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  1. w:simple:IP Phone links to Category:IP Phone [Search]
  2. w:simple:Asclepias curtissii links to Category:Asclepias curtissii [Search]
  3. w:simple:Atlantic 10 Conference links to Category:Atlantic 10 Conference [Search]
  4. w:simple:Richard Ponsonby-Fane links to Category:Ponsonby famly [Search]
  5. w:simple:Adela Noriega links to Category:Adela Noriega [Search]
  6. w:simple:Hachiōji, Tokyo links to Category:Hachiōji, Tokyo [Search]
  7. w:simple:Chilevisión links to Category:CHV [Search]
  8. w:simple:Emperor Ankō links to Category:Emperor Anko [Search]
  9. w:simple:Mutunus Tutunus links to Category:Mutunus Tutunus [Search]
  10. w:simple:Himalayan Newt links to Tylototriton verrucosus [Search]
  11. w:simple:Chow Chow links to Chow Chows [Search]
  12. w:simple:Persian Jird links to Meriones persicus [Search]
  13. w:simple:Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines links to Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines [Search]
  14. w:simple:Wikiatlas links to Atlas of USA [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-05-26T20:25:01Z; comment: Test, please use the sandbox
  15. w:simple:Duttaphrynus himalayanus links to Duttaphrynus himalayanus [Search]
  16. w:simple:Heo Chohui links to Category:Hoe, Nanseolheon [Search]
  17. w:simple:Mount of Rest links to Category:Har HaMenucho [Search]
  18. w:simple:Frontiers of the Roman Empire links to Category:Limes (Upper Germanic) [Search]
  19. w:simple:Stephen Lang links to Category:Stephen Lang [Search]
  20. w:simple:John J. B. Wilson links to Category:John J. B. Wilson [Search]
  21. w:simple:385 BC links to Category:385 BC [Search]
  22. w:simple:Lions Gate Bridge links to Category:Lions' Gate Bridge [Search]
  23. w:simple:Ivo Karlović links to Category:Ivo Karlovic [Search]
  24. w:simple:Saint Walburga links to Category:Saint Walburga [Search]
  25. w:simple:Akechi Mitsuhide links to Category:Akechi Mitsuhide [Search]
  26. w:simple:Ōnojō, Fukuoka links to Category:Ōnojō, Fukuoka [Search]
  27. w:simple:Speyer links to Category:Speyer, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-28T15:49:31Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Speyer
  28. w:simple:Bufo pseudoraddei links to Bufo pseudoraddei [Search]
  29. w:simple:Woolly Flying Squirrel links to Eupetaurus cinereus [Search]
  30. w:simple:Mastic links to Mastic [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-13T09:09:42Z; comment: Test page or page with no valid content: content was: "HALLO WIKIPEDIA :D:D:D:D:D" (and the only contributor was "")
  31. w:simple:Indian Fox links to Vulpes bengalensis [Search]
  32. w:simple:Holly Marie Combs links to Holly Marie Combs [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-05-24T21:31:15Z; comment: Empty gallery
      2. page was deleted at 2009-03-25T06:03:01Z; comment: just an image on a page - not a gallery
      3. page was deleted at 2008-12-22T03:48:47Z; comment: Page is test, spam, vandalism or bot created
      4. page was deleted at 2008-11-18T22:53:14Z; comment: Empty category or gallery: content was: '{{badname|empty, no content}} {{en|Holly Marie Combs is an American actress.}} {{es|Holly Marie Combs es una actriz norteamericana.}} <gallery></gallery> Category:Holly Marie Combs [[:ar:هولي ماري ك�
    • note: Category:Holly Marie Combs exists
  33. w:simple:Aichi Prefecture links to Category:Aichi Prefecture [Search]
  34. w:simple:Virginia, Illinois links to Category:Virginia, Illinois [Search]
  35. w:simple:Molucca Sea links to Category:Molucca Sea [Search]
  36. w:simple:Tsu, Mie links to Category:Tu, Mie [Search]
  37. w:simple:Keithsburg, Illinois links to Category:Keithsburg, Illinois [Search]
  38. w:simple:Billy Gibbons links to Category:Billy Gibbons [Search]
  39. w:simple:Graciela Beltran links to Category:Graciela Beltran [Search]
  40. w:simple:Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg links to Category:K. J. Ståhlberg [Search]
  41. w:simple:Juan Miranda links to Category:Juan Miranda [Search]
  42. w:simple:East Azarbaijan Province links to Category:East Azarbaijan province [Search]
  43. w:simple:Nest links to Category:Nest [Search]
  44. w:simple:Sigma Notation links to Category:Sigma Notation [Search]
  45. w:simple:Horizon League links to Category:Horizon League [Search]
  46. w:simple:St. Louis links to Category:St. Louis [Search]
  47. w:simple:Tibetan Blue Bear links to Ursus arctos pruinosus [Search]
  48. w:simple:Earlville, Illinois links to Category:Earlville, Illinois [Search]
  49. w:simple:Common Ground links to Category:Common Ground NYC [Search]
  50. w:simple:Johnston City, Illinois links to Category:Johnston City, Illinois [Search]
  51. w:simple:Koro Sea links to Category:Koro Sea [Search]
  52. w:simple:Angel food cake links to Category:Angel Cake [Search]
  53. w:simple:The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 movie) links to Category:The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 movie) [Search]
  54. w:simple:Forbidden City links to Category:Palace Museum, Beijing [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-28T23:03:57Z; comment: content was: '{{tlx|en|The Palace Museum (Chinese: 故宫博物院; Pinyin: Gùgōng Bówùyùan) is located in the Forbidden City (紫禁城; Pinyin: Zǐjìn Chéng) in Beijing and houses the treasures of the Chinese Imperia...'
  55. w:simple:Sabena Flight Academy links to Category:Sabena Flight Academy [Search]
  56. w:simple:Horatio Alger, Jr. links to Category:Horatio Alger, Jr. [Search]
  57. w:simple:French Civil Aviation University links to Category:École nationale de l'aviation civile [Search]
  58. w:simple:Bon Jovi links to Bon Jovi [Search]
  59. w:simple:Malacostraca links to Malacostraca [Search]
  60. w:simple:Sunni Islam links to Sunni Muslims [Search]
  61. w:simple:Brassicales links to Brassicales [Search]
  62. w:simple:Kyogo Kawaguchi links to Kyogo Kawaguchi [Search]
  63. w:simple:Chilean Navy links to Category:Chilean Navy [Search]
  64. w:simple:Empress Jitō links to Category:Emperor Jitō [Search]
  65. w:simple:Pehr Evind Svinhufvud links to Category:P. E. Svinhufvud [Search]
  66. w:simple:Parables of Jesus links to Category:Parables of Jesus [Search]
  67. w:simple:Gainare Tottori links to Category:Gainare Tottori [Search]
  68. w:simple:List of Gainare Tottori players links to Category:Gainare Tottori [Search]
  69. w:simple:Vandalia, Illinois links to Category:Vandalia, Illinois [Search]
  70. w:simple:Summerside, Prince Edward Island links to Category:Summerside, Prince Edward Island [Search]
  71. w:simple:Assumption, Illinois links to Category:Assumption, Illinois [Search]
  72. w:simple:Witt, Illinois links to Category:Witt, Illinois [Search]
  73. w:simple:Daddy long-legs spider links to Category:Daddy long-legs spider [Search]
  74. w:simple:Nuclear meltdown links to Category:Nuclear accidents [Search]
  75. w:simple:Windscale fire links to Category:Nuclear accidents [Search]
  76. w:simple:Nuclear accidents in Japan links to Category:Nuclear accidents [Search]
  77. w:simple:Nuclear disasters links to Category:Nuclear accidents [Search]
  78. w:simple:2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami links to Category:Nuclear accidents [Search]
  79. w:simple:Paa vicina links to Paa vicina [Search]
  80. w:simple:Tibetan Fox links to Vulpes ferrilata [Search]
  81. w:simple:Hollywood Boulevard links to Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood [Search]
  82. w:simple:Lebu, Chile links to Lebu, Chile [Search]
  83. w:simple:Turks in Germany links to Turks in Germany [Search]
  84. w:simple:Hiroshima Toyo Carp links to Hiroshima Toyo Carp [Search]
  85. w:simple:City of Wakefield links to Wakefield [Search]
  86. w:simple:Chemical education links to Chemistry Education [Search]
  87. w:simple:Palk Strait links to Category:Palk Strait [Search]
  88. w:simple:Mouth links to Category:Mouth [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-16T12:08:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:Mouths.
    • note: Mouth exists
  89. w:simple:Carriel Sur International Airport links to Category:Carriel Sur International Airport [Search]
  90. w:simple:Spa-Francorchamps links to Category:Spa-Francorchamps [Search]
  91. w:simple:Big Sky Conference links to Category:Big Sky Conference [Search]
  92. w:simple:Liana links to Category:Liana [Search]
  93. w:simple:Pleasant Hill, Illinois links to Category:Pleasant Hill, Illinois [Search]
  94. w:simple:Vaihingen links to Category:Vaihingen an der Enz, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-28T07:03:08Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Vaihingen an der Enz
  95. w:simple:Hertha BSC links to Category:Hertha Berlin [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-12-05T19:54:13Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Hertha BSC Berlin
  96. w:simple:Ava, Illinois links to Category:Ava, Illinois [Search]
  97. w:simple:Kyushu National Museum links to Category:Kyushu National Museum [Search]
  98. w:simple:Bad Dürrheim links to Category:Bad Dürrheim, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-27T23:01:27Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Bad Dürrheim
  99. w:simple:Mie Prefecture links to Category:Mie Prefecture [Search]
  100. w:simple:Senate of Chile links to Category:Senate of Chile [Search]
  101. w:simple:Siikajoki (river) links to Category:Siikajoki (river) [Search]
  102. w:simple:Colleges and universities in Washington links to Category:Universities and colleges in Washington [Search]
  103. w:simple:HTC-Highroad links to Category:T-Mobile Team [Search]
  104. w:simple:Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. links to Category:Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. [Search]
  105. w:simple:List of Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. players links to Category:Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. [Search]
  106. w:simple:Remetschwil links to Category:Remteschwil [Search]
  107. w:simple:Akita Prefecture links to Category:Akita Prefecture [Search]
  108. w:simple:Jääsjärvi links to Category:Jääsjärvi [Search]
  109. w:simple:North Central Florida links to Category:North Central Florida [Search]
  110. w:simple:Henriette Adelaide of Savoy links to Category:Category:Princess Henriette Adelaide of Savoy [Search]
  111. w:simple:201 BC links to Category:201 BC [Search]
  112. w:simple:2011 Libyan protests links to Category:2011 Libyan protests [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-24T08:45:05Z; comment: Broken redirect
  113. w:simple:Rat links to Rat [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-07T08:45:12Z; comment: Nonsense: content was: "rotta on lentävä hiirilajike ja se syö apinannkulkusia" (and the only contributor was "")
  114. w:simple:Chanterelle links to Chanterelle [Search]
  115. w:simple:Paa sternosignata links to Paa sternosignata [Search]
  116. w:simple:Gazelle links to Eudorcas [Search]
  117. w:simple:297 BC links to Category:297 BC [Search]
  118. w:simple:84 BC links to Category:84 BC [Search]
  119. w:simple:Kappa, Illinois links to Category:Kappa, Illinois [Search]
  120. w:simple:Urawa, Saitama links to Category:Urawa, Saitama [Search]
  121. w:simple:Big Bang (band) links to Category:Big Bang (group) [Search]
  122. w:simple:Opium poppy links to Category:Opium poppy [Search]
  123. w:simple:IONIS Education Group links to Category:IONIS Education Group [Search]
  124. w:simple:Atlantic Sun Conference links to Category:Atlantic Sun Conference [Search]
  125. w:simple:Green iguana links to Category:Green iguana [Search]
  126. w:simple:Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi links to Category:Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi [Search]
  127. w:simple:Himeji, Hyōgo links to Category:Himeji, Hyōgo [Search]
  128. w:simple:Tsushima Strait links to Category:Tsushima Strait [Search]
  129. w:simple:Puerto Varas links to Puerto Varas [Search]
  130. w:simple:W National Park links to W National Park [Search]
  131. w:simple:Codelco links to Codelco [Search]
  132. w:simple:Birdy (musician) links to Birdy (musician) [Search]
  133. w:simple:Islamabad Capital Territory links to Islamabad Capital Territory [Search]
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      2. page was deleted at 2011-11-17T02:38:05Z; comment: content was: "#Redirect وفاقی دارالحکومت Islamabad Capital Territory (Urdu:اسلام آباد کپیٹل ٹیررتورے) is a federal encl..." (and the only contributor was "")
      3. page was deleted at 2011-10-31T12:56:49Z; comment: Empty or single image gallery, please see Commons:Galleries: content was: "The federal enclave of the capital is located and was formerly part of the Rawalpindi District of the Punjab. C..." (and the only contrib
    • note: Category:Islamabad Capital Territory exists
  134. w:simple:Coriaria links to Coriaria [Search]
  135. w:simple:Tainan links to Category:Tainan City [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-02-24T19:04:24Z; comment: empty category - ReinDeel33t
    • note: Tainan City exists
  136. w:simple:Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées links to Category:Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-10-14T12:07:01Z; comment: Empty category: content was: "Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées, Ivry-sur-Seine & Toulouse, Régions Île-de-France & Midi-Pyrénées: {{tlx|DEFAULTSORT:Institut P..." (and the only contributor was "[[:Special:Contributions/7
  137. w:simple:Züsedom links to Category:Züsedom [Search]
  138. w:simple:William H. Webster links to Category:William H. Webster [Search]
  139. w:simple:Montfaucon, Switzerland links to Category:Montfaucon [Search]
  140. w:simple:El Paso, Illinois links to Category:El Paso, Illinois [Search]
  141. w:simple:Guild links to Category:Guild house [Search]
  142. w:simple:Altamont, Illinois links to Category:Altamont, Illinois [Search]
  143. w:simple:Interstate 470 (Ohio – West Virginia) links to Category:Interstate 470 (Ohio-West Virginia) [Search]
  144. w:simple:Progressive Field links to Category:Progressive Field [Search]
  145. w:simple:Diana Serra Cary links to Category:Baby Peggy [Search]
  146. w:simple:Sarcostemma clausum links to Category:Sarcostemma clausum [Search]
  147. w:simple:Hwang Hui links to Category:Hwang Hui [Search]
  148. w:simple:Hiroshi Miyamura links to Category:Hiroshi H. Miaymura [Search]
  149. w:simple:UEFA Euro 1972 links to Category:UEFA Euro 1972 [Search]
  150. w:simple:National Sport Center – Tel Aviv links to Category:National Sport Center – Tel Aviv [Search]
  151. w:simple:Belœil links to Category:Belœil [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-20T10:34:31Z; comment: Category:Belœil moved to Category:Belœil, Belgium
  152. w:simple:Alexander Karelin links to Category:Alexander Karelin [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-04T19:30:42Z; comment: Improperly named: Correct name Category:Aleksandr Karelin
  153. w:simple:Powiat links to Category:Coats of arms of Counties of Poland [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-01T20:01:38Z; comment: Empty category
  154. w:simple:Car wash links to Category:Car wash [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-05-28T13:14:06Z; comment: Test page, please use the sandbox: content was: 'Autolavaggi nuovi ed usati' (and the only contributor was '')
      2. page was deleted at 2010-03-02T07:52:48Z; comment: move to Category: Car washing
  155. w:simple:Trolley pole links to Category:Trolley pole collector [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-02-23T04:07:05Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{Category redirect|Trolley poles}}'
  156. w:simple:Gatcombe Park links to Category:Gatcombe Park [Search]
  157. w:simple:Marie Osborne links to Category:Marie Osborne [Search]
  158. w:simple:Giselle links to Category:''Giselle'' [Search]
  159. w:simple:Fuji, Shizuoka links to Category:Fuji, Shikuoka [Search]
  160. w:simple:Cathedral of the Most Holy Conception, Chile links to Category:Cathedral of the Most Holy Conception, Chile [Search]
  161. w:simple:QuickTime links to QuickTime [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-07-26T15:30:47Z; comment: all QuickTime logos were deleted; only generic media ones are left
  162. w:simple:Los Ángeles, Chile links to Los Ángeles, Chile [Search]
  163. w:simple:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa links to North-West Frontier Province [Search]
  164. w:simple:Baluchistan Pygmy Jerboa links to Salpingotulus michaelis [Search]
  165. w:simple:Getae links to Thracians [Search]
  166. w:simple:Book frontispiece links to Frontispiece [Search]
  167. w:simple:Ksenia Sobchak links to Kseniya Sobchak [Search]
  168. w:simple:Barbara Mori links to Barbara Mori [Search]
  169. w:simple:Dusty Hill links to Category:Dusty Hill [Search]
  170. w:simple:Indre River links to Category:Indre River [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-10-28T07:08:15Z; comment: content was: '{{duplicate|Indre river}}'
  171. w:simple:Shrines and Temples of Nikkō links to Category:Nikko [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-03-28T16:25:56Z; comment: Not used, and replaced with Category:Nikko, Tochigi
    • note: Nikko exists
  172. w:simple:Fukuro, Shizuoka links to Category:Fukuro, Shizuoka [Search]
  173. w:simple:Chillán Viejo links to Category:Chillán Viejo [Search]
  174. w:simple:Marla Gibbs links to Category:Marla Gibbs [Search]
  175. w:simple:Jagadguru Rambhadracharya links to Category:Jagadguru Rambhadracharya [Search]
  176. w:simple:77 BC links to Category:77 BC [Search]
  177. w:simple:Garrotte links to Category:Garrotte [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-10-24T15:01:09Z; comment: content was: '[[:Image:Example[[:Image:.]]<gallery><gallery><gallery>[[:Image:]]</gallery></gallery></gallery>jpg]]' (and the only contributor was User:
  178. w:simple:Hairpin turn links to Category:Hairpin turn [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-11T19:24:45Z; comment: empty, see Category:Hairpin turns (plural)
  179. w:simple:Warsaw, Illinois links to Category:Warsaw, Illinois [Search]
  180. w:simple:Okinawa Prefecture links to Category:Okinawa Prefecture [Search]
  181. w:simple:Anna, Illinois links to Category:Anna, Illinois [Search]
  182. w:simple:Bathilde d'Orléans links to Category:Bathilde d'Orléans [Search]
  183. w:simple:Paik Sun-yup links to Category:Paik Sun Yup [Search]
  184. w:simple:Apache links to Apache [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-07-27T12:11:04Z; comment: Out of scope page - Mass deletion of pages added by Apalon pss
    • note: Category:Apache exists
  185. w:simple:Faisal Mosque links to Shah Faisal Mosque [Search]
  186. w:simple:Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt links to Halle (Saale), Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-07-28T10:08:56Z; comment: content was: '#REDIRECT Halle (Saale)' (and the only contributor was User:Notschrei)
      2. page was moved to Halle (Saale) at 2007-05-12T15:14:11Z; comment: not neccessary
  187. w:simple:David Sarnoff links to David Sarnoff [Search]
  188. w:simple:Rose Marie links to Rose Marie [Search]
  189. w:simple:Ai Otsuka links to Ai Otsuka [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-02-05T14:54:04Z; comment: Empty gallery
  190. w:simple:Great Gerbil links to Rhombomys opimus [Search]
  191. w:simple:Fraser's Dolphin links to Lagenodelphis hosei [Search]
  192. w:simple:Edifício Itália links to Edifício Itália [Search]
  193. w:simple:Sakis Rouvas links to Sakis Rouvas [Search]
  194. w:simple:Florence Cathedral links to Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-10T12:00:20Z; comment: Broken or orphaned redirect: content was: '#REDIRECT Category:Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence)'
      2. page was moved to Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore at 2007-03-29T20:53:01Z; comment:
  195. w:simple:Aledo, Illinois links to Category:Aledo, Illinois [Search]
  196. w:simple:Ilya Mechnikov links to Category:Ilya Macnikov [Search]
  197. w:simple:Acrostic links to Category:Acrostic [Search]
  198. w:simple:Finnish markka links to Category:Markka [Search]
  199. w:simple:Barry, Illinois links to Category:Barry, Illinois [Search]
  200. w:simple:Pomeranian (dog) links to Category:Pomeranian (dog) [Search]
  201. w:simple:Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (1899–1918) links to Category:Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (1899–1918) [Search]
  202. w:simple:Wallbach, Switzerland links to Category:Category:Wallbach, Switzerland [Search]
  203. w:simple:James Hong links to Category:James Hong [Search]
  204. w:simple:Loubaresse, Ardèche links to Category:Loubaresse, Ardèche [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-09-07T20:25:33Z; comment: Mauvaise typographie du département, nouvelle catégorie créé
  205. w:simple:Hiroshima Prefecture links to Category:Hiroshima Prefecture [Search]
  206. w:simple:Albion, Illinois links to Category:Albion, Illinois [Search]
  207. w:simple:Trampoline links to Category:Trampoline [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-02-01T11:50:18Z; comment: Moved to Category:Trampolines.
  208. w:simple:Chilean Army links to Category:Chilean Army [Search]
  209. w:simple:Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia links to Category:Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia [Search]
  210. w:simple:Shonan Gold links to Category:Shonan Gold(湘南ゴールド) [Search]
  211. w:simple:Centreville, Illinois links to Category:Centreville, Illinois [Search]
  212. w:simple:Atlanta, Illinois links to Category:Atlanta, Illinois [Search]
  213. w:simple:Deniz Baykal links to Category:Deniz Baykal [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-19T09:08:36Z; comment: empty category
  214. w:simple:Bird links to Various birds [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-05-21T11:32:23Z; comment: content was: '#REDIRECT Birds' (and the only contributor was User:Pfctdayelise)
      2. page was moved to Birds at 2006-05-21T11:28:25Z; comment: We have no article Birds but we have Various birds? too strange.
  215. w:simple:Indianapolis 500 links to Indianapolis 500 [Search]
  216. w:simple:Bufo latastii links to Bufo latastii [Search]
  217. w:simple:Ibbenbüren links to Ibbenbüren (Germany) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-19T20:20:40Z; comment: not neccessary
      2. page was moved to Ibbenbüren at 2007-06-19T20:20:20Z; comment: not neccessary
  218. w:simple:Ganges River Dolphin links to Platanista gangetica gangetica [Search]
  219. w:simple:Don Omar links to Category:Don Omar [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-06-21T04:39:06Z; comment: content was: 'Category:reggae'
  220. w:simple:2011 Christchurch earthquake links to Category:2011 Christchurch earthquake [Search]
  221. w:simple:Recke links to Category:Recke, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-27T12:50:55Z; comment: content was: '{{speedydelete}}empty now. Thx. -- Simplicius 10:22, 27 June 2007 (UTC)'
  222. w:simple:Healthy diet links to Category:Food pyramid [Search]
  223. w:simple:Mind map links to Category:Mindmapping [Search]
  224. w:simple:Asclepias nivea links to Category:Asclepias nivea [Search]
  225. w:simple:Ashley, Illinois links to Category:Ashley, Illinois [Search]
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