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Wiki Loves Monuments España is a photographical contest about cultural heritage and its pictures must be licensed under free licenses. The event is organized by Wikimedia España, chapter recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation in Spain.


Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in Spain is a photography contest organized by Wikimedia España with support of the international organisation, the support of Regional Cooperation Initiative for Ibero-America (Iberocoop) and of everybody else who wants to help. In Spain we have the category Bien de Interés Cultural, a national cultural heritage protection directory, and, depending on regional laws, a secondary protection level directory. Moreover, there are lists of buildings with cultural interest published by regional governements. All of them are considered in this contest.

Wiki Loves Monuments is a photography contest where the participants have to capture images of monuments and upload them during the month of September to Wikimedia Commons with a free license. The contest, celebrated for the first time in 2010 in the Netherlands, all over Europe in 2011, and worldwide in 2012, reached over 350 thousand images globally, beating the Guiness Record of 2011's edition.

The purpose of this event is to discover the Spanish cultural heritage, bringing it closer to the people and tourists and making all particpants aware of the benefits of culture and free knowledge by means of Wikimedia Commons. Thus, participants will upload images with Creative Commons free licenses, that allow the free use and distribution of this work.

More than 30 countries worldwide will celebrate the event simultaneously, with their own monuments. The best 10 pictures of each country will participate in the international edition of the contest, resulting in local and global winners!

Participating is totally free and open to everybody.


The winners in the 2013 edition are published here.


You can see the complete list of monuments by province here: Wikipedia (es)



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