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Epicgenius (yes, the same Epicgenius who edits mostly on English Wikipedia) is this Commons user who only drops by sporadically. His main task is recategorizing pictures that are in the wrong categories and move categories to appropriate categories. He also uploads pictures from Flickr and helps to transfer files from enwiki if needed. A lot of pictures still need specific categorization.

The first part of his username is "epic" from the YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles of History. The second part is "genius" from lyrics website But English Wikipedia doesn't say that so,[citation needed]

And the reason he takes bad pictures is...[edit]

  • He owns an iPad and a smartphone but no actual high-quality cameras.
  • He doesn't have time to take good pictures. He has things to do, like school and work.

This is not his picture. He doesn't think his pic is good enough for this.

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Since JavaScript doesn't work on his computer, he must post his links here.

Two-thirds of Wikimedia's total files are hosted at Commons. One-third is not.

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