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Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm editing here since 15 years and 4 month… I cannot resist, Commons is so great!

Community Wishlist Survey 2023


My proposals:

why not!?






for files

  • {{Merge |1= |reason= }} redundance/redundant only for pages!
  • {{Merge to |1= |reason= }}
  • {{Merge from |1= |reason= }}
  • {{Speedydelete |1= nothing links here, the file is now there [[:File:MediaWiki Datei einfügen.png]]}}
Länder, in denen die Piratenpartei nicht im Landtag vertreten ist.
Länder, in denen die Piratenpartei ins Landesparlament gewählt worden ist.
Länder, in denen die Piratenpartei im Landesparlament als Oppositionspartei vertreten ist.
Länder, in denen die Piratenpartei als kleiner Koalitionspartner an der Landesregierung beteiligt ist.
Länder, in denen die Piratenpartei als großer Koalitionspartner an der Landesregierung beteiligt ist und den Regierungschef stellt.

for categories

  • Template:Move
    {{Move |1=Category:MediaWiki screenshots |2= Not move the hole category, but most of the content is better grouped under [[:Category:MediaWiki screenshots]]. --~~~~ |3=2017-07-26 |4=Category talk:Wikimedia screenshots#Move the most content to Category:MediaWiki screenshots }}
    {{Move |1=to |2=reason |3=2022-07-26 |4=opt:discussion page|5=opt:group }}
    {{Move |1=Category: |2=obviously the same |3=2022-07-26 |4= |5= }}
  • Commons:Rename a category
{{move cat|Old name|New name|3=EXPLANATION Thanks a lot!!! ~~~~}}User talk:CommonsDelinker/commands
{{category redirect|newname}}
{{bad name|newname}}
  • The default sort order on Commons is:
! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 9 : ; < = > ? @ A a Z z [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~ É é τ – — 📚

Commons:Categories#Sorting categories

  • Sort order examples: Category:---sort order demo
  • The two most commonly used sort keys on Commons are   (space) and *, after this !, #, +, -, ., :, ? and ~ are also often used.
  • The special sortkey τ (lowercase Greek letter Tau) is used to sort templates at the end of the related Commons-category.
  • The special sortkey 📚 ({{Setcat}}) is used to sort image sets at the end of the related Commons-category.

{{catseealso|Cobblestones|text=This category is for minerals, see|for=for pavements}}

for templates


my templates


docs only:



toolserver1     (toolserver2)     thanks     Category:Files by User:W like wiki     Special:CentralAuth/W like wiki


Community Wishlist Survey 2023
did sthg


edit requests




{{Text formatting template (see also)}}

Text formatting templates
Code example Renders as Notes Code example Renders as Notes
X{{Exp|superscript text}} Xsuperscript text Warning sign Don't use {{Sup}} which links to {{Support}} X{{Smallsup|small superscript text}} Xsmall superscript text with smaller text
X{{Sub|subscript text}} Xsubscript text X{{Smallsub|small subscript text}} Xsmall subscript text with smaller text
X{{Sup sub|superscript|subscript}} Xsuperscriptsubscript with smaller text
X{{Big|big text}} Xbig text X{{Small|small text}} Xsmall text Font size 85%
X{{Font-size|120%|font-size 120%}} Xfont-size 120% ← could maybe be merged → X{{Resize|120%|font-size 120%}} Xfont-size 120%
X{{Overline|overlined}} Xoverlined
X{{Explain|term|explanation}} Xterm
X{{Mark|marked text}} Xmarked text Same color as used in diffs. X{{Highlight|highlighted text|#FF0|green}} Xhighlighted text Multiple format parameters possible
X{{Small-caps|Small capitals}} XSmall capitals
X<kbd>­teletype</kbd> Xteletype Tags, not a template yet(en) (but used in e.g. {{Tld}}) X<code>­code</code> Xcode Tags, not a template yet(en) (but used in e.g. {{Tlc}})
Note: The capital X in front of each template is used to compare the results to plain text.



{{Rock Art|p}}

{{Particle size}}

Aggregate name 
(Wentworth class)(1)
Grain size
Other name
256 mm

256 mm

64 mm
  4 64 mm
2 4 mm Granule
Sand 0.063  2 mm

 0.063 mm
 0.004 mm



  col•umn (1) tall pillar usually round and made of stone, either supporting part of the roof of a building or standing alone as a monument: The temple is supported by massive columns. (2) thing shaped like a column: a column of smoke = smoke rising straight up; a column of mercury (in the thermometer). (3) […] [1]
pil•lar (1a) upright column of stone, wood, metal etc used as a support or an ornament, a monument, etc. (1b) thing in the shape of this: a pillar of cloud, fire, smoke, etc. (2) ~ of sth strong supporter of sth: a pillar of the Church, the establishment, the faith. (3) […] [1] A pillar's base section can be all shapes – except circular.
  pier […] (2) one of the pillars supporting an arch or a span of a bridge. (3) wall between two windows or other openings. […] (1a) structure of wood, iron, etc built out into the sea, a lake, etc so that boats can stop and take on or put down passengers or goods, →piers (coastal structure) […] [1]
pile (1) heavy column of wood, metal or concrete placed upright in the ground or the sea-bed as a foundation for a building, support for bridge, etc. (2) number of things lying one upon another. […] [1]
  1. a b c d Oxford advanced learner's dictionary, ISBN 0194311414.

{{Peerages in the UK}}

In the UK, five peerages co-exist, namely:


This is a disambiguation page – a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. If an internal link referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the intended page.
See also: Special:PrefixIndex/User:W like wiki, Wikidata or categories with "W like wiki" in name
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W like wiki may refer to:

{{Sleeve insignia}}

English: This category is for Sleeve insignias: (military) (rank) insignia on sleeves of upper garments including Sleeve insignias on cuffs or lower sleeves (E), often seen in the navy; Sleeve insignias on upper sleeves (D), often seen in the army and Shoulder sleeve insignias or “SSI” (B).
Deutsch: Diese Kategorie ist für Ärmelabzeichen – also (militärische) (Rang-)Abzeichen auf Ärmeln. Darunter sind eingeordnet: Ärmelabzeichen am Unterarm oder der Manschette (E), oft bei der Marine zu sehen; Ärmelabzeichen am Oberarm (D), oft bei der Armee zu sehen und Ärmelabzeichen auf Schulterhöhe (B).

{{Eastconf Icons}}

{{Better name vehicle}} (unused)

{{Better name}}


{{VehicleModelYear}} (4.000+ uses) _ with auto categorisation

1980s Pontiac vehicles

{{TrucksYear}} _ with auto categorisation

1970s trucks

to improve – technically, usability


NT : 2024

  • Diff of first edit possible (prev clickable)


  • new talk page automatically signed only with ~~~~ and not wikistyle --~~~~
  • no code colours choosable for protected templates (only black and white)
  • make ":" possible with ;useful:
  • make edit section of doc pages possible not only the whole page

- immer subpages links sichtbar → über Seiteninformation und dann Unterseiten

to improve – trunk




poor doc pages for some templates


poor categorisations



  1. Categories by artist
  2. Categories by genre
  3. Categories by height
  4. Categories by industry
  5. Categories by location
  6. Categories by name
  7. Categories by occupation
  8. Categories by origin
  9. Categories by product
  10. Categories by regime
  11. Categories by registration
  12. Categories by size
  13. Categories by source
  14. Categories by time

by-by-category-scheme too complicate

Category Elemente Sort.
Bem. SubCategory 1 Elemente Sort.
SubCategory 2 Elemente Sort.
Mountains by height 3000er
 by height
Decades by continent 1950s by continent
1960s by continent
Warning sign by decade before:
Continents by decade
1950s by continent Africa in the 1950s‎
Europe in the 1950s‎
 by continent Europe in the 1950s Denmark in the 1950s
Finland in the 1950s‎
— (by Land)
Continents by decade ‎Asia by decade‎ ‎
Europe by decade
Warning sign by ‎continent before
Decades by continent
Europe by decade Europe in the 1850s‎
Europe in the 1860s‎
 by decade
Countries by decade Afghanistan by decade
Bahamas by decade
Warning sign by country before:
Decades by country
Finland by decade Finland in the 1950s‎
Finland in the 1960s‎
 by decade
Countries by continent Countries of Africa
Countries of Europe
 by continent
Events by country by type Fashion events by country
Sports events by country
 by type Sports events by country Sports events in Greece‎
Sports events in Hungary‎
 by country
Category:Categories by time
Category:Categories by family
... ‎time ‎family
Category:Maps by continent by country del req

to improve – branches


humans, people, gender


Analyse CatTree

Human chromosome X, Y
  Human chromosomes
    Human genetics
      Human body
  • Category:Humans (auf welcher ebene wird zw mann und frau unterschieden)  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
r→ Category:Homo sapiensCategory:Biology of gender !→ Category:Women's health
    |    Animals by gender      Sex (Don't confuse with gender. This category is about sexual relations.)                     human                                                                       (template:sex ←→ gender)
    |       |!                 /%                                                                                             |
    |       v                /                                                                                                v
                                               (females, males, transgender)                                                   A

numbers and numerals - template idea


{{Numbers and Numerals}} (not finished)



{{Shoulder insignia}} (not finished)

One idea of differentiation of shoulder insignias:[discussion]

on top of the shoulder on the sleeve below shoulder seam
orientation from shoulder seam to neck orientation from rear to front
(Military) shoulder straps Shoulder loops Shoulder boards Epaulettes Shoulder knots pic Attentes Attentes Shoulder sleeve insignia
fabric straps, part of jackets (one end is fixed to the shoulder seam) (also called Shoulder marks or mistakenly just epaulettes) are pulled over shoulder straps (also called Shoulder marks), firm material, attached to one or two small fabric straps (which are part of the jacket or shirt) firm material, they are bigger shoulder boards with fringe or something similar originally they were used to attach the epaulettes originally they were used to attach the epaulettes often patches