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Flag-of-Israel-Zachi-Evenor-TB2.pngStar of David.svg MathKnight/Gothic Star of David.svg Caterpillar D9 and Israel Star of David.svg Gallery and גלריה and QI\VI Star of David.svg


The blue and white flag of Israel in Rishon LeZion. The first picture I've taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5.
Flags and emblems of Israel decorate houses in Yom Ha'atzmaut.
Anemone coronaria in various colors in Israel.
St. Vitus Cathedral in Praha. I wish Israel would have Gothic structures built in Gothic or neo-Gothic style. Valued image seal.svg
A monument for the Holocaust victims, SIX millions Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices.
Jewish men pray in the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel.
Flags of Israel and the Israel Combat Engineering Corps (featured on their official website). Quality images logo.svg
Israeli Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Netz 107 - the most decorated F-16 in the world.
IDF "Barak" sniper rifle (an upgraded 0.338 H-S Precision 2000 HTR) which is capable of 0.25 MOA accuracy!
IDF Caterpillar D9 with slat armor - a defensive shield against terrorism.
Anemone coronaria in carpets of red, Shokeda, Israel.
Lupinus pilosus with its blue and white colors, as Israel's national colors ("כחול ולבן"), is endemic to Israel.
Israelis bathing in the Yarkon River source ponds. Winner of the Hebrew Wikipedia 6th photography contest. Quality images logo.svg
Coccinella septempunctata - The 7-Spotted Ladybug
Skull of a Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus תנין היאור) in CrocoLoco Farm, Israel.
Oxythyrea noemi - Naomi's Flower Chafer Valued image seal.svg
Triceratops is my favorite dinosaur.
"Migoonith" - a small bomb shelter in the religious Israeli community Bney Netzarim, Hevel Shalom, Israel
Jerusalem of Gold, Israel.
Flag of Israel, The Jewish democratic state of Israel. Hebrew-featured svg1.png

I am MathKnight, a system operator on the Hebrew Wikipedia. I am also a common wikipedian on the English Wikipedia. I am an amateur photographer and took a course in photography. My professions are Mathematics (Ph.D.) & Physics (M.Sc).

Dr. Zachi Evenor (an Israeli photographer) has freed some high quality photographs under free license (CC-BY), for the sake of free knowledge, and dedicated them to Naomi Oppenheimer. You can see them here and here). For more pictures by Zachi Evenor visit

About My Photography, About Israel[edit]

The main reason I joined the WikiCommons is because I had a new and cool digital camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5). And as typical man, when I have a new toy I take him on a "test drive", or to the "shooting range" (PNI) to see how it performs. Luckily, Israel is a great place to test cameras as it offers beautiful sceneries to shoot (i.e. take picture of), in addition to "larger than life" "Kodak moments" (visit the Old City of Jerusalem and you will understand). On 2008 I upgraded my camera to the excellent Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 and I hope it will improve the quality of my pictures. On 2014 I again upgraded my camera to Nikon D7100 with higher resolution and better sensor.

Technology and Military[edit]

Being technologically advanced country with desire for construction and "flourishing the desert", Israel provide excellent photo-ops for people who like heavy machinery and engineering vehicles (in Hebrew: צמ"ה -ציוד מכני הנדסי) such as bulldozers, front loaders, backhoe loaders, cranes, excavators etc. Often you can see also military jeeps and even tracked armoured fighting vehicles, transported by semi-trailers. During each Independence Day the Israeli Defense Forces hold exhibitions where they show weapons, vehicles and gear.

Most favorite is the IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer, a heavy engineering tool equipped with effective Israeli armor that saved many lives.
Other military equipment includes tanks and aircrafts
And civilian heavy engineering equipment (bulldozers etc)

On White[edit]

I like taking a picture of a military vehicle or a rifle and cut off its background to create a white background photo, giving the object an official catalog look. Here is a white gallery of some of the Israel Defense Forces Ground Army armoured fighting vehicles and sniper rifles:

66-IDF-D9-Zachi-Evenor-01.jpg IDF-M270-MLRS--ZE-white.jpg Merkava-Mk4m-whiteback01.jpg 66-IDF-D9-profile-white-Zachi-Evenor.jpg

Nature - Flower Power[edit]

So, as the need for good picture grew, and the fair-use Wikipedia's rules became stricter, I found I have no choice but to photograph myself some pictures needed to illustrate an article. Good pictures of common field flowers were also in shortage. Luckily, Israel is known for its wide variety of simple yet beautiful flowers and dazzling flora. All one needs is a camera, a car and a free day to roam around the landscape, touring Israel's fields and meadows (you are invited to my gallery to check some flowers photographs I took or check here).

Women of Israel[edit]

Did I mention the inspiring talented pretty women of Israel?


Shofar - Jewish ritual horn

So, here is my WikiCommons Gallery and here is my Full Gallery. Here you can find Quality and Valued Images I created. You may use them as long as the author, I, is credited and properly attributed (in the format of MathKnight, Hebrew Wikipedia & WikiCommons and in cases where the author Zachi Evenor also appears you must credit him too). I also ask to avoid abuse of the pictures and avoid using them an in offensive manner. You are welcome visit my galleries, to comment the pictures and tip me on my talk page.

Have fun!


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Pretty Images in WikiCommons[edit]

Judaism יהדות[edit]

Shofar-16-Zachi-Evenor.jpg Shofar - שופר
Symbols of Judaism


Flag of Israel (bordered).svg Flag of Israel Flag of Israel (bordered).svg

Emblem of Israel.svg Israeli politicians and public officials Emblem of Israel.svg

See also: Israeli officials with flags of Israel.

Israeli views and images

El Al's fleet of Boeing 7X7 jets[edit]

See also: Category:Boeing aircraft of El Al.


Flowers of Israel[edit]


Flag of Israel (bordered).svg User:MathKnight/Animals Gallery

A gallery of impressive animals, beasts and wild critters. For many of them I wrote the corresponding article in the Hebrew Wikipedia, and some are even featured articles. Many of the photos in this gallery were nominated as featured images (mainly in HeWiki) and many of them were selected as feature images.

Part 1[edit]
Part 2[edit]
Part 3[edit]
Part 4[edit]
Part 5[edit]


  • Hebrew-featured svg1.pngYes check.svg - elected as a featured image in the Hebrew Wikipedia
  • Hebrew-featured svg1.pngRed Saltire.svg - nominated yet rejected as a featured image in the Hebrew Wikipedia
  • Hebrew-featured svg1.pngIm-icq.svg - potential for featured image nomination
  • Hebrew-featured svg1.pngGnome-zoom-fit-best.svg - the image is currently nominated as a featured image in the Hebrew Wikipedia

Nature on Transparent background[edit]

Nature illustrations by Adolph Millot[edit]

More wonderful natural history illustrations by Adolph Millot can be found in Category:Adolphe Millot.



  • Skulls of Triceratops prorsus on a transparent background:

Triceratops prorsus YPM 1822Triceratops prorsus by Othniel Charles Marsh.

See: Category:Triceratops on white background.


Triceratops Tyrannosaurus
Tyrannosaurus Triceratops0194a.jpg

  • The Biggest:

The largest dinosaurs and selected large dinosaurs in non-sauropod clades. Updated: August 2018.

The largest dinosaurs and selected large dinosaurs in non-sauropod clades. Updated: September 2018.

The fauna of Hall Creek Formation, Triceratops in blue, Tyrannosaurus in very dark brown.

  • An honorable mention:

Deinosuchus illustration Andrey Atuchin.jpg Deinosuchus hatcheri skull.jpg

I know Deinosuchus is a crocodilian and not strictly a dinosaur, but it is certainly worthy of an honorable addition, since it was as large and menacing as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gothic architecture[edit]

Gothic architecture is the most impressive and beautiful style of architecture.

Gothic architecture: Top row: Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral (Rayonnant Gothic and Gothic Revival), North Rose window of Notre-Dame de Paris (Rayonnant Gothic), Chartres Cathedral (High Gothic). Middle row: Reims Cathedral (High Gothic), Notre-Dame de Paris (Early and High Gothic), High choir of Beauvais Cathedral (Late Gothic), Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral (Rayonnant Gothic and Gothic Revival). Lower Row: Reims Cathedral, (High Gothic), Sainte Chapelle (Rayonnant Gothic), Chartres Cathedral (Early Gothic facade).

Lincoln Cathedral, English Gothic.
Lincoln Cathedral, English Gothic

Hungarian Parliament House in Budapest
The Hungarian Parliament House in Budapest, Neo-Gothic style.

Gothic Highlights[edit]

Other Gothic[edit]

Military and Weapons[edit]

Israel Defense Forces[edit]

Weapons and military equipment of the Israel Defense Forces

IDF Caterpillar D9[edit]

Flag of Israel (bordered).svg The Israeli 66-IDF-D9-Zachi-Evenor-02.png IDF Caterpillar D9 66-IDF-D9-profile-white-Zachi-Evenor.png armored bulldozer is an armored Caterpillar D9 bulldozer used by the IDF's Combat Engineering Corps for combat engineering and counter-terrorism operations.

IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer

IDF Ground Forces[edit]
Israel Defense Forces - armored vehicles of the Combat Engineering Corps, from front to back: IDF Caterpillar D9R armored bulldozer, IDF Nammer CEV (engineering variant of the Merkava APC), ACE 349E (armored Caterpillar excavator), IDF Puma CEV, Tatra-Driller, and wheeled loader. Independence Day 2017.
צה"ל - כלי רכב קרביים משוריינים של חיל ההנדסה הקרבית, מהחזית אחורה: דחפור די-9 משוריין, נמ"ר הנדסי, מחפר ממוגן קטרפילר 349, נגמ"ש הנדסי פומ"ה, טאטרה-דרילר (מקדח בורות), ויעה אופני. יום העצמאות 2017
Israeli Air Force[edit]


Flag of Israel (bordered).svg The YAMAM (Hebrew: ימ"מ, English: Israel's Counter Terrorism Unit, avb. ICTU) is Israel's elite counter-terrorism, hostages rescue and takeover unit. It is part of the Israeli Police and serves also as a police SWAT unit. The YAMAM operators are trained in general fighting, selective fire, marksmanship, CT (לוט"ר) and QCB techniques, and in addition get specialized training according to their profession: entry team, rappelling team, snipers, EOD operators and K9 operators. The YAMAM has a worldwide reputation and is considered as one of the best CT units in the world by experts.

See: Category:YAMAM, en:Yamam and he:ימ"מ.

General arms and weapons[edit]

A mighty sword and a useful image for graphic designers:

Trp-Sword-14226124129-v04.png See more: Category:Albion Arch Duke Two-handed Medieval Sword Trp-Sword-14226124129-v02.png

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Star Wars[edit]

Lightsaber – The coolest weapon ever. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Lightsaber – The coolest weapon ever. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Lightsaber blue (with shimmering aura).png Lightsabers-60.png Jordan Peters Star Wars.jpg

See also: Star WarsCategory:Star WarsCategory:Darth VaderCategory:Lightsabers — [[:|Darth Vader 4b.png]] — Darth Vader 4b.jpg


Gothic Metal

Pretty women

Dana LD - Wikimedia Israel

General photos and misc. images[edit]

Israeli Animal Rights and Vegan organization "Animals" (formerly "Anonymous For Animal Rights")

Tower of London

Peterbilt Semi-Trailer Trucks


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