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Face-smile.svg nice to meet u.

there is a wrong Chinese character 戍 should be 戌。very similar but not the same.


  • {{Tl|Templatename}}
  • {{References missing|
    {{en|reason (compare with e.g. [[:File:name|filename]])}}
    {{de|grund (vergleiche z.B. mit [[:File:name|filename]])}}
    }} (in die Box unter source=)
  • {{Categorise}}
  • {{CatDiffuse}}
  • {{Merge to |1= |reason= }}
  • {{Merge from |1= |reason= }}
  • Template:Move
    {{Move |1=Category:MediaWiki screenshots |2= Not move the hole category, but most of the content is better grouped under [[:Category:MediaWiki screenshots]]. --~~~~ |3=2017-07-26 |4=Category talk:Wikimedia screenshots#Move the most content to Category:MediaWiki screenshots }}
  • {{DEFAULTSORT:FamilyName, GivenName}}
    Category:People by name
  • File:Piratenpartei Landtage.svg
  • Commons:Rename a category
{{move cat|Old name|New name|3=EXPLANATION Thanks a lot!!! ~~~~}} >> User talk:CommonsDelinker/commands
{{category redirect|newname}}
{{bad name|newname}}
{{Speedydelete |1= nothing links here, the file is now there [[:File:MediaWiki Datei einfügen.png]]}}
{{see also cat|Gopurams}}


Category:Continents by decade 1420s
by continent‎
Category:Decades by continent Asia
by decade‎
Category:Decades by country Angola
by decade‎
Category:Countries by continent Countries of Asia
of Europe

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