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This page report all the winners (images and photographers) of Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in Switzerland.
All the pictures are released under licence CC-BY-SA-4.0.

National winners[edit]

1st Firegs

2nd Zoubidoo

3rd Countdan

4th Uli_swiss

5th LukasGraf

6th Sebastienclosuit

7th Geri340

8th Silicelio

9th WillYs Fotowerkstatt

10th Demosthenes N

International selection[edit]


Jury members[edit]

  1. User:MichaelMaggs
  2. User:Moroder
  3. User:XanonymusX
  4. User:Pakeha
  5. User:Archeolucia
  6. User:Jaqen
  7. User:Yiyi
  8. User:Ruthven
  9. User:FramaKa
  10. User:Moumou82
  11. User:Ilario
  12. User:Cassinam
  13. User:Debora (WMCH)
  14. User:Andy WMCH