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Imagine del die
Imagine del die
Birdy at the SWR3 New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden 2013  

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Multimedia del die
Multimedia del die
3D animation of the way of "venenciar", which is the traditional way of pouring wine in Jerez. Venenciar aroses because it was the only way to reach the center of the boot.

It consists in grabing the "venencia", which has three parts: the cup, the rod and hook, with the thumb and index finger close to the hook. Then the venencia is vertically inserted into the boot and once the cup is filled, the venencia is also taken in a vertically way. Once outside the venencia gets horizontally to the ground and increases the distance between it and the wineskin. At the end an abrupt blow is given to complete the movement.   +/− (ia), +/− (en)

Hodie in imagines
Donation del Bibliotheca Statal de Queensland
Northern end of the State Library of Queensland.jpg

Le Bibliotheca Statal de Queensland ha donate 50.000 photographias libere de copyright que documenta aspectos del historia de Queensland. Nos require adjuta pro categorisar le imagines, e pro completar e reformular le descriptiones del imagines. Tu pote leger como adjutar hic.

Le melior

Si tu naviga per Commons pro le prime vice, tu pote comenciar con le imagines eminente, imagines de qualitate o imagines de valor. Tu pote etiam vider obras create per nostre contributores multo habile in Incontra nostre photographos e Incontra nostre illustratores.


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