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International team[edit]

We are working on building the 2018 international team. The list below indicates the currently confirmed members. We expect this list to grow by a few in the coming weeks or months.



Lokal_Profil / André Costa is a Wikimedian and an employee of Wikimedia Sverige. He is a co-maintainer of the Monuments database and its API, as well as ErfgoedBot − key-parts of the tech infrastructure underpinning Wiki Loves Monuments. Do not hesitate to add him to tasks on Phabricator, or to leave him a message, for anything related to the database, ErfgoedBot or the inclusion of new data in these. André has also been working on the migration of WLM data to Wikidata, so get in touch if you have thoughts/an interest in this.


ErinaMukuta WikiIndaba.jpg

Erina Mukuta is a wikimedian from Uganda and a co-founder of the Wikimedian Community User Group Uganda.She organised wiki loves monuments in 2017 and has been part of several project to increase content and knowledge sharing. This year Erina will be a Jury coordinator.


AGM WMFR - October 2013 - Jean-Fred.jpg

Jean-Fred is a Wikimedian from France. He fell into the cauldron of French monuments in 2009, kickstarting the related wiki-project on Wikimedia Commons. He spearheaded the inception of WLM in France in 2011 and helped organizing it ever since. Since 2015, he is co-maintainer of the Monuments database and its API, ErfgoedBot, and the wikiloves statistics tool − key-parts of the tech infrastructure underpinning Wiki Loves Monuments. This year again, he will work on making sure they are working as expected during the contest, and on transitioning that infrastructure to use Wikidata. Do not hesitate to file bugs on Phabricator, or to leave him a message for anything related to these.


LilyOfTheWest, Wikimania, Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-19, DD 11.jpg

Lily has been involved with Wiki Loves Monuments since 2015 when she helped organize it in Iran for the first time. In 2016, Lily joined the international team where she assumed responsibility for building the team and providing coordination across team members and team projects. As of 2018, she is a member of the coordination team within the international team. She provides support to the team where resources are limited, for example, onboarding of new users for the international team's tool services as well as onboarding of new countries to Wiki Loves Monuments. If you need to reach out to Lily privately, please do so at



Lodewijk (Effeietsanders) is a Dutch Wikimedian since 2005 and has been involved with Wiki Loves Monuments since its first edition in 2010 in the Netherlands, as well as several other projects. He's always on the lookout for improvements to the competition, and how the success can be leveraged. If you like to bring a smile to his face, share your innovative approaches!

This year, Lodewijk will be spending time on the grant management and everything around that. You can reach him through his user talkpage or email.[1] If you have country specific questions, it's even better to leave a comment on Commons talk:Wiki Loves Monuments 2017/Participating countries.



Mohammad started with WLM as one of the founding organizers of WLM Iran in 2015. After three years of contributing to national-level competitions, in 2017 he joined the international team, where he handles social media, outreach and communication and whatever else comes his way.

If you have questions on how to reach out your local audience, or how to leverage the power of social media to promote WLM, or if you have ideas that can help WLM international team reach out to local communities more effectively, feel free to reach him through his user talkpage also his username




Romaine has been a contributor to Wikimedia projects since 2003; over the years helping out as administrator of several wikis, GLAM volunteer for Wikimedia Nederland, founder of & GLAM volunteer for Wikimedia Belgium, publisher of the Wikimedia newsletter This Month in GLAM. He's often fixing template problems, active with bots, and is since 2010 involved with the organization of Wiki Loves Monuments. For this photo contest he mostly does on-wiki technical support with templates and the upload wizard, translations, and the CentralNotice banner. In 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 he organized the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In 2017, Romaine will be responsible for the campaigns and upload wizards, translations of those pages, navigational structure of the Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments pages, categories for the contest, and supporting the contest in general. Also monument lists and the import of monument data is of his interest. If you have any questions related to these subjects, feel free to ask!

You can reach him on his talk page, via email at or during 30-31 August also on the IRC channel #wikilovesmonuments on Freenode. If it concerns the campaigns and upload wizards it is preferable you use the talk page of the upload campaigns. The quickest response you will get by IRC, secondary via the talk page. Try to use e-mail as little as possible because of the too many e-mails send in the last days of August.


Local organizers[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments is a federated competition and its existence and success relies on the people who stand up every year from many parts of the world to make it happen. Below, you can find the information about the local organizers. Note that the list expands as countries sign up to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments. Also, the list is usually not exhaustive.



The Maghreb region has an activity, very low in the internet in general and especially wikimedia projects, from the world, I want to present Algeria and the Maghreb as a specific entity that requires more attention and help promote culture through the Wikimedia projects by the comunity wikimedia.


Nahid Sultan

I've been an active Wikimedian for almost five years now. I support the corpus of Wikimedia projects as a steward and I'm working actively for Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter where I currently serve as a Secretary of its board. I introduced Wiki Loves Monuments in Bangladesh for the first time in 2016. I am reachable via email ( or can be found in Freenode IRC, usually with the nick NahidSultan or Lord Voldemort. Please be bold and talk.


I've been an active Wikimedian for almost eight years now. I am affiliated with the Wikimedia movement, and involved in doing Wikimedia offline—working actively for the Wikimedia Bangladesh; where currently serve as a board member. I'm involved as a core team member for the Wiki Loves Monuments in Bangladesh since 2016 from its creation in Bangladesh.


I've been an active Wikimedian for almost ten years now. I'm one of active sysop of Bengali Wikipedia and I'm working actively for Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter where I currently serve as a Board member. I'm involved as core team member with Wiki Loves Monuments in Bangladesh for the first time in 2016. I am reachable via email (



Along a great team, we pulled a WLM Local Contest in Bolivia in 2013. We intend to do the same this year as well with the help of good friends. I have been part of the Wikimedia Movement since 2005 and been active outside wiki since 2009. I am easily reached via email.


Mehman Ibragimov

Since 2016 as a member of UG Georgia, I have been actively working on various projects, including WLM. Since 2017, I'm one of the organizers of the WLM in Georgia. This is one of the most important projects for popularizing the wiki-movement in Georgia.

Beqa Baiashvili

Since 2016, Beqa one of the organizers of the WLM in Georgia.


Nirmal Dulal

I have been involved Nepali Wikipedia and active on several other Wikimedia projects since 2010 and in Wiki Loves Monuments since 2013. Besides from online activities, I am also active in Wikimedia offline activities for Wikimedians of Nepal User group.

I am reachable via email ( and on Twitter (@NirmalDulal)


Hamed Gamaoun

I've been an active Wikimedian for almost five years now. I co-organized Wiki Loves Eeath in Tunisia for the first time in 2014 and Organizing Wiki Loves Monuments will be a great challenge.



A close-knit team between Wikimedia CH and InFormAzioni association.

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