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Hey, you! Yes, I mean YOU! This is my user page, not my talk page! If you want to speak with me, please write to me HERE!

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Hello! I'm Filnik, an administrator at the Italian Wikipedia. I'm also an admin at it.wiktionary and a botwiki founder.

As a coder (python, PHP, etc.), I've written a script to tag new images that do not have a proper license or have other problems that need fixing. (If you want to patrol new images, use this tool).

Do you need help?[edit]

If you are here, it's probably because you have received a message from Filbot. The reason (90% of the time) is that your image doesn't have a license in its description. For information on how to add a license (and on how to choose the right one), please take a look first at the page Commons:Choosing a license.

If you still don't understand the problem, feel free to ask me at my talk page. I usually check my messages every day, but sometimes I have so much to do that I can't reply immediately. But I'm always available, and if you can wait one to two days, I'll get back to you.  :-)

Bot & Co.[edit]

If you want to take a look at my bot, you can see it here.

For the source of the scripts used, they are on the pywikipediabot package. The source is also here on botwiki, but it may not be updated. To get the latest version on the wiki, click on UPDATE.

I'm also a a Pywikipedia official developer, so if you have a request, feel free to ask!  :-)


For some strange reason, all the emails that I get take longer than messages on my talk page. So please use my talk page instead of emailing me, and I'll answer on your talk page, not via email. (Please remember this!)


Usually I don't have very much time, since I have a lot of things to do. I'm a (more or less) active sysop on three projects (not on wikiversity) and also a pywikipediabot developer. I will answer your messages as quickly as I can, but I can't promise a great amount of other edits or actions.  ;-)

Btw, I will probably have more time during the summer and/or during other holidays.


This is my tool (newimages.php) to patrol new images uploaded in every project by hand. Try it! I think you'll find it very useful and speedy. :-)


Anyone who doesn't understand that this is just a joke will be stabbed by the commons' cabal :P

Hall of Fame[edit]


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