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Administrator User:Mahanga on the English Wikipedia. Situated in Dallas, Texas

Major contributions


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Videos(30 C, 1 P, 711 F)


Theora Video[edit]

  • how to create collage of video with smooth transitions
  • theora filters
  • bulk converting? ffcoder
  • Gif to OGV
  • OGV to gif?
  • simple multi-platform GUI client with no options to convert? (see Simple Theora Encoder)
  • User:Mahanga/ffmpeg2theora
  • How to rotate a video?
  • Destabilize a shaky video
  • template for malformed theora files, audio only ogv theora files (need to be reuploaded as .ogg), theora files that are really some other codec, unplayable theora files
  • when to use GIF and when theora?


Many site changes are needed to make Commons for uploaders and viewers alike. See also Commons:Usability_issues_and_ideas

  • More documentation is needed on licensing policies for videos
  • need an article on Preparing videos for upload (like w:Wikipedia:Preparing_images_for_upload)
  • Make category addition during upload simpler for new users. See Yahoo Answers process. At least get users to add files in a top-level category.
  • A way to search only for video files?
  • View counts on videos
  • Should we place animated GIFs in the video category? When should we use theora over gif?
  • Category of videos that need to be converted to lower resolution, so that they can be placed in articles. for example, all videos over 20mb?
  • Import theora video metadata from ffmpeg2theora
  • Have preview thumbnails when hovering over a video
  • Embed Commons audio/video? Some kind of embed code people can place on their blogs, like YouTube has
  • Playlist of audio/video files (on commons/wikipedia and on external sites such as blogs)
  • Include metadata in video file pages. (when inputting via ffmpeg2theora (artist, date, etc))
  • Have newly uploaded audio and video files be automatically categorized in base categories (Category:Audio files and Category:Videos) or change upload process so it asks the user if the file is a video and then have them choose a category
  • Have commons recognize when an ogg file is actually a video file and not an audio file and display a thumbnail if it is.
  • quality control is badly needed