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The International Image Interoperability Framework:

What is IIIF?[edit]

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF, pronounced as 'triple-eye-ef') is a standard for sharing images (and other media files) across the web, which makes image and media repositories interoperable with each other. IIIF is widely supported by cultural institutions around the world.

To get an idea – with examples – of what types of applications become possible with IIIF, see this blog post (June 2018) from the Wellcome Collection.

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IIIF and Wikimedia projects[edit]

As of 2018, default IIIF integration is not on the official development roadmap for Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons or other Wikimedia projects (such as Wikidata). The IIIF community and the Wikimedia community, however, are in touch with each other, exploring options together.

Some initial thoughts by Tom Crane about IIIF integration for Wikimedia projects can be found on his Github.

How to stay up to date with IIIF and Wikimedia discussions[edit]

IIIF tools and software for Wikimedia projects[edit]

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People interested in IIIF on Wikimedia projects[edit]

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