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Images I have managed to grab and obtain a free license for[edit]

File:HansSchlegel 1936b.jpg
File:HansSchlegel 1933b.jpg
File:HansSchlegel 1935b.jpg
File:Felgenbruch 1645.jpg
Image:PaulusTarsus LKANRW.jpg
Image:BischofMixa Augsburg.jpg
Image:Arad CatholicCathedral inside.jpg
Image:Arad CatholicCathedral.jpg
Image:Arad TeatrulClasicIoanSlavici.jpg
Image:CatholicChurchStTereza Arad.jpg
Image:SfintiiArhangheliMihail si Gavril.jpg
Image:PogorareaDuhuluiSfant2 Arad.jpg
Image:PogorareaDuhuluiSfant Arad.jpg
Image:Vlaicua PostOffice.jpg
Image:Arad StJosef3.jpg
Image:Arad StJosef.jpg
File:Understanding in Xian 0546.jpg
File:MetinByGorigus 012a2.jpg
File:AachenerWappen 1721a.jpg
File:KarlKittelberger LambertzAachen.jpg
File:RochusMummert 6204.JPG
File:WilhelmGeller LambertzAachen.jpg

Images by me with notified use outside of Wikimedia (Commons as a media source)[edit]

File:BenjaminFranklinNationalMemorial.jpg by the National Parks Conservation Association
Image:LucMontagnier1995 065.jpg by AIDS charity AVERT and Scientific American
Image:RobertGalloMontreal1995 064.jpg by AIDS charity AVERT and Scientific American
File:GuntherVonHagens Cologne2000.jpg by idea newsagency
File:MotherTeresa 090.jpg by Direct Selling News and Birmingham Post
File:MotherTeresa 094.jpg by Boston University School of Theology and Who Would Jesus Kill? book
File:IgnatzBubis1997 091.jpg by Jüdische Zeitung
Image:MailaenderDom.jpg by Wojciech Pastuszka on his blog Cuda świata and Junge Freiheit newspaper
Image:A-Netz-Funktelefon 4967.jpg by News of the News GNUPhone
File:SuerthgensMosselBergstein.jpg by NRW-live
File:Genscher 09080002.jpg by Mein Geld magazine
File:Blick aufs Mittelmeer von Juan-Les-Pins.jpg by Tempo Holidays
File:Blick vom Petersberg auf das Rheintal.jpg by Holzheimer Sportgemeinschaft 1920
File:CologneSilhouetteSunsetSeenFromNorth.jpg by Wikivoyage
File:VorplatzAachenHBf.jpg by structurae
File:BereifteBaeumeKlinikumAachen.JPG by z-ac, Zeitung für Aachen und Umgebung
File:SchafherdeInKoeln.jpg by Susanne Elfferding
File:Wildschweinferkel.jpg by World News Network
File:DozingCat0796.jpg by World News Network
File:DoesendeKatze 0797.jpg by World News Network
File:HieronymusKlosterSuedportal.jpg by Wikivoyage
File:RechtschreibreformBeiStrassennamen.jpg by
File:Wien Strassencafe.jpg by The Vienna Review
File:FiakerPauseWien.jpg by Verträglich Reisen and
File:ArlingtonCemetery.jpg by Carbon-Based
File:CNTower1991 054.jpg by Travel & Tourism Guide
File:Drogenbeschaffungskriminalitaet 9526.jpg by Yahoo! Canada - Autos
File:BaselMessehalle2 6749.jpg by Thermalbäder und Wellness in der Schweiz
File:AngeschraegtesHochhausSF.JPG by Wikivoyage
File:CatholicUniversityAmerica.jpg by academicworld
File:WashingtonDC Obelisk.jpg by gekos Kunstskole malekurs
File:WashingtonTemple 07120031.jpg by

images I've undeleted after Belgium enacted freedom-of-panorama exception in 2016[edit]

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