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Press information about Wiki Loves Monuments 2013[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments is a public photo competition in which people are asked to take pictures of monuments from participating countries and to upload them to Wikimedia Commons. This way the photos can be used to illustrate Wikipedia about these monuments. The competition is organized in many countries focusing on their particular monuments and with their own national prizes – and every participating country will submit 10 nominations to the international jury (which will be announced shortly). The international jury will then determine what are the best pictures of the international competition.

The contest was first organized in 2010 in the Netherlands, resulting in more than 12,500 pictures of Dutch monuments. In 2011 the competition was organized by 18 countries throughout Europe, and resulted in 168,208 photos submitted – breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest photography competition. In 2012 the competition was organized by 33 countries, resulting in 353,568 photos submitted by more than 15,000 people.

In 2013 the contest is being organized in more than 45 countries all over the world. This year it will also be possible to submit photos of the 81 monuments located on Antarctica. All countries run the contest 1–30 September, except Israel, running 15 September – 15 October. The national competitions will hand in their 10 nominations per country to the international jury before 31 October. The announcement of the international jury result is expected in early December 2013.

Press contacts per country[edit]

This table aims to link press contacts where available. You can find some general information about Wiki Loves Monuments above, and other contact information at the 'participating countries' tab.

Country/Region Press contacts Press release
Global ___ There will be no international press release this year.
Andorra (and Catalan areas) Available here
Cameroon En français, In English
Canada In English / En français
France En français
Hungary Press releases (in Hungarian)
Italy press releases (in italian)
Tunisia En français
Ukraine in Ukrainian (national)
United States Press Release in English

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