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This page brings together several ways and tools to find or search data available from files with Structured Data on Commons.

If you are looking for more options, there is also a list of tools to contribute data and make batch uploads to Structured Data on Commons. Another option is this list of tools in the Wikimedia ecoystem

How to search Structured Data on Commons

The Commons search bar allows Structured Data on Commons statements to be searched. It works both with the new Commons search, Media search, and with the previous search, Search.

This is possible by using the haswbstatement search, which allows to users to search for a specific information available on files with Structured Data on Commons.

Digital representation of[edit]

If you want to search for a file in which the digital representation of (P6243) is the painting The Kiss (Q698487), you should search for: haswbstatement:P6243=Q698487

Depicts and qualifiers[edit]

If you want to search a file that depicts (P180) flower (Q506), but specifically those with the yellow (Q943) color (P462), you should search for: haswbstatement:P180=Q506[P462=Q943]

Categories on Commons[edit]

There is also a way to search Structured Data on Commons statements in different Commons categories, using the search bar.

  1. Add "incategory:"
  2. Followed by the name of the category with underlines (_) between each space. Example: Images_from_the_Rijksdienst_voor_het_Cultureel_Erfgoed
  3. Add "haswbstatement:" and the property you wish to seach. Example: haswbstatement:P180

In the end, the search will show files from the Images from the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed category using depicts (P180) statements and it should appear like this: incategory:Images_from_the_Rijksdienst_voor_het_Cultureel_Erfgoed haswbstatement:P180