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Wiki Loves Monuments Aruba 2013[edit]

The photography Contest Wiki Loves Monuments was first held in 2010 in the Netherlands. In 2013 the competition was expanded to 18 countries in Europe, reaching a total of 167,000 photos by Wiki loves monuments which won the Guinness World Record for the largest photography competition in the world. In 2013 the competition went global with the participation of over 30 countries. This year the contest is expected to grow even more. This year for the first time Aruba will also be part of the Wiki Loves Monuments contest This year the contest is expected to grow even more. This year for the first time Aruba will also be part of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2013.After a whole month of competition Aruba received a total of 258 pictures from 30 participants. The local jury selected 13 finalists; 10 from category 1 and 3 from category 2, only the pictures from category 1 were nominated for the international competition. On november 29th Stichting Monumentenfonds Aruba organized an Award ceremony at the Archaeological museum to announce the winners and award the prizes. The Winners of Wiki Loves Monuments Aruba 2013 are:

Category 2 : 3rd Place: Gina Jie Sam Foek : Camera Digital courtesy of Sams... by Manolo | 2nd Place: Edward Erasmus : Watch Courtesy of Little Switzerland | 1st Place : Ayrton Tromp: Ticket to Fort Lauderdale withTiara air Aruba

Category 1: 10th Place: Natalie Liao Yen: Dinner for two for 2 na Las Ramblas Restaurant Na La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino | 9th Place: Natalie Liao Yen : Dinner for two na Matthews Beachside Restaurant | 8th Place: Natalie Liao yen : Dinner for 2 na Taste of Belgium | 7th Place: Sra Van Lis Donata :Palm Pleasure Sunsetsail for 2 from De Palm Tours | 6th Place: Natalie Liao Yen : Dinner for 2 Charlies Bar | 5th Place: Natalie Liao Yen: Sunset Cruisefor 2 from Pelian Adventures | 4th Place: Arthur Ruiz : Palm Pleasure Sunset sail from De Palm Tours | 3rd Place: Justus Leonor: Weekend stay na La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino | 2nd Place: Edward Erasmus Michael Kors watch courtesy of Little Switzerland | 1st Place : Natalie Liao Jen: Ticket to Fort Lauderdale with Tiara Air

Special Prizes:

VIP photographer at Caribbean sea Jazz Festival Aruba 2013.: Ayrton Tromp Most Uploaded Pictures : Natalie Liao Jen

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating!!

All the finalists photographs were printed on canvas and exhibited at the National Archeological Museum and La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino.

Aruba is looking forward to next year and hoping Wiki Loves Monuments Will be organized again.

Winners Wiki Loves Monuments Aruba 2013[edit]


A monument is an element, building or place that represents a great historical, cultural or architectural heritage and is protected by law.

“A monument is (…) something special, and it is so special that we shared its value. Each monument is unique and distinguishes itself through its exceptional size, its individual character and detailing, a monument is a familiar landmark in an ever changing environment, and it tells us something about the social, economic and cultural history of a country or region. Monuments are a part of our past, give identity to a place, and consequently have significant sentimental value.”

Source: Monumentenwacht Nederland

Monuments of Aruba[edit]

List of monuments of Aruba



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