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Export window in digiKam 2.8.0
The image info tab
The configuration tab

A KIPI plugin for digiKam was made for easy upload of larger numbers of images to Wikimedia Commons and other MediaWiki installations.


Currently, the easiest way to use this plugin is to run the digiKam AppImage.

Or you can use a GNU/Linux distribution: just install both the digikam and kipi-plugins packages from your software management tool. For some distributions (such as Arch Linux) you need to install libmediawiki additionally.

After you have installed digiKam then you'll just have to select images from your album and click "export" to start uploading to Commons. The plugin is also automatically used by some other programs, for instance gwenview (from the "share" button).

Early versions had some problems, but recent versions (5.9.0 and later) work fine.


  • Allow uploads to various wikis.
  • Resizing files at upload
  • Pre-filling of metadata from digiKam metadata (file name for title, EXIF date and time for date, title for text description, tags for categories, geolocation for latitude and longitude)

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