·lit) links to Pallene [Search]
  105. w:ca:Niederdorf (Basilea Camp) links to Niederdorf [Search]
  106. w:ca:Ardour links to Ardour [Search]
  107. w:ca:Descompressor links to Pressure regulators [Search]
  108. w:ca:Rodion Sxedrín links to Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin [Search]
  109. w:ca:Oradea links to Category:Oradea, Romania [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-04-11T18:56:24Z; comment: content was: '{{Delete}}'
  110. w:ca:Martín de Redín links to Category:Watch Towers in Malta [Search]
  111. w:ca:Llac Winnipeg links to Category:Llac Winnipeg [Search]
  112. w:ca:Grama blava links to Category:Grama blava [Search]
  113. w:ca:Suzuka links to Category:Suzuka [Search]
  114. w:ca:Euplèrid links to Eupleridae [Search]
  115. w:ca:Silves links to Silves [Search]
  116. w:ca:Dòlar dels Estats Units links to Fitxer:LineartPresRev.png [Search]
  117. w:ca:Aixecament del Gueto de Varsòvia links to Informe Stroop [Search]
  118. w:ca:Xantomonadàcia links to Category:Xantomonadàcia [Search]
  119. w:ca:Synergy Group links to Category:VARIG Logística [Search]
  120. w:ca:Llista de monuments del Baix Empordà links to Category:Sant Pau de Fontclara [Search]
  121. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Súria links to Category:Mare de Déu del Roser de Súria [Search]
  122. w:ca:Galidí links to Galidiinae [Search]
  123. w:ca:Observatori del Roque de los Muchachos links to Observatori del Roque de los Muchachos [Search]
  124. w:ca:Judith Gautier links to Judith Gautier [Search]
  125. w:ca:Monestir de Bidaurreta links to Monastery of Bidaurreta [Search]
  126. w:ca:Lluïsa Enriqueta de Nassau links to Luise Henriette of Nassau [Search]
  127. w:ca:Garrana links to Category:Garrana [Search]
  128. w:ca:Al-Tawila links to Category:Al-Tawila [Search]
  129. w:ca:Premi Nobel de Química links to Category:Nobel Prize in Chemistry winners [Search]
  130. w:ca:Venta links to Venta [Search]
  131. w:ca:Barsbek links to Barsbek (river) [Search]
  132. w:ca:Cowboys Stadium links to Cowboys Stadium [Search]
  133. w:ca:Cobítid links to Cobitidae [Search]
  134. w:ca:Sistema d'informació links to Information systems [Search]
  135. w:ca:Fléron links to Fléron, Belgium [Search]
  136. w:ca:Dilsen-Stokkem links to Dilsen-Stokkem [Search]
  137. w:ca:Ptuj links to Ptuj [Search]
  138. w:ca:Bearn links to Bearn [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-04-11T08:15:59Z; comment: empty gallery, text only
  139. w:ca:Pastor alemany links to Category:Category:Altdeutscher Hütehund [Search]
  140. w:ca:Premi Nobel d'Economia links to Category:Nobel Prize in Economics winners [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-11-02T09:47:56Z; comment: content was: 'Winners of [[en:Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel|Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nob...'
  141. w:ca:Llista de monuments del Rosselló links to Category:Monuments Historiques in Collioure [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-10-05T23:22:20Z; comment: Renamed category: content was: "{{tlx|fr|1= Il y a 8 Monuments Historiques immobiliers (classés ou inscrits) à Collioure: le Château Royal, le Bâtiment de l' Artillerie et anciens remparts adossés, l' église Notre-Dame-des-Anges et la tou...
  142. w:ca:Programa Venera links to Category:Venus Missions [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-03-27T03:27:25Z; comment: Incorrectly named: Category:Venus missions
  143. w:ca:Venera 5 links to Category:Venus Missions [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-03-27T03:27:25Z; comment: Incorrectly named: Category:Venus missions
  144. w:ca:Numerià links to Category:Numerià [Search]
  145. w:ca:Criptozoologia links to Category:Category:Cryptozoology [Search]
  146. w:ca:Caterina Opalińska links to Category:Caterina Opalińska [Search]
  147. w:ca:Escuts i banderes del Baix Empordà links to Category:Coats of arms of Baix Empordà [Search]
  148. w:ca:Parc Natural del Cañón del Río Lobos links to Category:Cañón del rio Lobos [Search]
  149. w:ca:Jocs Olímpics d'hivern de 1998 links to 1998 Winter Olympics [Search]
  150. w:ca:Matalàs links to Mattresses [Search]
  151. w:ca:Kraftwerk links to Kraftwerk [Search]
  152. w:ca:Vera Múkhina links to Vera Mukhina [Search]
  153. w:ca:Franc francès links to Category:French money [Search]
  154. w:ca:Zamiàcia links to Category:Zamiàcia [Search]
  155. w:ca:Ragusa (Sicília) links to Category:Ragusa (Sicília) [Search]
  156. w:ca:Llista de monuments d'Argençola links to Category:Església nova de Santa Maria del Camí [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-15T07:27:42Z; comment: Empty Category
  157. w:ca:Direcció assistida links to Category:Power steerings [Search]
  158. w:ca:Sorgo bicolor links to Category:Sorgo bicolor [Search]
  159. w:ca:Cal·ligrafia àrab links to Category:Arabic Calligraphy [Search]
  160. w:ca:Borger-Odoorn links to Category:Borger-Odoorn. [Search]
  161. w:ca:Cecidòmid links to Category:Cecidòmid [Search]
  162. w:ca:Rellotge horitzontal links to Category:Horitzontal sundials [Search]
  163. w:ca:Art d'Astúries links to Category:Asturian pre-Romanesque art [Search]
  164. w:ca:Estació de Mollet - Santa Rosa links to Category:Train stations of Mollet - Santa Rosa [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-10T00:09:58Z; comment: Empty category
  165. w:ca:Volant (mecànica) links to Flywheels [Search]
  166. w:ca:Bossac (Avairon) links to Category:Bossac (Avairon) [Search]
  167. w:ca:Eufràsia links to Category:Eufràsia [Search]
  168. w:ca:Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera links to Category:Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera [Search]
  169. w:ca:Federico Moyúa Salazar links to Category:Federico Moyúa Salazar [Search]
  170. w:ca:Eriphia verrucosa links to Eriphia verrucosa [Search]
  171. w:ca:Pomera links to Apples [Search]
  172. w:ca:Chrysler links to Chrysler [Search]
  173. w:ca:Caesalpinieae links to Caesalpinieae [Search]
  174. w:ca:Coberta (arquitectura) links to Category:Roof [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-15T15:43:42Z; comment: Category:Roof moved to Category:Roofs
    • note: Roof exists
  175. w:ca:Llengües retoromàniques links to Category:Llengües retoromàniques [Search]
  176. w:ca:Oberstdorf links to Oberstdorf, Germany [Search]
  177. w:ca:LHCb links to LHCb experiment [Search]
  178. w:ca:Les Planes links to Category:Les Planes (Sarrià - Sant Gervasi) [Search]
  179. w:ca:Ronda del Litoral links to Category:Ronda litoral [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-11T00:43:40Z; comment: Empty Category
  180. w:ca:Llista de monuments d'Olot (centre) links to Category:Hospital de Sant Jaume [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-15T04:53:27Z; comment: Ambiguous name. Several hospitals with this name
  181. w:ca:Cartró guix links to Category:Dry Lining [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-01-22T18:57:12Z; comment: Category:Dry Lining moved to Category:Dry lining
  182. w:ca:Miño links to Río Minho [Search]
  183. w:ca:Frasco links to Frasco [Search]
  184. w:ca:Anthony Burgess links to Anthony Burgess [Search]
  185. w:ca:Senta Gèma links to Category:Sainte-Gemme [Search]
  186. w:ca:Nikolai Przewalski links to Category:Nikolai Przewalski [Search]
  187. w:ca:Mapamundi links to Maps del món [Search]
  188. w:ca:Reinach links to Reinach [Search]
  189. w:ca:Jean-Baptiste Descamps links to Jean-Baptiste Descamps [Search]
  190. w:ca:Enrico Berlinguer links to Enrico Berlinguer [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-11-16T21:10:35Z; comment: Empty or single image gallery, please see Commons:Galleries: content was: "{{de|Enrico Berlinguer war ein italienischer Politiker.}} {{tlx|en|Enrico Berlinguer was an Italian politician and was national secretary of the Italian Communist Party (Partito Co
    • note: Category:Enrico Berlinguer exists
  191. w:ca:Läufelfingen links to Läufelfingen [Search]
  192. w:ca:Província de Relizane links to Category:Província de Relizane [Search]
  193. w:ca:Colla Castellera Nyerros de la Plana links to Category:Colla Castellera Nyerros de la Plana [Search]
  194. w:ca:Cayo Lara Moya links to Category:Cayo Lara Moya [Search]
  195. w:ca:St. Margrethen links to Category:Category:St. Margrethen [Search]
  196. w:ca:Bristol Rovers Football Club links to Bristol Rovers FC [Search]
  197. w:ca:Dorudon links to Dorudon [Search]
  198. w:ca:Matrah links to Category:Matrah [Search]
  199. w:ca:Departament de Florida links to Category:Florida department [Search]
  200. w:ca:Parc Nacional de Cabañeros links to Category:Parque Nacional de Cabañeros [Search]
  201. w:ca:Programmed Data Processor links to Category:PDP [Search]
  202. w:ca:Levenç links to Category:Levens [Search]
  203. w:ca:Josep Pratmarsó i Parera links to Category:Josep Pratmarsó [Search]
  204. w:ca:Lo Tamany links to LO TAMANY - VILANOVA DE MEIÀ - IB-358.JPG [Search]
  205. w:ca:Metro d'Oslo links to Oslo subway [Search]
  206. w:ca:Malacostraci links to Malacostraca [Search]
  207. w:ca:Sant Roma de Tarn links to Category:Sant Roma de Tarn [Search]
  208. w:ca:Sent Joan e Sent Paul links to Category:Sent Joan e Sent Paul [Search]
  209. w:ca:Osamu Dezaki links to Category:Osamu Dezaki [Search]
  210. w:ca:Musée du Luxembourg. links to Category:Musée du Luxembourg. [Search]
  211. w:ca:Estació de càrrega links to Category:Electric Vehicle charging stations [Search]
  212. w:ca:Onada de calor europea del 2003 links to 2003 european heat wave [Search]
  213. w:ca:Anatòlia links to Anatòlia [Search]
  214. w:ca:Rellotge astronòmic links to Rellotge astronòmic [Search]
  215. w:ca:Clubiònid links to Clubionidae [Search]
  216. w:ca:Najas (Tarn) links to Nages) [Search]
  217. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Castelló d'Empúries links to Category:Santa Maria de Castelló d'Empúries [Search]
  218. w:ca:Llista de béns culturals d'interès nacional de l'Alt Empordà links to Category:Santa Maria de Castelló d'Empúries [Search]
  219. w:ca:Protestes d'Espanya de 2011–2012 links to Category:Spanish Protests May 2011 [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-04T09:20:17Z; comment: Unused and implausible, broken, or cross-namespace redirect: content was: "{{category redirect|Spanish Protests 2011}}"
  220. w:ca:¡Democracia Real YA! links to Category:Spanish Protests May 2011 [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-04T09:20:17Z; comment: Unused and implausible, broken, or cross-namespace redirect: content was: "{{category redirect|Spanish Protests 2011}}"
  221. w:ca:Mastí brasiler links to Category:Fila Brasileiro [Search]
  222. w:ca:Concepción Arenal links to Concepcion Arenal [Search]
  223. w:ca:Schwerte links to Schwerte, Germany [Search]
  224. w:ca:Rita de Càscia links to Saint Rita [Search]
  225. w:ca:Mont Wilhelm links to Mount Wilhelm [Search]
  226. w:ca:República Popular de Kamputxea links to State of Cambodia [Search]
  227. w:ca:Vel links to Veils [Search]
  228. w:ca:Jytómyr links to Zhytomyr [Search]
  229. w:ca:Motor de combustió interna links to Category:Internal combustion engine [Search]
  230. w:ca:Vaga general espanyola de març de 2012 links to Category:2012 March 29 General Strike in the Basque Autonomous Community [Search]
  231. w:ca:Mínbar links to Category:Mínbar [Search]
  232. w:ca:Miguel Indurain Larraya links to Category:Miguel Induráin [Search]
  233. w:ca:Indicatriu de Tissot links to Category:Projeccions cartogràfiques amb la indicatriu de Tissot [Search]
  234. w:ca:Cipridínid links to Category:Cipridínid [Search]
  235. w:ca:Maria Letizia Ramolino links to Category:Maria Letizia Ramolino [Search]
  236. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Tona links to Category:Santa Maria del Barri [Search]
  237. w:ca:Obreampolles links to Category:Bottle Openers [Search]
  238. w:ca:Displàsia de maluc canina links to Category:Hip displasia in dogs [Search]
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  242. w:ca:Josep de Caralt i Sala links to Category:Josep de Caralt i Sala [Search]
  243. w:ca:Associació Educativa Can Palet links to Category:Associació Educativa Can Palet [Search]
  244. w:ca:Cucanya links to Greasy poles [Search]
  245. w:ca:Basílica de Sant Vidal de Ravenna links to San Vitale (Ravenna) - Mosaics [Search]
  246. w:ca:Cèbid links to Cebidae [Search]
  247. w:ca:Caryota links to Caryota [Search]
  248. w:ca:Buenache de Alarcón links to Buenache de Alarcón [Search]
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  258. w:ca:Còdex Borgia links to Codex Borja [Search]
  259. w:ca:Parc Nacional de les Tortugues Seques links to Dry Tortugas [Search]
  260. w:ca:Vídua (planta) links to Scabiosa atropurpurea [Search]
  261. w:ca:Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda links to Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda [Search]
  262. w:ca:Danses basques links to Category:"Basque dance" [Search]
  263. w:ca:Sardinella tawilis links to Sardinella tawilis [Search]
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  277. w:ca:Liedertswil links to Liedertswil [Search]
  278. w:ca:Donceel links to Donceel [Search]
  279. w:ca:Llista de monuments del Ripollès links to Category:Santa Maria de Ribes de Freser [Search]
  280. w:ca:Evacuació de Dunkerque links to Operació Dinamo [Search]
  281. w:ca:Moriscos links to Moriscos [Search]
  282. w:ca:Hyphessobrycon flammeus links to Hyphessobrycon flammeus [Search]
  283. w:ca:Wald (Ausser-Rhoden) links to Wald [Search]
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  285. w:ca:Sharp Corporation links to Category:Sharp [Search]
  286. w:ca:Vielar links to Category:Viella (Hautes-Pyrénées) [Search]
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  291. w:ca:Rust links to Rust (Burgenland) [Search]
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  297. w:ca:Llista de monuments del Pla d'Urgell links to Category:Santa Maria de Linyola [Search]
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  318. w:ca:Mosaic romà links to Ancient Roman mosaics [Search]
  319. w:ca:La Sireneta links to The Little Mermaid [Search]
  320. w:ca:Ron Mueck links to Ron Mueck [Search]
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  325. w:ca:Cap Súnion links to Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion [Search]
  326. w:ca:Flavi Valeri Lleó links to Lleó I [Search]
  327. w:ca:Camps de concentració francesos links to Category:Camp de Gurs [Search]
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  334. w:ca:Estadi Giuseppe Meazza links to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza [Search]
  335. w:ca:Junc (embarcació) links to Junk (ship) [Search]
  336. w:ca:Mangosta bruna de l'Índia links to Herpestes fuscus [Search]
  337. w:ca:Partit Popular Català links to Category:Partit Popular Català [Search]
  338. w:ca:Pere Riba Madrid links to Category:Pere Riba Madrid [Search]
  339. w:ca:Mu ren zhuang links to Category:Muk Yan Jong [Search]
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  341. w:ca:Lauwil links to Lauwil [Search]
  342. w:ca:Gabrielle Charlotte Réju links to Gabrielle Charlotte Réju [Search]
  343. w:ca:Secció fina links to Category:Geological photomicrographs [Search]
  344. w:ca:Sattel links to Category:Sattel [Search]
  345. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Berga links to Category:Santuari de Queralt [Search]
  346. w:ca:Langeoog links to Langeoog, Germany [Search]
  347. w:ca:Nèpid links to Nepidae [Search]
  348. w:ca:Montjòus links to Category:Montjòus [Search]
  349. w:ca:Anell del Pescador links to Category:Anell del Pescador [Search]
  350. w:ca:Knight Bachelor links to Category:Knight Bachelor [Search]
  351. w:ca:Jocs Olímpics d'hivern de 1984 links to 1984 Winter Olympics [Search]
  352. w:ca:Junta de Cardan links to Cardan Joint [Search]
  353. w:ca:Eupleri links to Eupleres goudotii [Search]
  354. w:ca:Entre Ríos links to Category:Entre Rios [Search]
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  360. w:ca:Joan Barceló i Cullerés links to Joan Barceló i Cullerés [Search]
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  362. w:ca:Illa de Sal links to Category:Sal, Cape Verde [Search]
  363. w:ca:Llista de monuments del Bages links to Category:Sant Martí de Mura [Search]
  364. w:ca:Llista de monuments del barri Gòtic links to Category:Church of Santa Anna, Barcelona [Search]
  365. w:ca:Llista de béns culturals d'interès nacional del Barcelonès links to Category:Church of Santa Anna, Barcelona [Search]
  366. w:ca:Tonnerre (Yonne) links to Tonerre, Yonne [Search]
  367. w:ca:Julian Barnes links to Julian Barnes [Search]
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  374. w:ca:Batalla del Ponte Milvio links to Category:Battle of Milvio Bridge [Search]
  375. w:ca:Llista de monuments d'Olesa de Montserrat links to Category:Castell d'Olesa [Search]
  376. w:ca:Singnàtid links to Syngnathidae [Search]
  377. w:ca:Düpenau links to Düpenau [Search]
  378. w:ca:Barnús moresc links to Burnus [Search]
  379. w:ca:Làbrid links to Labridae [Search]
  380. w:ca:Gat links to Category:Cats of Galicia [Search]
  381. w:ca:Riu Illinois links to Category:Riu Illinois [Search]
  382. w:ca:Systoechus gradatus links to Systoechus gradatus [Search]
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  386. w:ca:Anna-Louisa-Geertruida Bosboom-Toussaint links to Bosboom-Toussaint [Search]
  387. w:ca:Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi links to Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi [Search]
  388. w:ca:Ciprinodòntid links to Cyprinodontidae [Search]
  389. w:ca:Hyles zygophylli links to Hyles zygophylli [Search]
  390. w:ca:Emboirats de la UVIC links to Category:Emboirats de la UVIC [Search]
  391. w:ca:Llista de monuments de les Masies de Roda links to Category:Santa Magdalena de Conangle [Search]
  392. w:ca:Cadilhon links to Category:Cadilhon [Search]
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  401. w:ca:Metro de Tolosa links to Toulouse Metro [Search]
  402. w:ca:Hemmiken links to Hemmiken [Search]
  403. w:ca:Mangosta cuacurta links to Herpestes brachyurus [Search]
  404. w:ca:Tenebrionoïdeu links to Category:Tenebrionoïdeu [Search]
  405. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Camprodon links to Category:Sant Feliu de Rocabruna [Search]
  406. w:ca:Producció de cafè a Indonèsia links to Category:Coffee production in Indonesia [Search]
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  409. w:ca:Daisendorf links to Daisendorf [Search]
  410. w:ca:Pomerània links to Pomerània [Search]
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  413. w:ca:Punt de creu links to Category:Cross-Stitching [Search]
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  420. w:ca:Ret links to Hair nets [Search]
  421. w:ca:Tot terreny links to Sport Utility Vehicle [Search]
  422. w:ca:Hemigrammus pulcher links to Hemigrammus pulcher [Search]
  423. w:ca:Basilea links to Basilea [Search]
  424. w:ca:Iurta links to Yurts [Search]
  425. w:ca:Gran Premi d'Imola de motociclisme links to Category:San Marino motorcycle Grand Prix [Search]
  426. w:ca:Le Mont-Saint-Michel links to Category:Le Mont-Saint-Michel [Search]
  427. w:ca:Soest links to Category:Soest [Search]
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  432. w:ca:Hemaris dentata links to Hemaris dentata [Search]
  433. w:ca:Constel·lació de la Balança links to Libra (constellation) [Search]
  434. w:ca:Parc Nacional del Gran Canyó links to Grand Canyon National Park [Search]
  435. w:ca:Jyrki Järvilehto links to Jyrki Järvilehto [Search]
  436. w:ca:Masyaf links to Masyaf Castle [Search]
  437. w:ca:Gandvabre links to Category:Gandvabre [Search]
  438. w:ca:Escalfament global links to Global warming [Search]
  439. w:ca:Matallums links to Sisymbrium irio [Search]
  440. w:ca:Imperi Hittita links to Hittite Empire [Search]
  441. w:ca:Castell Matsue links to Matsue Castle [Search]
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  445. w:ca:Ussinsk links to Usinsk [Search]
  446. w:ca:Raffaello Sanzio links to Fitxer:Rafael - ressureicaocristo01.jpg [Search]
  447. w:ca:Terrapene links to Terrapene [Search]
  448. w:ca:Gos esquimal americà links to Category:Gos esquimal americà [Search]
  449. w:ca:Sent Róman de Mont Pasièr links to Category:Saint-Romain-de-Montpazier [Search]
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  453. w:ca:Llista de monuments del Pla d'Urgell links to Category:Sant Joan del Palau d'Anglesola [Search]
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  458. w:ca:Batalla naval de Sinope links to Battle of Sinope [Search]
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  464. w:ca:Llista de monuments de Gràcia links to Category:Church of Nostra Senyora de Pompeia, Barcelona [Search]
  465. w:ca:East Riding de Yorkshire links to Category:East Riding de Yorkshire [Search]
  466. w:ca:Corchorus links to Corchorus [Search]
  467. w:ca:Li Xiannian links to Li Xiannian [Search]
  468. w:ca:Hyles livornica links to Hyles livronica [Search]
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  472. w:ca:Franc CFA links to Category:Central Africa Money [Search]
  473. w:ca:Alídid links to Category:Alídid [Search]
  474. w:ca:Teresa Bandettini links to Teresa Bandettini [Search]
  475. w:ca:Parc Pàvlovsk links to Pavlosk [Search]
  476. w:ca:Kurgan (ciutat) links to Kurgan [Search]
  477. w:ca:Tropidopola cylindrica links to Tropidopola cylindrica [Search]
  478. w:ca:Làmines de Pyrgi links to Pyrgi pastilles [Search]
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