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Laguna Cañapa, Bolivia, 2016-02-03, DD 70-74 PAN.JPG
Panoramic view of Cañapa Lake, an endorheic salt lake in the Potosí Department of southwestern Bolivia. The lake, situated in the Bolivian Altiplano, has a surface are of 1.42 square kilometres (0.55 sq mi) although most of it is a salty crust.

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Audio recording of a steam, gas-pumping engine made by Easton & Amos of London, and used by the South Metroplitan Gas Company, Old Kent Road, London from 1864 to the mid 1950s, and now at Thinktank, Birmingham. The engine is started from cold. First, steam is allowed through the cylinders, their drain cocks open, to warm them. The flywheel is rotated by hand, to set the engine in motion, and the recording ends with the engine ticking over at low speed.

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