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Commons:WikiProject Arts / Project development

Mission: Project development (internal)

Undone (except Project)[edit]

  • "Thing you can do" (put on a separate page / sort?)

(a) Identify

Painter Year Museum or gallery

(b) care about categories (assign, remove, create)
(c) check categorizations, e.g. Category:Media contributed by the Walters Art Museum: needs category review
(d) Create {{Creator}} templates
(e) Upload missing data or data with a larger size and/or better quality

Future pages[edit]


Project news[edit]

Current collaborations[edit]

Post-it note Sign up.png
  • of groups
    • ...
  • of individuals
    • Mattes: illustrates {{creator}} templates, uploads missing media, collects resources, categorizes pages and creates new categories.
    • sj: helping user:Nina Paley add collections of her freely licensed comic and animated art here for use on Wikisource. See user:Nina Paley/Shared art.
    • ...

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