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This is a list of tools related to Wiki Loves Monuments.

Jury tool[edit]

There are multiple jury tools available for your Wiki Loves Monuments jury process. They are all listed at Commons' Jury tools. See also the page Selecting winners of a large photo contest. While each national contest is free to choose their jury tool of choice, the international team develops, maintains, and supports Montage if you decide to choose this jury tool.


Tool for volunteers to update the colour of the pins[edit]

If your monument data is on Wikidata, you need to connect the right photos with the monuments before they show up on Monumental:

Tool for adding photos to on-wiki monument lists[edit]

This script can be copied to your personal common.js and gives you a button on each monument list that suggests pictures and categories to be added to the lists. This will then feed into the monuments database.


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