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This template is used on Breton pages of Commons, to be able to reload the interface in Breton for IP (anonymous, non logged on) users.

Syntax :
  • {{header/br}}
  • {{header/br|language link page|shortcut|shortcut2|shortcut3|text=Un titl e yezhoù all :|calend=1}}
Parameters :
  • The language link page is optional. When not specified, the list of languages is inferred from the list of subpages of the current page). If specified it should be a template (reused on all localized pages) that enumerates the list of localized pages with a link to them.
  • Up to three shortcuts are accepted (same as {{Shortcut2}}), however, it looks best with only one (or two if the language links take up two lines.
  • Optional named parameter text= may be used to change the computed top title ending with "e yezhoù all :".
  • Optional named parameter calend= (when non empty) displays a calendar page with the date of the day.
Example :
{{header/br|lang-mp|Home|text=Ar bajenn degemer e yezhoù all :|calend=1}}

Ar bajenn degemer e yezhoù all :

11:02 UTC