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Welcome to my user page. Have a look around my galleries and contributions if you like, or leave messages on my talk page. It is also worth checking in the IRC channels if you need me quickly.

If you can suggest improvements to my own work, tell me. Don't let any of my sub-optimal work hang around.

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Quick links for me[edit]


Useful scripts for automating boring things/scraping stuff:

Personal Favourites[edit]

A few of the things that have taken me the most effort and/or that I am proud of:

Commons Bot Work[edit]

I run a bot, InductiveBot, which helps me with uploading and minor edits. It is pending permission for category creation and editing. You can ask me to perform tasks with this bot, including:

  • Batch uploads
  • Batch minor edits (maybe subject to approval by a 'crat)
  • Category work
  • Anything else (simple stuff only, more advanced bots can do the hard stuff), and I'll see what I can do.


See also my gallery for more work.


If possible I use DejaVu Serif for my newer diagrams, as it is supported by the mediawiki renderer, unlike many others, and it is a free font (in all senses). Also it looks good with "Computer Modern" which is what is used by LaTeX and the Inkscape equation setter.

To get the the Computer Modern fonts, look here for the OTF fonts.

Tools I Use[edit]

I have the following software that I use often for my images:


  • Mathematica 7
  • SolidEdge 14


  • Inkscape - highly recommended to everyone - especially now it can do PDF!

Occasionally I have access to Adobe CS2 and MuPAD.


I will usually be more than happy to attempt to plot graphs and the like for you if you ask me nicely. Things that can be done are below. Most things can be given in SVG, or PNG or animated GIF as appropriate.

Graphs and Plots[edit]

  • Basic 2D Line Plots
  • Scatter Plots
  • 3D line plots (eg Parametrics)
  • 3D Surfaces
  • Density and Contour Plots

Technical Diagrams[edit]

  • Circuit Diagrams of most sorts
  • See my gallery for the kind of thing you might get

Also, I will be happy to transcribe (interesting) equations into TeX - I've had a LOT of practice at this!

I have an academic license of SolidEdge v14, so if you need 3D drawing, they can be generated (and in SVG!) Colour, wireframe, technical drawings, etc - all possible! They look awesome, so if you have an interesting proposal, tell me - I'd probably enjoy making it!


Things I have, am or will shortly be contributing to


Generally improvements and replacements when I can, especially diagrams relating to electronic engineering.

Recategorisation is a current personal project. As well as moving hundreds of miscategorised images from various places, so far I have difffused or am diffusing the following major categories:


I like writing textbooks - it's much more rewarding than just an encyclopaedic article. The whole concept explained form start to finish, with as many illustrations as needed, obviously.

  • Practical Electronics
  • Differential Equations
  • Materials in Electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Circuit Theory



General improvements, nothing special.