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Welcome to Wikimedia Commons, Mucki!

-- Wikimedia Commons Welcome (talk) 15:34, 12 August 2013 (UTC)

Hello I agree that you can use the picture. I don't have a bigger file of the picture. I was in vacation in Wolgograd and I had only a small camera with me. Regards


your photo in rossenka near stalingrad[edit]

I would like to use your Photo Rossoschka_02 that is onWikimedia. I am going to set up an artistic installation with photos in a firm. I choose them according the following basis : I go around the world from Paris to Paris (but I stay at Paris latitude )and select about forty photos taken on the net to make this circle. At the moment, I selected 50 pictures of which yours here above and we will choose for print 40 on these 50 . Before definitive selection I would like to know if you agree or not (if you would be definitively chosen for the last forty) (and I'm quite sure your will be selected because I like it very much) to email me through Internet (by Wetransfer - email address : the original file of your photo because i will print it in big size so i need a file bigger than the one on Wikimedia rather than in Raw or Tiff and at worst in jpeg. I have a budget of 50€ per 1 photo for author fees and I shall pay this amount by bank transfer or cash by post office. Your name will be mentioned on the photo and I shall write a commitment with you to use this photo only for this artistic action. Could you confirm by return email that you would be OK or NOT if your photo is selected and already give me size of your file and if it is Raw Tiff or jpeg?. Thank you in advance, it’s important you give me your answer this is not a spam I am a French plastic artist you can see some of my artistic works on Kind Regards. Give me an answer! Positive I hope!