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To-do pages: Pages of book titles scanned for the British Library Mechanical Curator collection, roughly organised by classmark for classmarks between 5000 and 12000, that could be placed geographically more precisely, and then added to the Synoptic index

As of 10 February the titles on these pages account for 33.6% of images in the collection (343,571 images).

Pages in this series[edit]

Crime & Punishment

Geology, mineralogy, mining, etc.

History (misc) and historiography | Ancient Greece | Ancient Rome

Geography | Anthropology and Ethnology | World voyages and travel

Asia + Near East (history) | Africa (history)

Europe (history) | Balkans/Greece/Turkey (history) | Italy (history) | Spain and Portugal (history)
France (history) | Switzerland (history) | Central Europe (history) | Germany (history 1 2 3)
Low Countries (history) | Scandinavia (history) | Russia (history) | Poland (history)
England | Scotland | England/Scotland/Wales | Ireland

United States (history) | Arctic | Canada, also Caribbean (history)
Central and South America (history) | Australia and New Zealand