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Hi, this is Fitindia not to be confused with this, I live in Mumbai India. I am a Administrator (Sysop) & Checkuser on Commons. If I could be of any help please feel free to contact me on my talk page.

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Admin statistics
Action Count
Edits 302156
Edits+Deleted 305111
Pages deleted 205652
Revisions deleted 4
Logs/Events deleted 4
Pages restored 3270
Pages protected 57
Protections modified 1
Users blocked 401
Users reblocked 18
Users unblocked 1
User rights modified 192
Users created 1
Mass messages send 1
Users renamed 98

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  • Copyright violations: ~30
  • Unfree Flickr files: ~0
  • Recent unfree Flickr images: ~60
  • No license since 21 June 2022: ~31
  • No permission since 21 June 2022: ~147
  • No source since 21 June 2022: ~22


  • Duplicates: ~14
  • Advertisements/spam: ~7 (bots: 00)
  • Personal photos/selfies: ~4
  • Other speedy deletions: ~73
  • Categories for discussion: 75 months
  • Media requiring a split up: ~1
  • Requests for unblock: ~2
  • Undeletion requests: ~4

Protected edit requests:

  • Full protection: ~50
  • Interface admin: ~25
  • Technical: ~5
  • Template protection: ~6
  • Protection level: ~0

See also: DR, HMS,