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For general information about GLAM-Wiki partnerships, see
Data and media partnerships workflow for cultural institutions working with Wikidata and (structured) Wikimedia Commons

General information[edit]

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First GLAM projects with Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Information about the first GLAM (pilot) projects that will use structured data on Wikimedia Commons.

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Research and resources about GLAMs and (Structured Data on) Wikimedia Commons[edit]

How do cultural institutions use, and contribute to, Wikimedia Commons? What are their needs? How are their media files on Commons re-used by external platforms? The following resources provide insight and recent research:

Related to Structured Data on Commons:

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Metadata mappings[edit]

Mappings between the data model of Structured Data on Commons (and Wikidata), and widely used GLAM metadata schemes. This is work in progress; feel free to add more resources and help with the mappings.

  • Ontologies (general / high-level data models)
  • Vocabularies (keywords, terms) (work in progress)
  • Authority files (controlled lists of people, organizations, places...) (work in progress)

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Stay up to date and get involved[edit]

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Via this temporary, low-traffic mailing list specifically for GLAM staff, you will receive news about the project, and occasional small surveys and requests for feedback.

See also[edit]

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IIIF: links, resources and discussion[edit]

IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework (Q22682088)) integration is not part of the development roadmap for Structured Data on Commons (2017-19), but there are several volunteer-driven IIIF tools. The improved Commons API (with structured data) will also make new IIIF applications easier to develop. This page brings together relevant resources around IIIF and Wikimedia projects.