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This WikiProject aims primarily to document in photograph, sound and video all species of plantae. For this, we need a taxonomy. There is a project wikispecies, and I suggest we adhere to that taxonomy as much as possible.

There are about 300.000 species of plants, and it sounds impractical, but I suggest our aim is to describe them all.

This WikiProject descends from commons:WikiProject Tree of Life.

Of course we already added a large amount of photos and illustrations on plants, but this project might help to establish common quality wishes (what do we aim for?), and as a place to exchange ideas and suggestions.

Article titles and common names[edit]

The scientific name should be used wherever possible. Even if there are generally accepted english names, remember that this is an international project. Note that

  • Names of genera are always italicized and capitalized: Butia, Rosa, Santalum.
  • Species epithets are always italicized and preceded by the name of the genus Magnolia virginiana (the shorthand M. virginiana should preferably be avoided), and never plain virginiana, since such identifiers need not be unique. They are never capitalized.
  • Names of higher taxa are capitalized but not italicized: Fagaceae, Rosales, Plantae.


Major groups should be given their own categories. When possible, these should use the scientific name. In general, only articles about major subgroups should be added, and more specific articles should be included in subcategories. However, when there are only a few articles about members of the group, they can all go directly into the main category. Use your judgement on when to split, aiming for an approximate category size of 10-200 articles.

Note that in addition to taxa, categories may also contain informal subgroups. For instance :


Discussing strategies & organization. (and collecting stuff, of course)


Of the several types of media (photos, drawings, video and sound) photos and drawings are most apt for plantae.

Ideally, of every plant the plant in several stages of growth, the flower, calyx, petals and sepals, leaves, seedpods and seeds should be photograhped and drawn. For trees, the bark should be added.



  • Stock.xchng - thousands of photos (e.g. over 9,000 in category 'animals', over 7,600 in category 'plants'), mostly free use ({{PD}} {{Copyrightedfreeuse}} - only use {{PD}} if it is explicitly stated); many un-named, but a good source for those able to identify the pics


Requests can be made and found at Commons:Picture requests#Plants

Sister WikiProjects[edit]

(not all exist already)


  • User:TeunSpaans Initiator. Contributing Plantae from the Netherlands and occasionally Germany and Belgium.
  • User:LinneausHoff on WikiSpecies
  • User:WayneRay Working on photo cleanups regarding duplicates, illustrations and new species articles. Also uploading Botanical photos from Windfield Photographic Collection and Archives.
  • Snottygobble Australian flora, especially Proteaceae, especially Banksia.
  • User:Ayacop has been doing old book pages uploads, and moving pics into articles with taxonomic info. Is now writing a bot to help with this.
  • MPF. Special expertise in conifers, trees and other plants more generally.
  • Stan Shebs Wilds of Western North America, also extensive "cheating" by walking through botanical gardens. (18,000 taxa at UCBG alone, they say...) And some roses, just for fun.
  • Giancarlo Dessì. I can contribute with cultivations, plants and environment of Sardinia (Italy), but I am not very expert.
  • secar one. just starting to build up fossil forest - fossil plant knowledge / palaeobotany.
  • User:Wsiegmund Contributing Plantae from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California.
  • Juan de Vojníkov - I can help sorting. Interested in phytogeography, plant tissue culture (may take a pictures) and agriculture. Still not having own camera:(
  • SB_Johnny I go through the unidentified photos when I get a chance, and can delete/rename upon request.
  • Andrew massyn. South African Plants. Esp. Cape Floral Kingdom.
  • User:Marco Schmidt. mainly South and West African Plants
  • User:Lankiveil mainly plants growing in subtropical eastern Australia

Sample articles[edit]

None yet.