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My user name, written in minerals


I'm mostly working on the german Wikipedia (registered since June 2005) in the field of minerals and sysop there since December 2006.

My first Commons-Edit was in March 2006 (look at my commons-contributions and Editcount) and since February 2008, I'm sysop on Commons, too. At this point, thanks at all, who votes for me :-).

For my contributions in the other projects look at Global user contributions

If you like to contact me you may more likely see me on my german discussion page.

For my pictures in commons look at Category:Files by User:Ra'ike from de.wikipedia, but my favorite gallery is Natural art by minerals ;-)

Other minerals from me: Category:Fotosession im Lokal K (Geologie)

I'm almost regular in the Wikipedia-Chat

Look at #wikipedia-de and #wikipedia-de-rc. My chat-nick is Ra_ike. I'm also in #wikimedia-commons.


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{{Translation table|inline=o|hidetitle=o|width=100%
;Chemical formula: 

* [[Mineralienatlas:]]
* [ Mindat - ]
* [ Webmineral - ]
* [ RRUFF Database-of-Raman-spectroscopy - ]


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with free licensed mineral pictures[edit]

Name and user page on mindat Picture gallery on mindat and quantity License User category Notes
Anthea Strickland pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Anthea Strickland}} Category:Files by Anthea Strickland from mindat
Ben Kirchner pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Ben Kirchner}} Category:Files by Ben Kirchner from mindat
Beth Schaefer pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Beth Schaefer}} Category:Files by Beth Schaefer from mindat
Bri Dragonne pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Bri Dragonne}} Category:Files by Bri Dragonne from mindat
Carles Millan (see also User:CarlesMillan and User talk:CarlesMillan) pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Carles Millan}} Category:Files by Carles Millan Original license text: Photo Copyright © Carles Millan. Reproduction allowed as long as the author's name is cited. - Creative Commons Attribution Licence - Some Rights Reserved

Cesar Menor-Salvan (Geospectra Scientific Solutions) pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Cesar Menor-Salvan}} Category:Files by Cesar Menor-Salvan from mindat
Chris Popham pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Chris Popham}} Category:Files by Chris Popham from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Christopher Emproto pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Christopher Emproto}} Category:Files by Christopher Emproto from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Corie Mattar pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Corie Mattar}} Category:Files by Corie Mattar from mindat
Dan Olsen pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Dan Olsen}} Category:Files by Dan Olsen from mindat
David M. Maietta (Dave Maietta, DMM) pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|David M. Maietta}} Category:Files by David M. Maietta from mindat Not all pictures are free! (But maybe all mineral pictures)
Dennis Tryon pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Dennis Tryon}} Category:Files by Dennis Tryon from mindat
Douglas Watts pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Douglas Watts}} Category:Files by Douglas Watts
Edoardo Mazzola pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Edoardo Mazzola}} Category:Files by Edoardo Mazzola from mindat
Erich Berger pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Erich Berger}} Category:Files by Erich Berger from mindat
Erik Vercammen pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Erik Vercammen}} Category:Files by Erik Vercammen from mindat
Edson Ferreira dos Santos pictures on mindat
(first 5 pages are not free)
{{PD-author|Edson Ferreira dos Santos}} Category:Files by Edson Ferreira dos Santos from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Fernando Brederodes pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Fernando Brederodes}} Category:Files by Fernando Brederodes from mindat
Gerd Stefanik pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Gerd Stefanik}} Category:Files by Gerd Stefanik from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Gianfranco Ciccolini pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Gianfranco Ciccolini}} Category:Files by Gianfranco Ciccolini from mindat
Giorgio Agostinelli pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Giorgio Agostinelli}} Category:Files by Giorgio Agostinelli from mindat
James Cheshire pictures on mindat {{PD-author|James Cheshire}} Category:Files by James Cheshire from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Jeffrey Hill pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Jeffrey Hill}} Category:Files by Jeffrey Hill from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Jeremy Zolan pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Jeremy Zolan}} Category:Files by Jeremy Zolan from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Jerry Cone pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Jerry Cone}} Category:Files by Jerry Cone from mindat
Joan Rosell ( pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Joan Rosell (}}

{{cc-by-4.0|Joan Rosell}}

Category:Files by Joan Rosell Not all pictures on are free! But mineral pictures on taken by Joan Rosell are licensed under a Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Internacional License (same website on
John Hagstrom pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|John Hagstrom}} Category:Files by John Hagstrom from mindat Not all pictures are free!
John Krygier pictures on mindat {{PD-author|John Krygier}} Category:Files by John Krygier from mindat
John Sobolewski (JSS) pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|John Sobolewski (JSS)}} Category:Files by John Sobolewski (JSS) from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Jose Luis Carrizo pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Jose Luis Carrizo}} Category:Files by Jose Luis Carrizo from mindat Not all pictures are free and all pictures are marked with the date!
Juan Manuel Garriga pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Juan Manuel Garriga}} Category:Files by Juan Manuel Garriga from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Juergen Merz pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Juergen Merz}} Category:Files by Juergen Merz from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Jyrki Autio pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Jyrki Autio}} Category:Files by Jyrki Autio from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Karl Boddy pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Karl Boddy}} or {{PD-author|Karl Boddy}} Category:Files by Karl Boddy from mindat
Kelly Nash pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Kelly Nash}} Category:Files by Kelly Nash from mindat
Laurent Gayraud pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Laurent Gayraud}} Category:Files by Laurent Gayraud from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Leonardo Cianchi pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Leonardo Cianchi}} Category:Files by Leonardo Cianchi from mindat
Li Bin pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Li Bin}} oder {{PD-author|Li Bin}} Category:Files by Li Bin from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Lucien Cluzaud pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Lucien Cluzaud}} Category:Files by Lucien Cluzaud from mindat
Malcolm R Uffelman Jr pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Malcolm R Uffelman Jr}} Category:Files by Malcolm R Uffelman Jr from mindat
Marc Gravel pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Marc Gravel}} Category:Files by Marc Gravel from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Marco Tomei pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Marco Tomei}} Category:Files by Marco Tomei from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Marzio Mamberti pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Marzio Mamberti}} Category:Files by Marzio Mamberti from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Matthew Goodwin pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Matthew Goodwin}} Category:Files by Matthew Goodwin from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Maurizio Dini pictures on mindat
from Maurizio Dini and Arturo Molina
{{cc-by-3.0|Maurizio Dini}} Category:Files by Maurizio Dini from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Free pictures of Arturo Molina, uploaded from Maurizio Dini, are to find here under
Mark Joseph Wylie pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Mark Joseph Wylie}} Category:Files by Mark Joseph Wylie from mindat (PD)
Michel Poullaouec pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Michel Poullaouec}} Category:Files by Michel Poullaouec from mindat (PD) Category is complete (only one picture with bad quality is missing)
Mike Dennis pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Mike Dennis}} Category:Files by Mike Dennis from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Mike Williams pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Mike Williams}} Category:Files by Mike Williams from mindat
Modris Baum pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Modris Baum}} Category:Files by Modris Baum from mindat
Nuno Miguel Santos pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Nuno Miguel Santos}} Category:Files by Nuno Miguel Santos from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Omer Vanheule pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Omer Vanheule}} Category:Files by Omer Vanheule from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Paolo Franchi pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Paolo Franchi}} Category:Files by Paolo Franchi from mindat
Patrice Queneau (also Patrice.Queneau or P.Queneau) pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Patrice Queneau}} Category:Files by Patrice Queneau from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Paul Grenville Oldfield pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Paul Grenville Oldfield}} Category:Files by Paul Grenville Oldfield from mindat
Pavel Provaznik pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Pavel Provaznik}} Category:Files by Pavel Provaznik from mindat
Pedro Alves pictures on mindat (Check for free pictures until page 8) {{cc-by-3.0|Pedro Alves}} Category:Files by Pedro Alves from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Peter Cristofono pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Peter Cristofono}} Category:Files by Peter Cristofono from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Petr Gadas pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Petr Gadas}} Category:Files by Petr Gadas from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Philip Thibodeau pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Philip Thibodeau}} Category:Files by Philip Thibodeau from mindat
Ralph Bottrill pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Ralph Bottrill}} Category:Files by Ralph Bottrill from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Ricardo Scholz pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Ricardo Scholz}} Category:Files by Ricardo Scholz from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Roberto Sbalchiero pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Roberto Sbalchiero}} Category:Files by Roberto Sbalchiero from mindat
Rock Currier pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Rock Currier}} Category:Files by Rock Currier from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry}} Category:Files by Raúl Jorge Tauber Larry from mindat
Ronnie Van Dommelen pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Ronnie Van Dommelen}} Category:Files by Ronnie Van Dommelen from mindat Not all pictures are free! Many uploads from foreign photographers from free sources.
Samuel Wanderley pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Samuel Wanderley}} Category:Files by Samuel Wanderley from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Spencer Seymour pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Spencer Seymour}} Category:Files by Spencer Seymour from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Sergio Varvello pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Sergio Varvello}} or {{cc-by-3.0|Sergio Varvello}} Category:Files by Sergio Varvello from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Sigurd Stordal pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Sigurd Stordal}} Category:Files by Sigurd Stordal from mindat
Simone Ferrante pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Simone Ferrante}} Category:Files by Simone Ferrante from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Stephen E. Fritz pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Stephen E. Fritz}} Category:Files by Stephen E. Fritz from mindat
Terry Wallace pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Terry Wallace}} Category:Files by Terry Wallace from mindat
Tomasz Praszkier ( pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Tomasz Praszkier (Spirifer)}} Category:Files by Tomasz Praszkier (Spirifer) from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Val Collins pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Val Collins}} Category:Files by Val Collins from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Van King pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Van King}} Category:Files by Van King from mindat Not all pictures are free!
Warren Bobyk pictures on mindat {{cc-by-3.0|Warren Bobyk}} Category:Files by Warren Bobyk from mindat
Yaiba Sakaguchi pictures on mindat {{PD-author|Yaiba Sakaguchi}} Category:Files by Yaiba Sakaguchi from mindat Some pictures have the not compatible license "Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike Licence - Some Rights Reserved"

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Clean up picture duplicates on:

See also User:Pyfisch/Rob, User:Pyfisch/Rob2 and User:Pyfisch/Rob3