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Sweet Honey in the Rock performing in Ravinia

Musicians biographies


My focus


I have uploaded perhaps as many as over 1,750 photos just of musicians alone. There are a few other photos that I like which are displayed here. However, my focus is as an editor on the Wikipedia as a biographer of musicians. All but a few were placed in articles on the Wikipedias (in multiple language versions) but most are on the English Wikipedia.

I believe in only uploading photos where there is a need. The Wikipedia in the Wikipedia. 's wrong to ask other photographers for use of their photo and then just let it linger here. When I see a biography of someone and there is no photo, it In some cases I've uploaded more than one photo of the same person, (usually for articles where I am a lead editor of sorts), and search for photos for other editors who request my help. I only seek photographs for articles showing a need for them. I am opposed to blindly uploading photos, just because they have a free image or Creative Commons licenses unless a photographer allows us to upload their portfolio here. It isn't fair to other editors in Commons here to be stuck evaluating them, and trying to sort them out. Also, it isn't fair to press photographers for more than we need. With a CC-BY-SA license, they only receive credit for their names and a photostream at best. This is their work and income; it isn't fair to them to be greedy, when they are kind and forthcoming with their work.

Half of my time usually involves finding photos for the articles which have no photo, or very poor images, and photos which both demonstrate the information in the text, and show the visual change of the subject over I email the photographers, explain Creative Commons, and ask that they change their copyright licenses to a CC-BY-SA choice and upload them to the waiting articles, (which usually need work in anticipation of the photographs). I usually pick and am building 6-12 biographical articles about musicians, 98% of the time in the en.Wikipedia. Some of those articles I contributed to in 2006 have IP Adresses instead of a Username. I registered with a username in 2007, and have contributed to several GA and FA ranked articles. It's difficult to write, edit, and decorate those biographies about living persons, because they continue to change, evolve, and require constant work to keep updated. Both the Cat Stevens/Yusuf article and others I've helped along to a distinctive level often lose their status because of the ongoing requirement to update and improve upon them. As of September, 2009 I'd uploaded over 600 images and placed all but six of them on the Wikipedia articles that apply to them. By November, 2012, more than 2,000 photos fall into that category. Here is a link to a partial list of artists I have uploaded:


Maybe this might help:

Notice Only Flickr images tagged as BY (CC-BY) or BY SA (CC-BY-SA) are allowed on Commons. If in doubt, please use the Flinfo tool or ask on the talk page.
Some more advanced information can be found at Commons:Flickr files/Guide.

Some of the tools don't work for me since the original upload bot from Magnus Manske quit working. Therefore, I end up manually uploading the photos to my computer, and then to Commons. I have NO IDEA how else to upload images, and Flickr is the only place I look, since I don't know how to get a "TUSC" account, or ORTS (whatever they are)!

Here are some photos that are outside my specialty, (the biography articles of musicians). They were so beautiful, that when I found a need for them in Wikipedia, I couldn't pass up the chance to upload them, and some of them are here. (The biography photos are listed or displayed on my userpage in en.Wikipedia.)

The Old Supreme Court in Singapore
Ayunamiento de A Corona en Espana
Clown fish
  • Images should be tagged with {{Flickrreview}} for review by bot or trusted user.
  • Images verified as freely available should be considered free, even if the license on Flickr changes.
  • Images which are no longer freely available at time of review should be marked as possibly unfree pending a decision on what to do with them on Commons talk:Flickr files.

The Commons on Flickr hosts a number of files from various institutions that state that they have “No known copyright restrictions”.

See: {{Flickr-no known copyright restrictions}} and mail on commons-l, with discussion by George Oates, Flickr employee heading The Commons, expressing some reservations (The Commons on Flickr announcement).

A way of finding images on Flickr that can be uploaded to Commons is by using the search tools at Flickr. You can search images that are licensed by-2.0 or by-sa-2.0. The {{Flickr free}} template lets you search for images under either license.

Since I have Attention deficit disorder (ADD), it's hard to absorb info from a manual (even here) unless another editor takes me through the process slowly. It is like spoonfeeding me bit by bit, sometimes numbering each step to accomplish my goals; but once I learn it, I KNOW it for good! I want to learn everything I can here! I was computer illiterate until just a few years ago, editing the Wikipedia, but I'd love to learn more about things I can do to help that require using computers! Often I can't find a teacher in Commons with the patience to help with this.