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Structured Data Bootcamp in Berlin, 2014

Join the focus group of Wikimedia community members for Structured Commons if you want to...

  • be very involved in the project's development and
  • are happy and available to (regularly) provide feedback on new developments in the project

Please note that this is an experimental approach. This group is not for decision-making: that is a process that needs to be done by the community at large! It's more for notifications of (smaller) conversations and consultations.

This process may be refined as the program evolves. Members of the community focus group will probably receive more (often small, sometimes personal) notifications about ongoing work than via the general Structured Commons newsletter. Maybe there will be feedback sessions, small surveys, or individual (small or large) consultations besides the wider requests for comments and feedback that go to the community at large. We hope to figure out a good workflow for this together with you!

Interested? Sign up for the focus group

If you join the focus group, you will receive regular notifications and requests for feedback on a talk page of your choice.

Questions? Comments? Get in touch with Keegan (WMF) (talk) or leave a message on the talk page!