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Please note: This page documents the Wiki Loves Africa competition in 2014. To view the page for 2015, click here. To view the voting and nomination process that resulted in the 2015 theme, click here.

View the 4 winning photos for Wiki Loves Africa 2014 here.

What is Wiki Loves Africa?

An annual photo competition in Africa

This project is possible due to funding from the Orange Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation, via a PEG grant.

When does it take place?

WLA is a two-month competition. In 2014 it started on the 1st October and ended on the 30th November.

What's the focus theme ?

The theme for the 2014 photo contest was Wiki Loves Africa Cuisine. In 2015 the community selected a theme in June.

Some examples of pictures you could propose in 2014...


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