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Talk pages[edit]

In an effort to consolidate all of the BSicon discussions, please introduce new topics on one of these pages:

More talks can be found at:

Category talk[edit]

File talk[edit]

There may be more. Some of these may refer to more than a single file, but to the whole set they belong to; those discussions should be moved here.

Wikipedia talk[edit]

Note that these pages should be used for discussions about the Catalog pages, not specific BSicons.

Deletion requests[edit]


BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg vKBHFa BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg STRc2
vSTR3- + v-STR2
BSicon vSTR3-.svg
STRc3 BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg STRc2 STR3+1 STRc14 STR2+4 STRc3 BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
BSicon KBHFl.svg
STRr+1 + STRc3
BSicon STRr+1.svg
STRl+4 + STRc2
BSicon STRl+4.svg
BSicon KBHFr.svg
BSicon .svg
STRc1 v-STR+4 uSTRc2
uSTR23 + ul-DST
BSicon uSTR23.svg
uSTRc3 vSTR+1- STRc4 BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg
SHI1+l + uSTRc2
BSicon SHI1+l.svg
uSTR3+1 uSTRc14 uSTR2+4
SHI1+r + uSTRc3
BSicon SHI1+r.svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg
BSicon KBHFe.svg
uSTRc4 BSicon .svg uSTRc1
BSicon KBHFe.svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg

Just a thought… I'm sure someone else can come up with something better. Useddenim (talk) 14:04, 22 July 2013 (UTC)

BSicon barnstar.png

Moved from Talk:BSicon/Icon topology and semantics

As said somewhere else we “need” a barnstar. Here’s a suggestion — you'll need to check it at my user page at wp:pt because Commons lacks multiple overlay support (something else we need to fix); it could be recreated as a single SVG file. -- Tuválkin 14:17, 22 July 2013 (UTC)


What has really been bugging me lately is the lack of consistency across pages. The diagrams are often placed in different spots in each thread, sometimes under its own sectional header, sometimes in the infobox. I think we should standardise where the diagrams should be placed.

The two most popular placements; in the infobox or under a header would be preferred. Deonyi 07:08, 24 July 2013 (UTC)

That’s a matter pertaining to each project, not to Commons. I agree it should be standartized, in principle (many exceptions, though), but each project has its own policies and technical details concerning infoboxes and the like. Also, the standartization you seek will be only possible when all projects share the same templates. -- Tuválkin 10:02, 24 July 2013 (UTC)
They do not share the same templates? If you mean infoboxes, depending on the placement, you could update it to include the map or remove the particular code and place it on its own.Deonyi 00:56, 27 July 2013 (UTC)
I meant the BS-templates — they need to be synchronized across projects before any other standartization is even possible. That’s one of our goals and one of our open tasks. -- Tuválkin 10:26, 27 July 2013 (UTC)